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[There's a Leon wandering the halls, looking bored and... Vaguely sad? He hasn't been socializing much, which isn't too surprising considering who he is, but the loneliness is starting to get to him, so he's out on a walk. He's secretly hoping for a familiar face, though his demeanor is as standoffish as usual.]

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{ Leon here's going to snag that simulation room while it's empty, pummeling Heartless after Heartless with her Gunblade. Not necessarily in her usual uniform, sporting a comfortable jeans + shirt combo. She's upped the ante on the number of Heartless quite a bit--

What's this? Heartless are seeping in from the simulation walls, and they don't seem to be fake. Talk about overwhelming numbers-- }
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[ Here's a Leon, finding himself unfortunately displaced from Hollow Bastion once again. B| And just when he thought things might settle down. ]


[ That's not a happy face as he looks around. ]

Not again.

8 Aug 2009 06:45 pm
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[Leon watched anxiously in the background as Sora confronted members of Organization XIII around the Bailey. He had a hand grasped around the handle of his gunblade just in case things took a turn for the ugly but... so far they just seemed to be taunting each other. Leon blinked.]


[When he opened his eyes, he immediately noticed his surroundings were not at all the same. Wondering if he'd been teleported somewhere somehow, Leon starts wandering around to search for clues of what world he's in.]

4 Aug 2009 10:30 pm
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Leon comes back inside after a rather strenuous workout, his gunblade propped casually on his shoulder. It's hot out, for the tall soldier's sweaty and tired, but the exercise has helped get his mind cleared and his muscles sore. A good feeling, all in all.

He swings by the kitchen, retrieving a bottle of cold water from one of the fridges. Leaning against the counter, he chugs a few swallows then wipes his forehead with the back of his hand. A long hot shower sounds heavenly, as does a change of clothes and a nap.

[ooc: Have a Leon. He needs some interaction, so feel free. But he can be somewhat cranky at times, so play nice for a while! :DD]
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{ Brandished with her signature Gunblade, Leon shouts in a fit of fury as she mauls down Heartless after Heartless. She stops for a brief moment to see if she can catch a glimpse of how Cloud is doing to no avail, swearing under her breath as she stands ready at the center of a group of Heartless at the second's worth of distraction. Tch, didn't expect a fair fight anyway. }

{ ooc: Canon genderswap Leon during the Heartless battle in KHII, enjoy U: }
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[There's a Leon standing in one of the main rooms, looking kind of annoyed.]

Not this again...
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[as soon as he lands Squall's a bit...disoriented, staring at all the people]


[all these people that are all very closely resembling each other]

What the hell is all this?

[ooc:Normal FF8 canon Squall.]
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[This Leon hasn't been seen around here in a while, having been sent back home yet again. He'd hoped that time was permanent, as there wasn't much for him here anyway. Of course, as luck would have it, he's stumbled back. He isn't surprised. Not one to actually talk about that frustration he's feeling, Leon's in a simulation room hacking mercilessly away at Shadow heartless. It's not like he has anyone to talk to anyway. Friends? What are those?]
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[Shirtless and sweaty, Leon is in what appears to be a practice room and he is savagely beating a sparring dummy. He's been there for hours and it doesn't appear as if he intends to stop any time soon.]

5 Oct 2008 10:39 pm
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[Hey guys, this Leon seems to have just stumbled in, and he looks a little disoriented.]

... Oh. Here again.

[Apparently going back home was only a temporary thing. :|]
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[While exploring his new home Leon has come upon some interesting things. The newest item, one which he has just pulled out of the bottom of a closet and is dusting off, appears to be a very old boom box. He sees that there's a tape inside, so he pushes the play button and what comes out? It's Lynard Skynard, of course, singing Sweet Home Alabama.]
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[After having just awoken from a good, long sleep, Leon meanders down to the kitchen hoping to find something to eat. He's not going to cook, not after what had happened last time, so maybe he can find something else that he won't have to do anything to before eating it. He manages to scrounge up a few apples, but unfortunately the milk in the fridge has gone bad and the only other thing in there to drink right now is beer. So he grabs one, and having forgotten that people sometimes wander in here randomly he eats his breakfast while leaning against the counter, still wearing the pair of plaid boxer shorts and thick socks that he slept in.
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[Since Leon is not very good at making friends, he has decided to devote his time spent here in wherever here is learning to do things that he never would have done in his own world. If you were looking for him, you might catch him doing something really embarrassing! or maybe not, ya never know.]
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[You probably would never notice him. That's the point. He's hunkered down in a bedroom somewhere, not quite sure who's, but he's reading! and trying to keep it secret. Shhhh]
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[Frustrated and starving, Leon has managed to find a box of pancakes and some eggs in a kitchen somewhere but can't for the life of him find a pan to cook with. He's considering just throwing his gunblade on the stove and cooking on that.]
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[Have an annoyed Leon! Post!KH2, as well. :3 He's walking down the hall, grumbling, but with Lionheart gripped firmly in one hand, as if he's on edge, which, knowing him, is almost perfectly normal!]

..........where the hell...
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[Hey, Dressing Room. It's a female Leon. She's crossing her arms over her chest and looking for a way back to her room so she can lock herself in until this is over without getting seen by anyone she knows...]
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[Leon digs another dead plant out of the pot that it was planted in. He can't seem to get a plant to grow no matter how hard he tries. ]

Growing a plant isn't this difficult. Why won't they grow?

4 Aug 2008 03:43 pm
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[Leon's in the kitchen, reading the instructions on the back of some microwavable meal...]

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