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[Well, this is a little alarming.

How often do you even see Xemnas wandering down the halls? Clearly, not often enough.

This particular Xemnas seems largely unphased by his surroundings. Sure, he stops to examine the occasional room, but otherwise he barely bats an eye.

Not until, at last, he finds a door leading into a cold, desolate chamber. A suit of armor rests there, familiar to some. Seems he's found the Chamber of Repose room.

A cold, dry chuckle escapes him.]

Truly fascinating... And yet, I grow tired of this charade.

[ooc: Note-- AU Xemnas from [personal profile] keybearer's universe. All you need to know for now is that things aren't quite as they appear.]
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[ Are there any people out there who still randomly open doors? It's understandable if there isn't, seeings how the Dressing Room seems to get more and more dangerous as time goes on. But, regardless, those of you who might still open doors at random or just have lost your way, this particular room is harmless, inside and out.

Upon entering this room, one will notice that there is.. only one thing. A very giant, silver thing at that. Inside each little capsule is a person, varying from fiery looking red heads and blonds to a very light looking lady. All of them, however, seem to be asleep in a fetal position, though in plain sight no matter which way you look at the contraption. That thing you are suppose to turn looks awfully high and large though, right? No worries, there is a smaller one right next to the equally large looking opening part, easily reached by any. Care to help one of these people out? There are only two giant quarters, no others to be seen, so hope that you get someone that's pleasant and welcoming of the wakening. ]

[ ooc: first open post, ever. Yes, I realize I have a hundred of other threads going on, but. I'm awesome like that. ANYWAY, feel free to ask for someone, but if you aren't specific or think I'm smart enough to pick on my own, then feel free to use that route, too. Anyone from my wiki page is available. also man!KH is available as apposed to female if you'd like. ]
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[ Apparently the chilly rooms do not affect this..., well, interesting resident. For, he lays horizontally on a couch in one of the major living rooms, his amber eyes scanning until they lock with another's. That, is when he'll put on a creepy smile and say, ]

I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.

[ ... has it already been stated that he's stark naked? Or, mostly. ]
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[ There is a new room that appeared, and through a mistake you walked right into it. You might have thought you were going back to your bedroom, the living room, or another place, but it quickly appears to be obvious you walked into the wrong room. The first thing that probably caught your eyes once you were inside was [livejournal.com profile] crimson_leader sitting on a throne in the middle of the room, with a satisfied smirk on his face. If someone looked closely to the throne, it could be seen it was made of accumulated Unversed having taken together the shape of a throne.

Next to the door, a [livejournal.com profile] crimson_youth was leaning against the wall, looking outright bored. Now, if you were to look at the back of the room, you could probably spot a large window from where Kingdom Hearts could be seen, with a [livejournal.com profile] crimson_nobody standing next to it, watching the Kingdom Hearts with passion and love. Standing close to Xemnas was a man watching the Kingdom Hearts as well and holding a Dark Keyblade in his hand. This man looks very similar to [livejournal.com profile] crimson_vessel.

The left side of the room looked darker than the rest of it, probably due to the Heartless creeping around [livejournal.com profile] crimson_heartle the Seeker of Darkness. This man is having an intense discussion with a [livejournal.com profile] crimson_key in dark armor and holding the Keyblade of Hearts. On the right side of the room was a desk with various experiment reports and laboratories stuff. It appears [livejournal.com profile] crimson_student the Apprentice pierced yet another secret of the Darkness.

Having seen the content of that room, you might want to leave, especially if you are one of Xehanort's enemy. Unfortunately for you, the door closed right after you entered. If you look, there’s a text on the door reading:

“Xehanort Resting Room
Reserved for Master Xehanort and any of his Incarnations.”

Sorry. And, only the Xehanorts have the power to open back the door. ]

(( OOC: You don't need to be a Xehanort to post here, just to precise. Obviously there might be lots of spoilers in this post, and in the icons as well, so beware. It’s an open post, just pick who you wish to speak to (or don’t pick and I’ll pick for you). ))
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[Unlike most people today, Xemnas isn't inclined to believe he has a family precisely. Or at least, any family that he can remember. But all the same, he's been affected by the spell and so he's come out to look for someone. A very specific someone, even, and one that shouldn't be much of a surprise, knowing him.

He's not in a hurry though, so feel free to stop him if you feel so inclined.]
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[So this totally counts as a hobby. For you see, Xemnas has discovered something interesting. Namely, a room off one of the hallways with really tall chairs. And he likes to sit in really tall chairs. Thus, one might find him in this room off the hall in a really tall chair.

Not that he's sitting in this chair doing nothing. No, afraid not. He's actually up here typing something on a laptop. Yes, the Superior is up here typing up something on a really really tall chair. The clicking the keys echoes in this room, after all.

Do feel free to walk in on this scene if you so please.]
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[ If you are walking in this hall today, you might suddenly feel a breeze in the back of your head because of what this Xemnas is doing to the people of the Dressing Room. ]
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[After the dubious success of the surge of Heartless some time earlier, Xemnas has decided that perhaps things would best be served by taking a rather less active role in the affairs of the Dressing Room. The people who need to speak to him will find him sooner or later, and in the meantime, he's settled himself into a room that looks very much like the room one over from his Altar - the first in the grand complex of rooms that he considered 'his' in the Castle at World's End.

It serves as an adequate place to tend to his notes, after all, and that is precisely what he's doing at the moment.]
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[An endless amount of doors. An even greater amount of duplicates-- were that even possible...

