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It was a confusing thing really. A confounding thing. One moment he'd been enjoying a nice shower his eyes closed and his head tilted back in the warm spray. Water was his thing, so it never went cold on him. Not until now at least. Aqua colored eyes splitting open slowly to look up at the cold water falling in his face. Somehow he'd gotten into a fountain? Naked in a strange fountain. Now it wasn't completely unheard of for him to fall asleep and wake up somewhere weird. He was pranked often enough to be familiar with waking up in weird places. But he hadn't been sleeping and he wasn't even sure where 'here' was. Stumbling out of the fountain he looked around the room he was in and managed to pull down a curtain to hide his shame.

His face was burning hot with embarrassment as he ventured through a door into what seemed like a main hallway.
"H..Hello? Anyone...naked confused guy..."
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[A sudden explosion of dark tendrils and a blinding white flash exposes a hunched over figure on their knees. There are gasping breaths for air that aren't needed - not anymore - not without a heart. After a few shaking and forced gasps the nobody lifts his head to look around with more just a little bit of confusion apparent on his face]

--what the?

[With a barely suppressed whimper Demyx hauls himself to his feet, not as easy as he first anticipated, made apparent by the cringe and unsteady balance that serves to remind him of a recently concluded battle. That's right - he had fought Sora and failed. His nonexistence had been terminated... so why?]

[Why was he here?]

Man, is this some sort of afterlife? [taps his temple thoughtfully] Do nobodies even have an afterlife?

[Have an extremely confused nobody.]

{ooc// coming to the dressing room right after that final battle with Sora. Have fun trying to explain things to him. c': I hope I did this right!}
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[there is a new arrival looking around the residential area in confusion, a guitar case in his hand. it's a Demyx, or at least appears to be one. he's dressed in worn autumn-appropriate clothing and scratching his neck with his free hand. last time he looked up he'd been heading home. this is definitely not New York, however. it's far too decorated! not to mention lacking in the skyscraper department.]

(ooc: restarting a rather old character. quick info in profile/journal!)
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[Now this is a fashion change Nocturne can get behind. He can even tolerate his hair looking like the back end of a duck; it's better than the last three days - days which he spent in his room avoiding getting caught up in things. Granted, all the black leather might be a bit reminiscent of the Organization uniform, but not nearly enough to make him nervous.

He's more or less just wandering around, whistling to himself. He may, in fact, be encountered hanging about outside a mysteriously-appearing soda fountain, just watching traffic.]
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[Nocturne has acquired an exceptionally small sailboat. How he’s done so is anyone’s guess. Either way, he’s floating out in the ‘ocean’ now, sitting on the gunwhale at the stern and strumming his sitar. Also singing – he turns up sitting around and singing in the strangest places, doesn’t he?]

So I'm sailing for tomorrow
My dreams are a-dyin'.
And my love is an anchor tied to you
Tied with a silver chain.
I have my ship
And all her flags are a-flyin'
She is all that I have left
And music is her name.

[Gee, it’s a good thing his sitar doesn’t go out of tune when it gets wet, isn’t it? He finally comes into shore, showing that his boat is not only very small but apparently has a very shallow draft. In fact, upon closer inspection it’s more of a raft that happens to have a sail and a gunwhale than it is an actual boat. It does have a flag, though – it’s blue, with a yellow frangipani flower on it. That’s another rather mysterious acquisition, since Nocturne would be the first to admit he can’t sew, but it’s amazing what you can find just lying around sometimes.]
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[ Hey DR, long time no see. This kid here popped in a couple years ago and eventually went home. He's a couple years older now, can't be more than thirteen, and he feels like he knows this place... But everything looks different. He's standing on the edge of the riverbank, nose and lip bleeding and looking like he's just lost a fight. ]

Seriously? Seriously? I thought I was done with the dimensional alien abduction whatevers.
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[Oh, hello residents of the DR, there's a new arrival here today.  It's a Demyx, but not just any Demyx.  He lacks an Organiztion coat or anything similiar.  He even lacks shoes.  In fact, he's only barely decent, and aside from the crown of black pearls, the pearls around his neck, wrists and ankles, he's wearing only some wispy, gauzy material around his waist.  Clearly he's not modest at all.

