2 Nov 2010 07:05 pm
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[Having escaped and/or avoided all the Hallowe'en mischief due to being heavily pregnant, Yuna has finally decided it's safe to come out of hiding. She was reading on a couch, but that's quickly evolved into sleeping of the couch.

...Of course now would be the perfect time for her water to break.]

(ooc: It's babby tiem! Don't worry, there will be no graphic descriptions etc, just contractions and screaming.)
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[There's a few large posters in strategic points around the DR, that read.

A group is being started for new and expecting parents to get together and discuss parenting. Meet in the library, in the parenting section. I hope to lots of us there!

Today's date is also listed at the bottom. Which means that five-months-pregnant Yuna is now in the parenting section, busily putting pillows everywhere and setting out a big plate of cookies.]

(ooc: She needs to meet some other parents sob. Feel free to threadhop! Also any unsavoury characters, there's a fair few spells around the area, so you'd have to make a serious effort to get through.)
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[See that open door over there? Anyone who goes to have a look, will find quite a sight. Should anyone venture further in, they may find one, or possibly more, very lifelike crystal figures.
Go on. Take a closer look. They're just statues. Right?

[ooc: Yes I am obsessed. You dont have to tell me. Okay. The person you get can be anyone from this list. They'll wake up from their crystal state when someone approaches. Go ahead and pick whoever you want. ^^]

4 May 2010 10:46 am
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[Normally when someone's in a bathroom, the door is closed, right? Well, this time it didn't quite make it. So if you happen to be walking past, you'd probably see Yuna sitting on the floor as she flushes the toilet, leaning her head against the wall and her eyes closed. It's not too hard to tell she's just been sick.]

6 Apr 2010 03:17 pm
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[This Yuna has left a note for her Tidus, who is sleeping in, to go visit the library she's heard about. Problem is... she's not 100% sure where it is. She knows the general sort of area where it is, but finding the right door could take a while.]
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[Hey, guys? That Yuna over there doen't look so good. Like... tired, queasy, stumbling slightly. And yet, there's a small smile on her face.

She would greatly appreciate being steered to the nearest couch/bed... and, um, an explanation of where she is, too. Her eyes have just started to grow wide.

...Hey, wait, she's lacking funky ears, too. Hmmmm.]

(ooc: several years after X-2. That's all the info you're getting for now. 8D)
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[Should anyone come into this room, they'll find a beach. Though it's not the normal beach room. It's not even in the same part of the Dressing room. No. This room, contains the beach from Besaid island. And very possibly the rest of Besaid island. But Yuna hasn't explored that far yet. She's just sitting near the water, her eyes closed, listening to the sound of the ocean.]

[ooc: Because I needed to post with her before I lost her muse. XD]


30 Oct 2009 09:30 pm
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[There is a large moogle sighing heavily as it walks down the hallway. Yup, she's been hit.]

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[This has to be the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to her. EVER.

Yuna's been hit by the Halloween spell. And she's currently stuck in Lady Yunalesca's outfit. Or, lack of outfit, seeing as it doesn't really cover nearly enough skin to be considered real clothes.]


21 Sep 2009 04:50 pm
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[Yuna's in the library today, looking through a few old books.

Seems she looking up a few spells.]

[ooc: Replies might be slow for a while. ^^;]

1 Sep 2009 10:56 pm
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[There's a rather confused Yuna walking around the dressing room. She's obviously new.]

Where is everybody?
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[Woah. What's that Yuna doing there... with a bow and arrows? That dress sphere definetely isn't normal. She looks like she's going to fire it but.]

...Where'd that fiend go? Rikku? Paine? ...What's going on?

(ooc: *Blames you entirley. You know who you are* Basically FFX-2 canon but a new dress sphere. That is all.)
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[a burst of light in the center of the DR and...is that a fairy? She looks around, confused, before crossing her arms and pouting.]

That's strange. I'm sure this wasn't where I wanted to go to.
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Is this really the inside of Sin?


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