So many questions, so few answers. While he may have just arrived, Xemnas is no fool; he was, after all, a scientist at one point or another.

He's well aware of what the Dressing Room is. It's not hard to come to such a conclusion after some careful observations. And, in spite of it all, he seems eerily calm, surveying the hall with a cold chuckle.]

To think that so many bearers of the Keyblade could coexist with one another. One would expect such a world to fall to madness...

[ooc: Needs more canon that isn't BBS. Anyway, I'll probably fail miserably, but I thought he'd be fun to try!

My main request is to lay off of the future kids, preferably. Anything else is cool! Just be sure to white out your spoilers, as I want this post to be open to everyone, including those who don't want 'em.]
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[Guess who is in a zebra printed speedo, lounging in a pink fold out chair? Xemnas is. The scene is in the Beach Room, complete with a cooler stocked with coffee, a radio that is blasting Owl City (currently Fireflies!), and of course some sun screen for that pretty face.]

[ooc; do not ask about any of this stuff. He need to relax after the dance so.. this is his way of doing it! Also someone should..really.. get that coffee away from him.]
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Pitiful, but futile.

[This Xemnas exits a room, which is destroyed and still smoking. Once out on the corridors, he pulls out a familiar orange star charm and crushes it with his fist, pulverizing it.]
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[Anyone remember this guy? He looks like a Xemnas. Heck, he even has one of his Ethereal blades out in his hand. Though he's walking around, looking for someone.]
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[The hooded figure's found somewhere to sit, and he seems to be holding a strange pyramid-shaped object in one hand. What could it be? Well, given the it seems to be glowing slightly red at times, nothing good.]

I have yet to be told with any sense of certainty where we are, and I have no star charts with which to locate myself.

It seems that all I can do is wait and trust that the rest of the Organization is stuck somewhere in this place as well.
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[Appearing in what could paradoxically be called a flash of darkness, a robed and hooded figure has arrived! The entity, however, seems less than pleased at its destination.]

This is not Korriban. It would seem that there are still difficulties in using the Corridors.

6 Dec 2009 05:10 pm
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[GOOD EVENING DRESSING ROOM. Everyone better evacuate the hall and head to the nearest safe kitchen, for there is a giant zamboni slowly making its way all over the place. Don't be unlucky enough to be behind it either, for it is shooting ice everywhere, making a huge mess among the hallways. The driver? A silver-haired man wearing a fake elf hat complete with the obnoxious glued on elf ears, bullhorn in one hand, the other pressed to the horn of said zamboni. The horn noise? None other than the Christmas-y song Feliz Navidad. If you thought there wasn't enough noise, have this special Xemnas yelling out the words to a completely different song.]




[ooc: SURPRISE BOSS BATTLE Go a head and thread hop, I have no excuse for this madness]
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[How is the Dressing Room treating all of you today? It's treating Xemnas just fine, for a nice little... thing gave him a microphone. Almost instantly, intercoms seemed to pop up in random corners of walls and rooms, all connected to that one item in his hand. Guess what Xemnas is going to use it for.]


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Good tidings, my old friend. The paths that move along unceasingly might yet be prepared to give way under the pressure we have crafted. Soon, even the very concept of destiny will be irrelevant to the might of the Nothingness which all things will eventually go to.

[But who is Xemnas saying this to? Well, it's quite simple. In a replica Room of Repose, Xemnas is chilling with an old suit of armor. If you overheard that well then those thick soundproof doors aren't doing much. Or something went down in which case he will need to lay down the smack. Either way, he stands from his chair and walks on out into the hallway to go back up that ridiculously long curving staircase. His hood is on, but when who can mistake his voice?]

Indeed though, the result of all things - the nothingness which permeates between all worlds, quite apart from Light and Dark... that end was not foreseen by we alone. If anything, such a conclusion was perhaps inevitable. After all, it was written in a document quite outside even the Organization's great wealth of knowledge.

[He speaks, of course, of the book in his hand. It's a little black notebook that he's reading the "rules" page. It's quite a bit longer than one might expect, as it's got all sorts of little nuances. One of them being, of course, that all humans will die and that after death there is only nothingness.]

A curious thing, to find something which so quickly could do away with all opposition. I wonder then, what would become of a heart taken in such a manner?
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[Where his usual shenanigans are held, in one of the mainly used hallways there is a Xemnas tied to a chair. Already getting bad thoughts? Well, he's covered in strawberry frosting. Beside the chair are many toppings that would go on a normal sundae, ice cream, etc. Such as nuts, chocolate fudge, sprinkles and pretty much anything you can think of that could go on a dairy treat such as this. Adding to the more amusing picture, this Xemnas is also only wearing pants. Along with being shirtless, he looks like he's struggling, and desperately trying to get someone's attention.]
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[And now, viewers out there, a post which is in no way involved with the spell! Shoot me if it's not allowed or something idk. But ALAS. A portal opens, and into the corner of the room appears a really tall guy with a hoodie on. That's not too mysterious, right? Well, it's not. Totally. Until after a good ten minutes of silently observing the room he flips off his hood and PSYCH it's Xemnas.

...Hi. It's the future version of [livejournal.com profile] terranort. As if the name didn't give it away. watch me fail all over]


9 Sep 2009 07:14 am
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[Roxas snores softly and snuggles closer to his pillow. and by pillow I mean [livejournal.com profile] thisisnopuppy. ah, peaceful sleep. what could possibly go wrong?]

[ooc: RIGHT. let's try that again. :D]


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