He's also extremely displeased because this is not where he remembers last being.  This isn't the ocean, or the beach, and he can't seem to find any water anywhere as he makes his way down one of the streets in Twilight Town.  He's lost and confused, and perhaps lonely.]

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[ Live in the apartments? More than likely your attention will be brought to outside your precious room doors, where the halls are becoming drenched from crashing waves and high water levels. Someone apparently has yet to learn self control from the last time she flooded a portion of the Dressing Room-- but this reason is much, much greater than the last. Follow the water and discover Meyd clinging to the door frame of a bathroom, holding a.... pregnancy test!? ]
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[ Thought about going to one of the more 'public' bathrooms today? Or at least the ones that line the halls for emergencies? Think again, because the door to this one is getting slowly broken at one hinge, water leaking out until it pops the other hinge and slams the door into the opposite wall with a powerful rush of water, which continues to drown the door. It slowly decreases after the entire hall is wet, water still rushing out on the floor (though not as extreme as the gush was), while a completely dried woman stands in the bathroom, her face in her hands and her body against a wall. She looks quite upset.. for someone who just caused future mold for portion of the DR. Really fine day for her to be wearing white jeans, too, which are.. clearly ruined now, but she doesn't look like she's going to move for a bit. ]

[ ooc: slight.. TMI/idk what to call this in this post. uh. Yeah, guess what getting a heart will start back up for this female? ]
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[ Are there any people out there who still randomly open doors? It's understandable if there isn't, seeings how the Dressing Room seems to get more and more dangerous as time goes on. But, regardless, those of you who might still open doors at random or just have lost your way, this particular room is harmless, inside and out.

Upon entering this room, one will notice that there is.. only one thing. A very giant, silver thing at that. Inside each little capsule is a person, varying from fiery looking red heads and blonds to a very light looking lady. All of them, however, seem to be asleep in a fetal position, though in plain sight no matter which way you look at the contraption. That thing you are suppose to turn looks awfully high and large though, right? No worries, there is a smaller one right next to the equally large looking opening part, easily reached by any. Care to help one of these people out? There are only two giant quarters, no others to be seen, so hope that you get someone that's pleasant and welcoming of the wakening. ]

[ ooc: first open post, ever. Yes, I realize I have a hundred of other threads going on, but. I'm awesome like that. ANYWAY, feel free to ask for someone, but if you aren't specific or think I'm smart enough to pick on my own, then feel free to use that route, too. Anyone from my wiki page is available. also man!KH is available as apposed to female if you'd like. ]
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[ Planning to go to the Atlantica room today? Well, there might be some complications, because Demyx is taking up the entrance to it. She's half out of the room itself (what with the door being in the floor), her newly acquired tail swishing to and fro while she rests her head on her arms above the water, perfectly relaxed. Every one in a while she'll duck under and get her head wet, only to come back up and rest her head on her arms again, eying anyone to get close enough a mischievous look. ]
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[Myde is hanging up very colorful posters in the DR today. He and a certain little, female Sora made them. Your hallway is now officially a rainbow up to a certain point on the walls. He's putting them up as high as he can reach with a look of great concentration on his tiny face. The spelling is bad but the basic message is clear--Sora and Myde are going on a treasure hunt and are looking for a pirate crew. Don't you wanna join them? Also, the effect from that arrow he got hit with still seems to be in effect so Myde has puppy ears and a fluffy puppy tail.]

