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[opens a door]

[pauses a moment, blinks and steps through.]

[looks around - Looks like he's in the DR again.]

[sighs, breath rattling through newly acquired around-the-head headgear, with three firm metal wires across his face rather than the usual single.]

[He's been back in his universe for about six months now. Time hadn't passed there one bit. It was back to classes, visiting Mom, and the usual dental appointments. He actually had a date, too. Nothing became of that, though...]


Juth when I wath getting uthed to being at home...
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[woke up in Larxene's bedroom. Something feels different- Oh hey, he's back in his body.]

[there's that whole feeling again. But that also means that Larxene doesn't have a heart, now.]

[sits up and heads to the bathroom to start the early morning teeth/braces/dental cleaning]


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[brushing his teeth in the bathroom off of his room - using his trusty silver toothbrush with the Shinra logo carved into the handle - oh yeth.]

[humming a happy tune, glances at his watch - the nightly dental ordeal takes too long, lately he's been trying to consolidate it to under a half hour]

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[upside down on the couch, knees hooked over the back of it, playing his PSP with much concentration - has probably been in several different gaming positions on the couch for a few hours now]

[what's so interesting? Crisis Core, apparently.]
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[standing in the middle of one of the main rooms - glancing around the room with a frown - trying to notice any obvious signs of a struggle. mostly, bloodstains.]

[nothing so far. but who's to expect proof from a place like this?]

[defeated sigh]
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[out on the tennis court again - as usual, the semi-daily battle against the ball machine. previously, he took out some more anger on it, but today seems more relaxed.]

[smacks the last ball in that round with his racket, waits for a moment, catches his breath]

[straightens up and brushes his hair back - walks over to the bench to grab his water bottle pauses as he takes a drink - heads over to the machine to reload it]
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[look who's got some mistletoe caught in his wire.]

[eyes darting around nervously]

Fff... Ff.

7 Dec 2008 11:08 pm
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[looking like he hasn't slept in a few days, digging around a medicine cabinet for some asprin.]

[sniff - he might be catching a cold, who knows. Least of his worries right now. He hasn't seen Larxene since the events that happened to unfold the other day.]

[And he's not sure if he cares to - wishing he could just forget that.]

[He always had a few little regrets, mostly from school or just social embarrassment. This is the first big regret he's ever had.]

[finds the bottle of asprin and opens it, closes his eyes and just breathes for a moment.]

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[guess who's back at the tennis court and in the middle of an epic match between a ball machine]

[...pauses and waits for the next ball, concentrating]
Ff... ff.

[smacks the ball with his racket after it's launched out of the machine, manages to propel it across the court]

[oh, clicking noise coming from the machine now, guess it's out of ammo.]
[grins and rests his tennis racket on his shoulder]
Game, thet, math! ...Thhsp.
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[slumped against a wall, clutching his jaw with his knees against his chest - eyes tightly shut and a very quiet whimper can be heard]

[what fear is this? immense. dental. pain. Oh and that sound buzzing through his ears? Drilling.]
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[someone is looking less than happy.]

[has the door to his room open, sitting on his bed with a bottle of some booze he found in the kitchen - he doesn't know enough about drinking to even care what it is - he's never invited to those parties. But he's pretty sure it's some kind of schnapps? Whatever, it tastes like apricots, supposedly.]

[playing some FPS game on his laptop, leans back on some pillows, opens the bottle and has a swig, sighs]
...Hope I don't barf on my laptop. Ffp.

[has another drink as he fumbles with his keyboard] Boom, headthot. [smiles to himself]
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[out on the tennith tennis court he's managed to find, whacking out what the ball machine lobs at him - woke up early after a rather stirring dream. Now he's trying his best to keep his mind off of it for at least the morning - because thoughts of it really don't seem to be going away...]

[smacks off one last ball in that round, turns and swings out his arm as he walks over to the bench - drops his racket on it and turns to fall against the fence]

[head towards the sky, catching up with his breath.]

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[not looking particularly chipper, walks to the doorway - drops a PSP in the pocket of his cargo pants and looks up]

Hey, uh... Quick quethtion. Are there any denthists in the drething room...? I wath told there are a few, thhsp, docthers, ff - around. But are any oth them familiar with orthadontiths?

I'd like to look into hathing my headgear, ff, removed... [vague gesture towards it, accidentally taps one of the wires, bouncing it]

Tho, uh... If anyone could point me in the righth direthion, that'd be greath. [attempt at a smile, trying to hide all that metal]

6 Sep 2008 01:00 pm
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[sitting on a couch, has a mirror set up on the coffee table in front of him - he's got a tweezers in one hand and a nailclipper in the other, caarefully pulling at a wire in his mouth with the tweezers]

Aah... Ow. Thit.

[after some more adjusting, if not a little panicked this time, takes the nailclippers and clips the end of the wire off - readjusts things with the tweezers. It's not the most attractive process, to be sure]

[makes a few faces, trying to see how they feel now]

Well, that theels better... pretty muth, at leath.

Only a few more months, thhsp, bethore these come oth. [happy smile, wires tugging at the corners of his mouth]
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[stumbles through a door - this Axel's got some dental headgear.]


...They'll desfroy you?

tthp- Where am I?

Tthp... Uh, hey guyths, I'm Athul. And that's A-X-E-L, thhfp, goth it memorithed? [frowny face]

You thfeen a fort blond kid runnin' around? Ff.


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