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[So, it looks like this Ventus has crawled out of his hole again. As he makes his way through the DR, he scans his surroundings very carefully. It seems he's looking for somebody.

Sigh. Why is friendship so confusing? Does that Naminé girl even count as a friend?

Pfft. Well, whatever. He'll be scoping out the various world rooms, jotting down notes.

Eventually, he'll settle against a wall with a huff and start scrawling something on a little notepad.]

Day ??, Month ??

I lost track of how long it's been. This place is annoying. All the worlds locked in its rooms seem real, but they're obviously fakes. No people. Just Heartless. I can't even fulfill my purpose like this. That Naminé girl's nice, I guess. A lot of people here act nice.

I don't know what to do. It's too weird. Too confusing... So why do I want to

[After a few moments, he heavily scratches out that last sentence and continues:]

I guess I'm supposed to have fun here, but... what good will that do? People act like I'm running myself into a wall by sticking to the Master's plans. Maybe I am, but

Well. I'll show them. I'll

[He groans, shaking his head.]

This is dumb.

[Come deal with the socially inept kid? Peer over his shoulder for maximum trolling? It's all open!]

6 May 2012 02:55 pm
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[A derp walks into a hall and--

Wait, no. That won't work.

How about... Why did the blondie cross the road? Still no good?


Well, folks, there appears to be a Roxas running down the hall, chasing after a dusk. Now, he would have brandished his struggle bat right about now, but there's just one problem. That dusk?

...totally has it. So he's left with no choice but to wield the almighty stickblade!

But in all seriousness, he's kinda got a dilemma here. In fact, he's in such a big rush that he has no idea he's not in Twilight Town at all and is in fact in a totally different area! That adrenaline is pumping. He's ready to get some photos... and a bat!

...and then he trips on a skateboard on the way through the hall. SPLAT. But he's not done yet! After he dusts his pants off, he's off again, stick and all. That dusk just keeps bouncing around.]

Hey, get back here!

[Care to lend a hand?]

[ooc: Hmhmhm~ Info on profile. He's a blank slate for now, but his old DR memories might come back... at some point. idk.]
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Where--? [Hello DR. Been awhile since this Ventus was here. Not that he remembers, seeing as it's been ten years for him.

He's older for one, about 23/24, and there's a nice blindfold around his eyes. Looks like cloth, but it's not. It's the same material as unversed are made of... And it'll only react to a certain Vanitas. Who's not here thank god as this Ventus really needs a break from his AU.

Anyway, Ventus startles at the new sounds - ears picking them up expertly as his eyes widening under the blindfold. Shit shit SHIT! Where is he??? This is not Castle Oblivion where he was last and he..

Did the Strangers find him? ] Namine? Namine!

[Someone wanna explain to the poor guy where he is? and possibly calm him down a bit, too.]

((All info on him up to a point is here. He's somewhat passed that, though.))
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[Shadows trail all around him as he rushes through the hall with the χ-blade in hand. There has to be somewhere he can go without the sickening reminder that the other Vens... the incomplete ones have what he desperately yearns for yet simultaneously despises.

Friends. Companionship. Warmth and happiness... things he never got to experience himself.

He's tried keeping to himself over the past few months, but it's only served as an unfortunate reminder. His Master isn't present, and no matter how hard he tries to press on and continue his mission, he just... can't. It's like something's holding him back from seizing power and kick starting conflict.

He makes it to one of the 'main' rooms before he finally stops dead in his tracks.]

No! I don't... Friends make people weak. I'm strong. I don't...

[He cringes, slashing several of his own Neoshadows with his weapon.]

I don't need friendship!

[...So why. Why does he feel so...


After a few moments of staring, he falls down to the floor and groans. He needs to do something before he loses his mind and becomes like... them.

Clearly the solution is to pester the unstable kid.]

[ooc: Info on his profile. He's not new, just hasn't been around lately.]
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[We interrupt your lovey dovey shenanigans fooooor... a Sora wandering the halls with a clipboard! Or is he a Sora? Well, either way, he's gonna be pestering people somewhat awkwardly.

Why? Because he's got a very important question for you all. And, okay, it's not like he has anyone to celebrate Valentines with, anyhow.]

Hey, you got a minute? Just wanna ask something real quick!

[DEEP BREATHS. Let's try not to make this sound crazy...]

So, let's say you've got a best friend, but it turns out that for the past few years that friend's been under control by somebody else's heart... on accident, but still under control. What would you do if that happened? Would you be mad at the person even if they didn't mean for it to happen?

[...Awkward cheek scratch. No, this totally has nothing to do with him, shh.]

Uh, just wondering!

2 Feb 2012 01:23 am
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[So what do you do with a lot of spare time, a shit load of grist, some weird things from the game, a consort, a Heartless and a spare Alchemiter in your sylladex.

Combine things, that's what.

