1 Jul 2008 10:00 pm
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[and in the derssnigroom si a orhibble onstmer iwth photos woh is eabt pu]




...HELP ME!!!!

[tehre's faom cinomg morf reh mouth, too. How she eedned lonving rams arund her waste]

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[in the library is Kairi..crying softly. She misses her Sora and her Riku. She is holding a Photograph in which Sora is holding Kairi and Riku is standing next to them..actually smiling. Kairi is curled up in a huge chair alone.]

Why did this have to happen to me? Why can't I just go home? I want my Sora and Riku so bad...
[she drops the photograph on the ground,not able to look at it anymore.]
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[Now that she had found -her- Roxas she needed to find -her- Pence and Hayner. She misses them so much too.  At least she wont have to be completely alone because now Roxas was there with her. She was looking at the photograph again. Trying herbest not to cry. She sighs heavily]


Where are you guys?
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 [sighing thinking about the Roxas she met today.]

I wonder if that really was him....

he knew what I was talking about....

I sure hope it was him..-my- roxas.

[looks at my photograph]

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 [a soft crying came from one of the kitchens. It was kiari crying. She held a photo graph of her, riku and sora. Sora's arms was around her waste and she looked so happy. Unlike now. She missed her friends so much she couldn't find them anywhere. Their was no way to tell which Sora was her Sora or which Riku was her Riku. She sighed sadly. She looked burned and in pain.]


[she held the photo with care]
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[looks as if being held by some one. Well she was being held by someone sora. Eyes shut. Feeling alone all of the sudden she opens her eyes.]


[looking around]

Where are you??

more importantly Where am I!?


19 Jun 2008 02:58 pm
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 [In the kitchen there is Cookies, Pies, Brownies, and Cakes everywhere! Olette was the cause of the sweets overload. She was sitting at the table now looking at all her creations smiling.She thougt to herself..how in the world am iIgoing to eat all of these? She sighed]

Noramally Roxas, Pence, and Hayner were here to eat them..

[she said to herself rather loudly.]


19 Jun 2008 12:57 pm
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 [a quiet sobbing came threw one of the kitchen doors. It was olette crying. She has been here only two days but, she had been burned and is still alone. She was holding a photograph with her,roxas,pence, and hayner making a human pyramid. She had finally gave up on looking for them. She didn't think they were here with her. There was cookies and cakes and muffins everywhere. She baked when she wanted to avoid thinking about something. She spoke to the only one in the room...herself.]

Pence..Roxas...Hayner... I miss you guys...

[she gripped the photograph with more love and respect this time seeing that this was the only thing she had to remember her best buds.]
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W-where am i?







[looks around]

Okayy guys this isn't funny!! Where are you!?

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[sitting on the ground. Has needle and thread in one hand and she is sowing some patchwork quilt together of everything she has seen sence she dropped here. There are Roxas pictures Sora, Namine, Kiari, Riku,Keyblades and sketch books. They are very detailed and look almost matching to some of the DR's occupants. They also look strangely happy and peacefull. Okayy maybe not how she really sees it just how she wants to see it. She is humming a tune softly to herself.]

[stops humming and sighs]

Oh how I miss the outside world. I wish I could go back now.

[shakes head sadly.]

But that will never happen.

Not in any life time of mine.

[begins to add another quilt square on. It appears to have Roxa and Namine laughing together on it.]


17 Jun 2008 06:41 pm
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[running as fast as i can]

Off with her head! 

[someone screams form behinde]


Where do I go what do I do?

[feet stamping after her]

Off with her head!

[some one screams again]

can't breath...[thought alice cluthching her chest as she forced her self to run on.]

Off with her head... [the voice fades]

[waking up in a room with white walls all around. She had no idea where she was or how she got here. She was being chased by the queen of hearts men and the next she was here. She went to stand up but clutched chest in pain] All that running. [she thought]

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 [Laying on the ground pale. Not moving an inch. Is she dead? Did she get hit? Is she sick? No one really knows. All she knew was she 

needed help. For some reason she had lost her voice she couldn't move or speak to get that help she so desired.]

Help! Some one please help me!!! [she said as she banged on the walls of her mind.]

I need help!! Why can't i move or speak!?!? Whats going on? where am I? How did I get here??!! [she was screaming in her mind now.]


17 Jun 2008 11:24 am
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W-where am I!?   

[walking back an forth talking out loud to myself]

  One minute i'm sleeping and the next I'm falling threw this very odd Rabbit like hole.

I've been seeing so many people who look the same and some who even look like me!!

Whats going on!?!

[looks down]

I can't find a way back home either..

Can someone help me please!?


17 Jun 2008 01:02 am
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[Wondering lost]


Is anyone there!? 

[stomach growls]

ugh! I'm so hungry.

[walks up to poisnious berry bush but dosn't know it and goes to pick a hand full]


17 Jun 2008 12:17 am
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[runs in panic]

Where am i!?

I think im lost!!


I need help..

[looking down]


16 Jun 2008 11:25 pm
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[sitting in the sun relaxing]

Ahh.. How lovely. I'm glad that i fell threw that rabbit hole. I like it here.

[has a cute smile on my  face] 
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[falls out of the sky, out of what seems to be a giant, weird rabbit hole]


Oh my..! W-where am I? Such a peculiar place...

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