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[A wooden chest makes a terrible racket as it hits the floor. Its clatter echoes down the long hallway its fallen into before dying out, then silence. It's as if the crash never happened, and the chest sits innocently at the corner of two conjoining hallways. If anyone is attentive enough to hear it, the chest begins to make noise again, its metal hinges rattling as if the chest has come back to life and its wooden lungs are gasping for air. There's another moment of rest before the thud of something knocking up against the top of the chest breaks the quiet. The voice of an adolescent girl calls out from within it.]

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[ She really was just picking flowers to bring back inside the castle, not a dressing room full of people.

Infact, why were there even people in such an unfamiliar place? Aerith did not know, but maybe one of them knew the proper way to the castle. So, she decides to ask the nearest person.
] Excuse me, hello?
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[A new arrival is walking down the different hallways with a curious expression on her face. She was wearing a red and white shirt with her usual pink skirt and brown boots.

That's right.

The new arrival was Aerith from Radiant Gardens. She was walking around wondering if she'll bump into anyone to ask for directions because she didn't know where she was.]
I guess the library isn't here, hm? [She starts to giggle a bit.] Oh, silly me. I must have taken a wrong turn. [She shakes her head amused.] I wonder what Leon and the others would say if they knew.

[ooc: I'm the new girl on the block bringing KHII Aerith. I haven't roleplayed her in like years and I'm trying to give her another try. If she's off, then post at the HMD and tell me your concerns since I want to improve and all. So yeah. Have fun with her. owo]

784 days

29 May 2010 12:35 am
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... Oh. Here again.

[Aerith certainly remembers the dressing room, but a lot has changed over the past two years. too much for her to really recall where her old haunts were. good thing there's a myriad of familiar faces she can approach!]

Does anyone remember the way to the garden?

[ooc; oh mah god old muse is old. sorry if I'm rusty.]
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[ This dance. Those costumes. These girls, most of them looking fairly awkward:
Kairi = [livejournal.com profile] star_shells
Rinoa = [livejournal.com profile] 23smallwishes
Tifa = [livejournal.com profile] alwaysdarkest
Rikku = [livejournal.com profile] connectmyheart
Yuna = [livejournal.com profile] bloom_sketch
Cissnei = [livejournal.com profile] derpqua
Ayame (purple hair) = [livejournal.com profile] sketched_shells
Kasumi (braids) = [livejournal.com profile] wavecresting
Hitomi (headband) = [livejournal.com profile] allthelightleft

P.S. Yes, those in the skirts do have a lot of panty shots. Enjoy the show, guys 8D ]

(ooc: JOINT POST BETWEEN OKAMI AND KRIS. YAAAAAAAAAAAY. And we hope you get this song stuck in your head too. Also, threadhopping is encouraged if you don't like that guy hittin on yo girl >w>)


24 Mar 2010 03:05 pm
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Cid, Leon wants to know if you have the copy of the new program. It's needed down at the computer lab.

[Aerith walks in with an armful of fresh flowers, stopping when she sees this isn't exactly Radiant Garden.]

Funny... I know I entered the right door.
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[ There is a pink-clad girl sitting on the couch, her fingers wrapped around the sides of the pail of dirt resting on top of her lap.

She seems content; she's even humming. Upon closer inspection, someone may find that she isn't, in fact, humming to herself. She's humming to the dirt.

Why? ]
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[ Look who's here. But wait, this isn't the-- oh.
she smiles gingerly, brushing through her hair ]

...Well, I never thought I'd see this place again.

[ ooc: Aeris is back! Wait who cares She has all of her previous memories, she's just post-AC now. Or something. ]
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{ Hey, guess who's stuck in a Sephiroth costume for Halloween: that's right, Aeris is! Nothing's complete without the infamous Masamune, too, of which she is stuck with. Ah, the intended irony of it all. She doesn't look too happy, but she'll deal. }

This... I should've expected.

5 Oct 2009 05:51 pm
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{ A tiny l'il 7 year old Aeris is just gonna be scrunched up in a ball while this spell is taking effect, thanks. }

I don' really like this spell.


20 Sep 2009 12:40 pm
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{ Not that drawing is her cup of tea, but there's not much else to do around here for her. A pack of colored pencils and a sketchbook is neatly sprawled across her lap, as she attempts to draw passersby. Sigh. }

I wonder how she does it...

{ ooc: ROFL I just realized her tag was namine. Hints that my mind's a little off today, but hi. }
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[There's an Aeris in the simulation room. It took...A while. But she eventually managed to get the room working.

She's just fighting against several Dusks. She learnt the hard way that her fighting style was useless against the Heartless seeing as they have no pressure points. Dusks, being the bodies left behind, are much easier for her to deal with.

She still has a few cuts and bruises from fighting the Shadows though.]

4 Aug 2009 12:56 pm
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[There's an Aeris of about 14 walking around the garden...On her hands. She doesn't seem to have noticed that she's not where she was before, as she more focused on keeping balance. Not that she really needs to focus on that. It's become second nature to her to walk on her hands. And then to handspring back onto her feet, and perform several complicated flips around the garden.]

[ooc: Because I wanted to. :3 Feel free to say hi! She doesn't bite...Often.]
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[Here's something you don't see everyday: an Aerith in red jeans and a pink shimmery sleeveless top walking through a doorway.]

Thanks, Pete, if you need my I'll be in my dress-

...ing room...

(ooc: info on profile.)
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{ Amongst the havoc of the Dressing Room, Aeris finds that there's always someplace to escape the excitable fray. She's strolling around in the garden while watering a bed of flowers, hair tied up to a bun to help fight against the hot sun. }

{ ooc: FINALLY. To the person that requested her post, sorry it's so late. Anyone's free to post, though. :/ }
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{ Staring up at the artificial outdoors- staring at the artificial sky and the artificial clouds, surrounded by artificial grass and artificial dirt; soaked with artificial rain. It felt odd to stand there and think- no blades of grass, nor tree nor flower had a Lifestream in them- everything seemed so oddly quiet.

Aeris looks up at the sky with her hand to shield her eyes from the rain, sighing briefly. Even if everything here was fake, the rain felt oddly soothing. }
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{ Aeris is huddled in a ball in one of the many couches with a cup of warm peach tea. She's been downing tea ever since Demyx had told her about it- it hasn't kicked in since she tried, but it's still worth a try. She blows the hot steam above the tea to take a sip, blinking halfheartedly while watching people pass by. }
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{ Aeris sits down on a porch outside one of the lush countryside field gardens in the DR- a calming breeze flows through while the entire area is radiated in orange as the sun starts to set; crops and flowers nearby rustling in calm peace.

Aeris looks around her surroundings and look back at the door leading to the main building of the DR, sighing hesitantly before putting down her longsword and tying her ribbon and bands holding her Materia around her wrist. Today was oddly soothing.... }
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[Oh, hello, there's an Aerith walking out of those large double doors over there, wearing a long elegant evening gown and  long gloves. She seems to be in maybe her sixties, but she has aged gracefully, hair beginning to turn silver. She realises quickly that this is not the Paris street she expected to see.]

Oh my!

(ooc: This would be Dowager Empress Aerith from a crossover with Fox Studio's 'Anastasia'. I would adore anyone who picked up Pooka!Pluto XD)


26 Feb 2009 04:18 pm
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{ Aeris yawns before climbing onto the top of a shelf in the library, rubbing her eyes with her free hand whilst her other is holding her ribbon. She brushes through her hair before laying flat and staring at the ceiling. Great way to have private time, right?

She closes her eyes after a while, humming the Crystal Theme. }


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