Right now, there's a few-- what seems to look like-- black crocodiles running around, nakking up the place, with the Heartless insignia on them. This would be dangerous, if it weren't for the fact that they pose absolutely no threat, and might annoy people with their incessant noise and bumping against people's knees with their ridiculous ...sords instead.]

... okay, that was a bad idea.
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[Oh god. What's Ven doing this time?

Well, by the looks of it, he's... building a ridiculously huge snowman using blizzard magic.

No seriously, it's massive. About the size of a building. And there's a slide winding around it, also made of snow.

Even better is the fact that it looks just like Mickey Mouse if he was, you know, a snowman. Seems Ven's been at this for a while, working in one of the snowier rooms with the door wide open. Occasionally he'll run through the halls putting up signs inviting people to check out this massive snow slide. He's even made steps around the back!

He's probably been at this for a while, which may or may not be annoying since the door's wide open, letting cold air and bits of snow out into the hallway.

Someone might want to nudge him about that.]

[ooc: This is [livejournal.com profile] erasemefriend on a new account. Also, he's like... almost 18, so he's older than most Vens. Yup.]
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[Well this is a strange one to be showing up at this time. You'd imagine Darker and creepier beings arriving so close to Halloween. But no, Ven here is nothing of the sort. Though that doesn't mean he's against the holiday. In fact he looks amused, happily walking around and admiring the decorations. He also doesn't seem surprised or confused about arriving here either. In fact, should anyone bother talking to him, he might even seem to know them.]

[ooc: Info in profile. I have, no excuse really.]

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[It's been a while since this guy has been seen, mainly due to the fact that he's been, well, not quite dead, but close enough. But the DR doesn't like being cheated, even if he's trying to cheat his way out of being brought back. So not only did the DR bring him back, but as an added punishment, it's released [livejournal.com profile] thetruedark from him.

Which course has led to the two of them fighting, currently in the middle of Radiant Garden. Do try to stay out of the danger.]

road joy

5 Sep 2011 10:14 am
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[There's explosion of HP balls, munny and D-link orbs everywhere as Ven clears up the newcomer's area free of Unversed and Heartless, striking down creatures effortlessly.]

Let's go!

[Instead of his usual finisher to finish the remaining crowd, a CAR appears out of nowhere with Ven in it, and THAT HAS GOT TO BE THE CRAZIEST DRIVING YOU'VE SEEN AS HE RAMS THE POOR THINGS INTO ROADKILL.

Even after they're all gone though, the car remains and Ven looks confused for a few minutes.]

Huh? Why isn't it going away?

[... well, it's a free car. Oh boooooy.]
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[...and a girl who looks to be a female Ven in a hooded jacket turns the corner in the Traverse Town district, and stops.

The last time something like that happened - wait. It'd been to that castle-outside-worlds-world. That one with the ridiculous name. How had she forgotten that place?

So is this the real Traverse, she wonders? She runs a hand along a wall as she looks around. It looks right, that's for sure. But the whole thing where she was in Twilight five seconds ago is definitely not fitting that idea...]
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[Ven's had things pretty good lately. He's got his own place, he and Namine are happy together, and he hasn't heard a peep from Vanitas ever since he first sealed him away.

But as many know, good things often come to an end. In this case, Vanitas' seal has broken, and he's once again taken control of Ven's body, almost to the point where Ven himself if sealed away.

But, he isn't on some violent rampage. He's not waving around his giant key, sending Unversed all over and causing all sorts of trouble.

No...There's just one sort of trouble he wants to cause today. He's just got to find her first.]
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[Sup, guys. It's a Ven.

With boobs. She looks a little lost, Keyblade out as she walks around Twilight Town. And is obstinately trying to get a moogle to give her directions.]

Don't you sell a map?

Kupo! Aren't you buying anything else, kupo?

...you don't have anything I can use! Geez!
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[Anyone down on the beach today will find this Ven, just in red and blue board shorts, curled up under a tree with a book and a rather large tub of vanilla icecream. He's not really made much of a dent in eating it and it's half melted, but it's something nice - a rare treat.

It's not the fact that this Ven's out and about near the middle of the day (which is pretty rare for him still), but the fact that he's littered with faint scaring that can now be seen thanks to the slight tan he's gotten. The most prominent ones are the ones around his wrists/lower forearms from various times when his Vanitas used the Unversed to pin him down, normally after an escape attempt. Or you know, just to put him in his place because Ventus 'deserved it'.

A lot of it also suggests that someone either doesn't know curative magic, or.... it just wasn't used.

Not that it matters right now, as there's sunshine to soak up and icecream to be had, possibly shared as well.

== >

12 May 2011 11:51 am
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[Are you tired of new arrivals yet, DR. Because you're getting another one. This boy materializes clearly out of midair, a pair of nocturnal geocoins on either side of him. There's a pair of goggles sitting on top of his head and his clothes look a little sandy. Hell, there's even stray sand from where he materialized.

Aaaand once he realizes that he's not in the place he's supposed to go, commence the usual confused look. After a while, he drops the goggles on his face and stays still, looking around once or twice but keeping silent.]

