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 [So a certain fox-eared Even stumbled into the hallway today looking nowhere near sickly or exhausted as he or his older self tend to. While appearing a little dazed, comparatively he likely seems quite abnormally bright eyed and bushy tailed. Hell, aside from his furry brown ears and his hair being tied back in a long braid, he probably seems a lot more like a normal Even. Especially wearing a crisp white lab coat with a large ID badge pinned to the chest and carrying a small pile of folders like he is.

Even does a double take almost as soon as he steps into the hall, almost dropping his folders. After a moment collecting himself and scanning his 'new' surroundings, he sighs rather defeatedly and shifts his folders to one hand to free the other to take out a hip flask for a long (and rather well needed) drink.]
[ooc: Even's been reset, it might be temporary, it might be permanent... haven't really decided yet. He's pulled from further back on his 'verse's timeline before he ever met 'his' Ienzo though, he's still a mess of issues, and substance abuse but not the tunnel-vision-obsessive stuck-at-psychological-breaking-point levels people who've met him in the DR before might have seen.]
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[Now that he's figured out the basics of locomotion, Even is once again out and about. Mostly, he's looking for a particular incarnation of Xehanort, but given that he's absolutely the farthest thing from inconspicuous right now, he wouldn't be at all surprised to find himself stopped along the way. And if he happens to find his own body along the way, well, he certainly isn't going to complain.

He's simply hoping he can manage both before he has to deal with too many stairs. He's figured out down, but up is still a little tricky.]
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[Those aimlessly wandering the corridors should be careful today. At least in this particular corridor, not too far away from the chocobo stables. Since Even isn't exactly checking where he's going especially well, and running. 

Though he stops quite abruptly once he rounds the corner to look at what he has in his hands, a flailing, bright yellow chicobo.

He looks....
Quite honestly he looks like he's about to try to eat the poor thing.
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[Hello DR, you have another new arrival. Despite the change in sex, between her age, her tangled blonde hair and her labcoat, Even's not exactly particularly mistakable for very many people.

Even though Even only just got here and isn't 100% informed of her new situation, she's wasted almost no time in finding local wild life to harass in the name of her curiosity science. In this case an unusually small Flood that's being poked and prodded with her pen.

The Unversed isn't exactly happy about this, but it's far too small to do much about it on it's own.
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[See, happy as  [personal profile] censoredpilot  is to dick about with engine bits all day, he can't go and let himself get soft even if he doesn't see much (read as: any) fighting nowadays. Which is what finds Cid in the training room.
Though with his spear against the wall instead of in his hands and a large portion of floor cleared, it probably looks more like he's performing a gymnastics routine than anything really fighting related.

There's a method to his madness though: all those jumps and hand springs aren't just for his health. Though that may assume his chain smoking didn't indicate his blatant disregard for his health.

[personal profile] patchworksniper is getting some sun in the Destiny Islands. Without a shirt or his coat he's giving a nice view of the extra metal on him. 'Course sand isn't real good for his mechanical arm, but the sound of him caring is apparently 'zzz.']

[[personal profile] datafreeze is in the library, trying to surreptitiously poke through the filthy harlequin  'romance' section without being seen there. Unfortunately for her, Vexen's attempts to be stealthy probably draw more attention to her than if she tried to be nonchalant about it.
This, however, will not stop her from denying this till the heat death of the universe if caught.

[ [personal profile] gameofpretend  is busying himself examining a room that bears a very distinct resemblance to an M. C. Escher artwork. Said examining currently involves rolling marbles down stairs and watching the room say 'fuck you' to gravity but Luxord is putting some serious consideration in to seeing if the same thing happens with a person.]

[Meanwhile, [personal profile] justalittlesick  is on a nice hallway stroll. With his more obviously identifying features hidden and a squealing boar piglet under his arm. Whether Even's about business or pleasure today chances are, it's going to suck to be piggy later.]
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[Left alone, without outside interference, not even Christmas festivities disturbing him, and with a whole lot more power than he would ever possibly have naturally Even has gotten quite comfortable with his little 'living arrangement.' Enough so that he's walking around in the residential areas hand in hand with Ienzo.

You see, Ienzo wasn't fotunate enough to have been sent home when he disappeared from the DR (In so much as considering what going 'home' entails for him may be considered remotely fortunate at all.)
He was taken.
For six months he's had no one but Even for company. Not that you'd know by just looking at him, still being undead his physical appearance can't change, so he still seems the same as he did last year.
Even on the other hand looks very different. Looking more like a regular Even or Vexen now, and not stuck in a perpetual stress-moult.

