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[Those aimlessly wandering the corridors should be careful today. At least in this particular corridor, not too far away from the chocobo stables. Since Even isn't exactly checking where he's going especially well, and running. 

Though he stops quite abruptly once he rounds the corner to look at what he has in his hands, a flailing, bright yellow chicobo.

He looks....
Quite honestly he looks like he's about to try to eat the poor thing.
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[Might wanna look up, Even. There's a fully grown Chocobo in front of you, looking very unhappy at the baby chocobo being so far from the stables..]
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Harm one feather on his head and I will make you regret it..

[...That voice came from the young and very much pregnant Namine walking up behind the Chocobo.

Tread carefully, Even. She can go Mama bear on you. And is also quite skilled at dropping people into memory loss comas.]
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[Percy the grown Chocobo warks loudly and puffs up his feathers to try to look more threatening now that Namine's here. he's extra protective of her lately for obvious reasons.

She just places a hand on his side to try to calm him, her eyes still on Even, and that Chocobo chick.]

I'm rather fond of the chocobo's in the stables. And would prefer that the chicks stay with their parents as well...

[That's your chance to stay on her good side...Mostly. Her trust will be harder to regain.]
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[She generally tries to give most people a chance, but doesn't give a lot of second ones

Percy the Chocobo nudges the chick into flying onto the top of his head where it will be safe, before moving back to Namine's side.

She frowns at that.]

Episode? What do you mean?
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[She will leave, or make him leave, very quickly if he decides to light it up though. Since, you know. Smoking? Pregnant? Not good? Yeah.

She just frowns at that.]

You don't know what brings it on?
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...Well this is late ;;

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Can't you avoid the things that make it more likely then?