5 Dec 2010 12:15 am
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[Myde's in the library today. Not to read, but because he needs a place where he can sit and write. He's at one of the tables scribbling on a piece of paper with a green crayon. He looks like he's very intent on what he's doing. Anyone who comes closer will find that it's a letter to Santa Claus. But he sure hopes he can find someone around here who'll know where to send it so that Santa gets it in time! Also, if any other little ones drop by, Myde will gladly share his crayons and paper with them so they can write a letter too!]
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[Over here in one of the TV rooms near her hallway, Emmy is curled up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and a box of tissues, a DVD box on the coffee table in front of her. Apparently she really likes movies that make her cry, which is why she's watching The Last Unicorn for what seems like the tenth time today. Feel free to bother her if you wish.]
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[ To escape the chilliness of the halls (or at least her hall is chilly), Demyx has decided to spend the day in the luxurious hot spring room in a simple, black bikini. Though, who can enjoy a hot spring without some hot chocolate to go with? That might explain why Demyx is sporting a melted and foamy marshmallow beard. Excuse her as she tries to lick it off, and probably won't notice if anyone comes in right away. The door was left open, though! Oh, and please refrain from taking her clothes (t-shirt and jeans, as well as a jacket) and her towel off that rock way away from water. ]
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[Yup, here's a Nocturne, sitting in the kitchen, playing his sitar quietly and waiting for family-type people to wake up, because for some reason he just couldn't get to sleep last night.]

She owns a window to the ocean
She has a pipeline to the sky
But earthly creatures rarely notice
When guardian angels pass them by

Like a gecko behind a painting
With hidden wisdom to impart
In a world that needs more dancing
She’s a hula girl at heart

Photograph shows she is lovely
Her bare feet are a work of art
Her fragrance speaks of frangipani
Yes, she’s still a hula girl at heart

[Eventually, he gives up and goes to get someone up if the song doesn't wake them, because he's really tired of sitting here alone all night.]

Hey? Anyone awake?

((OOC: Hokay, so here's the list of peoples. Feel free to drop by.))
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[ Various muffled screams will be coming from a hall bathroom not too far from one of the common areas as a poor women is trying to remove hair from her legs. No, she didn't choose to shave, nor did she choose to use a cream. She chose to wax them. Hence the screams and escaped tears falling down her cheeks. Upon arrival, one would notice a few items such as a small container of wax, a couple of wooden applicators and many muslin strips to remove the hair afterwords are sitting on the counter. Off on the other side of the counter there are a few lotions, baby powder and baby oil to remove the excess wax later on. While, the woman in question, is seated on the closed toilet lid with her leg propped up on the bathtub, in a black tank top and shorts to match, trying to remove the damned hair. This isn't her first time doing this, which is pretty obvious, but it's still painful regardless. ]

9 Nov 2010 12:47 am
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[Myde was really having fun here in the DR. All the sweets he can eat, a beach room that he can go to whenever he likes, a music room, no parents to tell him what to do---it all seemed like a child's dream come true. But whenever it gets dark out, he's all alone. And that's scary and lonely. And now he's lost. He just wanted to explore some more and now nothing looks familiar. He's sitting on the floor, knees pulled up to his chest, crying. He's not having fun anymore.]

I wanna go home! [Sniffle] I miss my mommy and daddy!
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[ Children aren't the only ones that have the tendency to eat too much candy during and after Halloween. A perfect example is currently asleep on a couch in a somewhat peaceful food-coma, or candy-coma. There are candy wrappers or half eaten candies stuck here and there both to the couch and Demyx's clothes, maybe one or two went down her shirt or in her hair when she rolled over too. Upon the coffee table is a now giant, empty bowl which once contained all of the candy that is now running it's course through her digestive system. Really, it's all just a big, sticky mess, not that this newly found couch potato cares. Or rather, she hasn't seen the damage yet since she laid down about six hours ago. ]

[ ooc: internet connection is not reliable ;o; the possibility of it going off is very high, so i apologize in advance. if that happens. ]
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Dammit where is he?

[Emmy's searching the DR for the little five-year-old boy doppelganger she..sort-of "adopted" upon his arrival; he'd disappeared after breakfast without saying anything and she hadn't seen him since.]

Demyx where did you go?

[....heart or not, she was worried.]


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