Admittedly since it's after nightfall it's not nearly as bold as if he'd chosen to do so during the day, but Even's at least retained enough sense not to take a vampire out in the sun. ]
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[The trouble with the change to the DR is how easy it made it for someone like Even to simply... drop off the radar.
Between suburbia and the city streets, both open and familiar environment types he already knew how to move in and his bizarre sleep schedule it'd be easy for people to assume he simply went home. Maybe he did? It's hard to tell and he probably wouldn't share even if he did.

For what ever reason he's crawled out of his hole in the ground and is taking the tram in the direction of the suburban area.

Across from him is a large metal box wrapped in chains which even without knowledge of his quite limited physical capacities looks far too heavy for him to move.

[ooc:So I noticed I hadn't posted with him in almost half a year...]
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[These days, Even spends a lot of time wandering, usually in the ungoddly hours of the morning, but at this much saner hour this occupation has him wandering the general suburban area.
So far only stopping to take a drink from a flask and to throw rocks at people's houses.

As far as his destructive tendencies are concerned, breaking windows probably rates fairly low for actual damage caused. Though that hardly making it less annoying or less of a nuisance for those getting their windows broken.
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[In this room we have a mostly abandoned bar. Not abandoned only in that Even is sitting at it, mostly ignoring his drink while the sugar caramelises in favour of scribbling on a scrap of paper in this incredibly cheerful atmosphere with it's ever so happy blue lighting and peppy uplifting music.

In all honesty, he shouldn't be drinking, not when he worked so hard to get sober. But every since the attempt to skip Christmas and new years he's rather completely stopped caring. Much like he stopped caring about taking his medicine and stopped caring about a lot of other things.]

5 Feb 2011 02:11 pm
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[Even though he's big for his age, Alex still looks very much the little kid he is, a little kid with derpy not-human-but-not-quite-animal-either ears, but still a kid. Which in turn can make it easy to forget he may as well be descended from a land dwelling shark/piranha hybrid though critics may suspect land dwelling shark/piranha hybrids would have raised him better.

That bone he's gnawing on? That's certainly not a beef bone. And still, here he is, plopped down on the floor in the hallway happily chewing away at it for those last skerricks of meat. God only knows where the rest is, though perhaps what's behind a door in the area chosen for this little snack may maybe not necessarily shed some light on that for all of two-three people.]

[[ooc: [info]justalittlesick may or may not show up in threads. [info]snapfrost can show up in threads on special request.]]
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[Coffee is awesome, and so is life and everything and- oh god, Even is cheerful, has he done something horrible?]

Our Doctor loves Humanity; his private life is quiet.
The Shore Police arrested him for inciting whores to riot.

[Well no, at least not really depending on your point of view and opinion on the fairly quiet singing.

In spite of a black eye, a bruised cheek and a limp this is just a genuinely good mood and an absence of witnesses in this kitchen while he's making coffee

We found him in the city jail, locked on and beamed him free-
Intact except for hickeys, and six kinds of VD.

[ooc: To get it stuck in your heads too]
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[Suddenly: KITTENS. Everywhere.

Or not so suddenly, since Even's had time to completely give up and let
them get everywhere. From chewing on his ears to borrowing his hat as a bed to shredding some paper from the notepad he was trying to be writing on.

While his hat's on-loan his tail's staying well hidden lest it also be also re-purposed as a cat toy and maybe some sad hope he can convince someone who reacts to the ears that he isn't who he is.

Not to say he's entirely an unwilling participant- just a semi one.
All that lounging and procrastination is just so damn haaaaaaard.
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[Despite some changes, Even, quite frankly not much looking himself any more without his ears and tail, still needs to indulge in the odd boxset or two. Having set up in the games room (currently screening the first season of Dollhouse) instead of his mini cinema (ruined by the flood) and surrounding himself with multiple unlabelled bottles he's sort of thinking it's late enough no one's going to bother him. No matter how 'busy' he's been of recent nights. But the night is still fairly young.

Though not entirely alone in his lonely-nerdish tendencies, sharing the space with a fox approximately the size of a midsized dog sprawled on the couch next to him and two rats approximately closer to the size of a large rabbit idly gnawing on bit of furniture.]
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[And here we have an arguement going on behind closed doors, presumably heated since the hall way is getting an earful.]

You aren't supposed to be here!
You can't just waltz in here whenever you want.

