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{A door opens and closes followed by another door opening and closing.}

This isn't right. {The voice is distinctly feminine and, as Jasmine comes into view, it's clear to see that she is...perplexed.

Not to mention lost.}

The palace doesn't have a hallway that looks like this. {As far as she can remember.} And these rooms...

They're all wrong!

{Pausing, she brings a hand to her lips, tilting her head ever so slightly.}

Rajah? Father? Are you there? {Somehow, she doubts it, but it's worth a try.} ...Jafar? {He's the last person she wants to see. However, beggars can't be choosers.}
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[This Princess's footsteps are very light on the floor of the Dressing Room. Every room she passes, she checks, growing more and more confused. Rajah follows her, also looking puzzled with the sudden turn of events.]

Aladdin...? Father? Where is this...?

9 Sep 2009 08:26 am
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[Well, who expected September to be a peaceful month? Surely not you.]

Let's see how you foolsssss like it when you're held against your will!

[Smoke everywhere, and an evil cackle.]

[ooc: Spell tiems. See OOC comm for those out of the loop. Characters will wake up already handcuffed to each other in one of their rooms. (Sorry for their boyfriends/girlfriends they were sleeping with.) The handcuffs are indestructible, and has about six inches length of chain. The spell lasts three days.

EDIT: YOU CAN'T KILL THE PEOPLE YOU'RE CHAINED WITH, BTW :'D hurt them, yes. death, no.]


7 Jan 2009 09:47 am
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[There's suddenly a fifteen year old Aladdin bursting in, attacking.

...holding Ultima weapon. Yes, a Keyblade.

When he sees this there's no hooded person attacking him, he lowers it and looks around, confused.]

What just happened?

[ooc: in ur DR, fucking up your role swaps :D big ass info on profile]
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[Someone found a room stock full of treasure and gold. Cassim is exploring it, but it seems he's not as happy in finding it like he used to.]

In a place like this, even treasure and gold loses its value.
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--I don't plan to stay long, Sora. Just enough to hear the vows and I'll be out of his life forev--

[...where did the boy go? Oh, there he is. And another him. And another, another, over there...]

Hm. Must be the work of that Genie. Though I don't see how multiplying the boy would make the wedding more festive.

[ooc: KH!Cassim. Near the end of the KoT, right before Aladdin's wedding. Has met Sora so...lol.]
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[ in the middle of the dressing room there is a tub surrounded by a thin curtain. some way or another the curtain is pulled back by something. and guess who's in there bathing. ]

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[oh hi. don't mind that carpet laid across the floor. it's always been there. must be your fault if you suddenly trip.]

[[ooc: so i herd u liek Disney]]
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[Stepping out of the shadows, this particular young man seemed amused, not worried at all about his predicament it seems.]


[He was without Xerxes, and that also hardly had an effect on him]

So Jafar has failed to defeat Aladdin and the boy with the key. Again. It looks like it's time for someone more suited to take this challenge.

And now the magic has led me here.

[Smirks, eying his gauntlet]

A worthy sacrifice indeed.
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I'm pretty sure this isn't any part of Agrabah I've ever been to. Aladdin? Where are you?

[ooc: This place needs more Disney.]


16 May 2008 06:59 pm
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Perhaps one of you ssstreet rats can help me locate a certain... princesssss.

Tanned, beautiful... the daughter of a Sssultan.

The Sultan of Agrrrabahhh~ To be precisssse.

9 May 2008 05:10 pm
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I'm starting to miss running for my life.


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