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[Hello DR, you have another new arrival. Despite the change in sex, between her age, her tangled blonde hair and her labcoat, Even's not exactly particularly mistakable for very many people.

Even though Even only just got here and isn't 100% informed of her new situation, she's wasted almost no time in finding local wild life to harass in the name of her curiosity science. In this case an unusually small Flood that's being poked and prodded with her pen.

The Unversed isn't exactly happy about this, but it's far too small to do much about it on it's own.
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[ she immediately recognizes even and that terrible pen prodding, something which she can practically feel everytime she sees the unversed poked. how...... memorable, how perfect, which is why braig grins — it's been a while since she's seen that prudish woman.

she should say hello.
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[ ( it's fortunate her direpup isn't around; the baby's resting. )

therefore, braig reappears quietly, quickly behind the scientist. after that, she grabs her shoulder by slapping an open palm on it, then squeezes it.

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i like that, "braigish inquisition."

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[ never change, she thinks.

SQUEAL LIKE A PIGGY that noise seals the deal for braig, and therefore does leans forward to look at her at the face.

Looks like you're excited! What's up?
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You mean you haven't observed for yourself yet?
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That's not very nice, you know.

[That's a height challenged young girl standing behind you, Even. And she's frowning disapprovingly at you.]
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[Her expression darkens at Even's emotions/intent.]

You shouldn't pick on things smaller than you. Because there's always a chance that you might be in their situation one day. Wouldn't you prefer to be shown mercy as well?

[Was that a threat? Quite possibly.]
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sorry, I tagged that while half asleep and forgot my logic ^^; /tries to fix

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[Maybe she's just going by past experiences with other Evens/Vexens. Either way, she still feels bad for that little Flood there and doesn't like to see it picked on.]
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New test subject, is it?