[Fortunately the other party isn't raising their voice, but unfortunately for eavesdroppers they aren't exactly speaking loud enough to be heard clearly from the hallway or through the closed door.]

Besides, you left- why come back?
[Followed neatly by some shattering glass and a slammed door. Okay, so it was just the tail end of a spat, but what can you do?
   Do you: 
a)Open the door
b)wait for someone to come out
c)get the popcorn then a) or b)
d)Walk away because it's just another drammu in the dressing Room]

[ooc: /fails waiting the extra hour and a day till October]
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[Don't you just love it when people leave trash in the hall?

With his knees huddled tightly to his chest and arms bound by a straitjacket their isn't really much Even could be doing- but from the looks of things it's fairly doubtful he would be doing much differently without the straps (though there's a sign taped to his back suggesting not removing it anyway, unbuckle them and find out?)

Left on the floor of a hallway staring at a wall, panickedly rocking back and forth but making no move to get away from where he might be tripped on or knocked or get in the way- it's hard to tell just how aware he is (though he is far from it.)

Despite his... state, in some ways he may actually seem a little healthier than usual... somehow.
But by now his tail is almost completely fur-less(there's still a tuft of white fluff at the very tip at least?), dotted with scabbed patches, and tucked as close to his twitching body as possible.]
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[It starts with a child's shriek, to anyone not paying attention it might have sounded pained but surely things aren't too bad since it's followed by giggles.

The fox-featured Ienzo smiling and laughing like this is mildly unusual but understandably fairly unconcerning. Ienzo being completely unbothered with this Even's presence, let alone touch is however a few miles into 'what the fuck is going on?' territory.

While playful wrestling and tickling is innocent by itself, given Even... Well, even if his reputation isn't proceeding him, there's more than a few things wrong with his conduct. Most apparent being, normal people generally don't mouth a child's neck like that while playing; or at all really.

He could have at least had the decency to wait until they were all the way through the door so those slices of cake could have been put down somewhere other than the floor of the hallway.]

[[ooc: Well, this is sort of lateish- ruining this birthday is generally encouraged.]]
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[[Through this partially(read as: mostly) open door there's just a touch of blood and gore.

In a surgery looking to have been fairly disused before now, having been put to use vivisecting a R.O.U.S. (Rodent of unusual size)
While all reasonably 'professional' looking, the tail hanging off the end of the operating table has attracted the interest of a small cat which seems to be getting ignored by the man investigating the beast's insides.

Which are probably holding his attention a little more than is healthy or normal.

...Even with the cat being a noisy little bugger.

Rather than hiding his most identifiable features, this time he's giving the stumpy remainder of his tail a chance to stretch while he works. While his ears do twitch toward sound, it's pretty much just reflex rather than any actual alertness. Which would have been fine if the door was closed like he intended, but that cat hardly just phased in through a wall, at least if those scratches on the door are anything to go by.]
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[ As much as people hated or loved the dressing room, it still had convenience for people. Today it had convenience for the grey-haired woman and the [ profile] justalittlesick -- a few chairs, rugs and a couch in the middle of a large hallway. It felt homey, they didn't have to look for the living room, it was a nice rest stop considering the popcorn machine close by.

Speaking of popcorn, there was a large popcorn bucket in between the two (who were whispering to each other as they watched passerby's walk down the hall). The woman laughed, nodded. Considering it was a Xigbar -- no, a Braig, technically, something was up.

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1 Jun 2010 10:15 pm
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[Animals shed for a number of reasons, changes in season for example but the time isn't quite right for it and the clumps far too large for a simple seasonal shed. In this case it's not an animal, but telling that from the trail of browny-orange and white fur clumps is a bit more difficult. Eventually the various trails ends at a door.

Through the door (presumably bracing nostrils for the smell of bad, cheap motel) the trail ends at a tail sticking out from under the bed looking quite uneven but still not missing enough to notice without close inspection. He hasn't gone bald yet, no matter how much the trails look like he should be.

((ooc: Mostly for [info]shootingdown and probably [info]urrose_ihasit since he's been a bad kittypet but open to anyone.))
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[Oh it's that Even who's kind of around sporadically. What is he up to today? Why, he is sitting at the end of a wide hallway, tapping his fingers irritably on the desk he's seated at, other hand supporting his chin as he glowers vaguely off to the side.

The desk has sign on top and words on the front. You might be asking yourself why Even, of all people, is sitting there offering help. Welp, the hand that's tapping on the desk top? It's attached to a wrist, and that wrist is cuffed quite firmly to the desk.

Oh yes. It's one of those days.]


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