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in the movies.

[ As much as people hated or loved the dressing room, it still had convenience for people. Today it had convenience for the grey-haired woman and the [ profile] justalittlesick -- a few chairs, rugs and a couch in the middle of a large hallway. It felt homey, they didn't have to look for the living room, it was a nice rest stop considering the popcorn machine close by.

Speaking of popcorn, there was a large popcorn bucket in between the two (who were whispering to each other as they watched passerby's walk down the hall). The woman laughed, nodded. Considering it was a Xigbar -- no, a Braig, technically, something was up.

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[And here would be a not-really-Xaldin, wandering by.]

Enjoying yourselves?

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Time of our lives.
[/contemplating whether or not the popcorn throwing game is still on.]

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[...Why am I always the designated target for your games?]

Does it really?

[As he says that, a gust of wind comes out of nowhere and knocks the popcorn out of the way.]

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[Because you're there. /takes second shot, more trying to get it in his hair]

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And if I don't?

[idly deflecting the kernels again.]

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Presumably someone makes you or this continues until we get a new target.

[Shrugity shrug shrug- going to actually eat a handful this time and completely leave out the 'until something else to do is found'/'we get bored' options.]

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[You and your wormholes. Fortunately, he's not allergic to popcorn, although he sputters a bit.]

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Both is also a possibility.

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No thank you.

[Because knowing you you'd just pull wormhole abuse again.]