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[Left alone, without outside interference, not even Christmas festivities disturbing him, and with a whole lot more power than he would ever possibly have naturally Even has gotten quite comfortable with his little 'living arrangement.' Enough so that he's walking around in the residential areas hand in hand with Ienzo.

You see, Ienzo wasn't fotunate enough to have been sent home when he disappeared from the DR (In so much as considering what going 'home' entails for him may be considered remotely fortunate at all.)
He was taken.
For six months he's had no one but Even for company. Not that you'd know by just looking at him, still being undead his physical appearance can't change, so he still seems the same as he did last year.
Even on the other hand looks very different. Looking more like a regular Even or Vexen now, and not stuck in a perpetual stress-moult.

Admittedly since it's after nightfall it's not nearly as bold as if he'd chosen to do so during the day, but Even's at least retained enough sense not to take a vampire out in the sun. ]

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