If you are an Aqua or a Terra near his general vicinity, your phone might be mysteriously sending a message.]

Now would be a good time to look at his profile. )

[He doesn't seem to even notice those set of Bruisers behind him. Or does he.]

[ooc: all zoe's fault.]
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[Ever since his arrival, Ventus has conducted research... in a sense. He's taken the time to watch many of his doubles and the doubles of people he's encountered. Something's bothered him since he showed up: the fact that so many "Vens" are so close to Terra and Aqua. Are so incomplete.

It's boggling... and he might be a little jealous, much as he'd hate to admit it.

But right now, he's sitting up by the Traverse Town clock tower and jotting something down. It's quiet here, and there's a nice view of the stars.

And he's always loved the night sky.]

Day XX,

Still no luck finding the Master. So far, it's just been a bunch of doubles and monsters. There's probably enough people here to start up the Keyblade War on my own, but I don't want what's the I'm sca

There's something different about the Terras and Aquas here. They all act like I'm their best friend. That we've always been really close. But why? They're just a bunch of light lovers. Even if those other mes don't have any darkness, it's just not right. I was supposed to kill destroy stop them. But I couldn't. I was too weak to do anything about it... And I still feel weak.

I have to do something before I lose it. The last thing I need right now's to get close to anybody. So why do I want

[He drops his pen and looks down at his writing. Moments later, he crumples up the paper and tosses it to the ground. Someone could probably pick it up, but at this point he doesn't care. He started out writing this to clear his head, and all it did was make things worse.]
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[A lot can change in a year.

A year ago, he was still short and scrawny. He had little life experience and had to grow up a lot faster than he'd hoped. Facing his darkness, losing his life... Having to kill the girl he loves, it's more than any boy should face, especially within a few months.

But he's changed since then. He's taller, stronger, and he's had time to mature. He's watched people come and go, including his friends, and his whole outlook on life's shifted, for better or worse. But perhaps most important to Ven is the fact that, a year ago marked a very special day for him and Kairi.

He'd planned to do something nice to celebrate. However, as evidenced by the shattered shells and scattered petals, any plans of his were preempted by an unfortunate encounter. And judging by the helmet he's holding down with the tip of his Keyblade, he's been fighting a Vanitas.

A Vanitas who's conveniently disappeared.]

...can't believe this.

[Heaving a sigh, he plops down and looks out towards the sea. At least he made it out in one piece.]

[ooc: He's around the apartments and the beach, fyi!]
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[So, with all the changes happening in the DR, it seems at least one person's room did not survive. Which is why Ven is searching for a new place to call home. Which he will then fill with awesome and derpy items.

But first, apartment searching.]
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[So, there is a new Ventus lurking around Traverse Town, looking, well, rather emo and withdrawn. Oddly, he doesn't seem to want to stray out of the shadows that much. That and he's got his head down, so he's not looking where he's going. He's bound to walk into someone.

Whatever happened in his timeline has pushed him to the point of withdrawing... if not to a breaking point, and any who can sense his light can tell his heart's not as pure as it should be. It's almost tainted, if only by a deep depression and mild [for now] Stockholm-eqes attachment to the dark.

{{OOC: Hi. I'm Fenix and I'm freshmeat here with an AU Ven. A brief rundown is up on his profile :).}}
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[With the Dressing Room so different, it's only natural for people to go out and about, exploring the wide assortment of areas, be it by tram, Glider, or corridor.

[livejournal.com profile] erasemefriend can be seen zooming around on his Glider, stopping all over in places like Agrabah and Disney Town, just to name a few. He'll be practically everywhere because he intends to see everything the new setting has to offer.

All the while, [livejournal.com profile] darkenedgale is on a rampage around the suburban area with plenty of Unversed to go around.

[livejournal.com profile] radiantprodigy seems to be admiring the architecture of the Enchanted Dominion's castle, while [livejournal.com profile] skygale darts around Twilight Town.

A [livejournal.com profile] stilldontgotit with small, black wings and an Organization cloak doesn't seem very pleased with his location, but he's taken a liking to a perch on top of Traverse Town's gizmo shop. Someone might want to tell him that being up so high isn't a good idea, however.

One [livejournal.com profile] totallamer decided to explore Hollow Bastion, while [livejournal.com profile] kindofazombie seems to have stumbled into Halloween Town, only to get bombarded with pumpkins.

[livejournal.com profile] ultimacannon spots Land of Departure from down below, but he looks a little uncertain about it for whatever reason.

While a [livejournal.com profile] prevanity flees from some Nobodies in the World that Never Was.

[livejournal.com profile] kidku young Riku's all over the place, wandering without supervision, but he doesn't seem to care. It's a big and awesome new world. Like he's going to miss out on some real adventures.

Lastly, a rather [livejournal.com profile] shroudedwind Ventus has decided to lurk around. He'll be just about anywhere, too.]

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