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[ good morning, DR. Your sea is boiling today.

Or—if not actually that—at least there's some bubbles floating up from the ocean in the beach room. Look closely, and you might see something uncannier: faint flashes of colorful lights coming from deep below the waves.

And, glistening on the surface of those bubbles—just a fleeting glimpse of whatever you might want the most, at this very moment.


The door to Atlantica is right there. Investigate? ]

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lucky seven. )

[ There is a slot machine, and beside it, in gold letters, is a prize room. It looks like said room is locked.

The symbols on the slot machine are simple compared to the ones in the image, pretend: gold, silver, bronze. Care to try your luck?

[ ooc; In celebration of my perhaps-it's-finally-working internet, have one of those character roulette. 8) Anyone on this list will show up by random/choice/you will see -- ]


24 Feb 2010 03:18 am
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[ There was a room that led to a seaside castle. Said castle had everything royalty would need, want, and unlike the real thing all they would have to do is voice it out.

If someone would go to the shore, though, they would see an unconscious mermaid, and a closed music box to the right. Amazing what the dressing room would grant these days, huh?
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[At the end of this particular corridor, the floor chips away, becoming an tidy little pond. It's got it all -- reeds, lilies, awkwardly spaced stepping stones -- the works. Perhaps the grand architect wanted to provide a zen space. Who knows. It doesn't really matter why. What does matter is that one lily pad seems to be migrating from end to end. Bobbing even. Are those bubbles? Did you just see something blink? Gamera's not owned by Disney... right?]

[ooc: hi, new kid here. breathing my germs all over your toys.]
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[look who's in one of the main rooms, exploring. every time she comes across a new object, she picks it up curiously, examining it.]

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4 Jan 2009 10:38 am
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[so DR just recently discovered Atlantica. maybe this would explain this guy's sudden presence in the beach.]

Max! Max where are you?
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[digging through the freezer, lipstick smeared across her face and her feet are bare]

Hmm... [lifts one foot off the floor as she takes out a bag of frozen shrimp - pops it open, takes one out and examines it closely, narrowing her eyes]

[takes a vicious chomp out of it]
...Hm. Chilly.
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 [ooc: I need moar Vanessa icons, lolz.]

[sitting on a countertop in the kitchen, feet resting on an open drawer]

[flips some hair over her shoulder, glances down at a bowl of fruit, picks an apple up and turns it in her hand] Hmm.

[takes a bite with a loud crunch, makes a wide-eyed face and spits it into the sink] Blech!

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[sitting up on the back of a sofa, kicking her sandal out from under her indigo skirt with a sneer, eyes darting around the room and taking things in - a golden shell necklace glimmers in the light]

Well this is a change of plans...
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[flopped in the corner of the room, sopping wet, flaps the end of her fin and pulls some wet hair from her face]

Bleh... [looks up] Wh-where am I? [takes a deep breath in] It's really dry here. I'll have to find some water soon...

[drags herself out of the corner]

...Flounder? [smiles at herself] No, he couldn't be out of the water... Hello? ...Anyone? Sebastian?

[face lights up] Is that Sora? [brushes some hair behind her ear]

[ooc: And here we have mermaid!Ariel.]


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