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The doctor says all I need is pills and rest

[In this room we have a mostly abandoned bar. Not abandoned only in that Even is sitting at it, mostly ignoring his drink while the sugar caramelises in favour of scribbling on a scrap of paper in this incredibly cheerful atmosphere with it's ever so happy blue lighting and peppy uplifting music.

In all honesty, he shouldn't be drinking, not when he worked so hard to get sober. But every since the attempt to skip Christmas and new years he's rather completely stopped caring. Much like he stopped caring about taking his medicine and stopped caring about a lot of other things.]

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[Have a vaguely disapproving look from over here.]

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[pointedly clears his throat]

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I would have thought you knew better then to turn to such things.

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Would you rather we find more effective methods?

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[In the blink of an eye, there's a spear quivering in the counter.]

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I'm not a man much given to care.

[He can do it, yes. But old habits are hard to break.]

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[and that in turn means that he'll just return to watching.]

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[He's a good deal less interested in what Even's drawing then he is simply keeping an eye on the proceedings. So after a moment he calls his spear back to his hand, with the intention of making sure it's still properly sharp.]

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Worlds change. People change. Is it truly so surprising to find it happening here?

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[He'll get a snort of disbelief in return. That statement is very much doubted.]