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[Well well well...It's been a while since this Aqua has been seen around here. Mainly because she hasn't been around at all. She was sent home a fair while ago for an AU update.

But here she is....Looking anything but happy. She looks a little beat up as well. Nothing a good Cure or a potion wont fix...but it's the well hidden emotional pain that's doing the most damage anyway.]

6 Feb 2012 08:05 pm
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[There's a few folks of the Xehanort persuasion out and about today, it seems...

The youngest? [personal profile] blankedpoint can be found raiding a kitchen. Got to say, he likes this much of things since they changed. Not like he has any clue that most places don't.

A teenaged one, then. [personal profile] another_chance has found himself an arcade room, and is very happily taking a blast at some seriously retro games.

The adult? [personal profile] forza_del_bene has found the laboratories, and he could hardly be happier. He's hard at work setting up various bits of kit.

A female one - [personal profile] exmariascientia is in the simulation room. Taking a very logical and precise study of the effects of whacking a rather too bulky looking keyblade at things.

In other news.

An Aqua has finally come out of seclusion. [personal profile] tideturned reacted in a most-un-Master-like fashion to the DR closing in again, but she's improving. She's hanging out in a comfy lounge, listening to music and sipping on some kind of relaxing herbal tea. Just taking it easy.

As far as Keyblade Masters go, there's another who's stirring; [personal profile] lightofoblivion is in the library. Felicius is catching up on a few history books, though he can't help but find himself cursing the lack of anything much between his own era and that of most of the residents...

Last of all, a pair of Heartless. [personal profile] kingdom_seed is in a garden; Layla's well wrapped up against any chill in the air, sitting on a bench and happily writing away.

As for her father? As for [personal profile] agrabah_weapon?
... Maybe it's a good job she can't see Kurt at the moment. This is a Heartless on the prowl. Maybe not conspicuously so, but better stay clear of those back corridors if your heart's interesting enough...]

((And that's everyone who currently has a journal of mine, aha. This is my attempt to get back into the loop (via being a copycat apparently), usual open-post stuffin' applies.))
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[This one hasn't been seen in a while. She's been keeping to herlsef while she tries to pull herself together after that almost-breakdown. But she's finally venturing out of wherever she's been hiding.

For those who can sense it, that little sliver of Darkness that had taken root in her Heart is still there, so it's clear that she hasn't completely gotten past what's bothering her. But at the very least, her Darkness isn't an issue. Yet.

She's currently taking a stroll through the town area, maybe looking for a nice cafe or something to have some tea and a snack. She could use some down time to just relax.]

[ooc: Taking another shot at playing her. Here's to hoping I can revive her muse. ^^]

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Oh, dear.

[Aqua would be sitting on her favourite bench in the park right now. That is, if she had the slightest idea where her favourite bench had gone. And if her current ensemble was allowing her to sit down comfortably - too many petticoats... As it is, she's leaning on a statue.

In front of her are lined up a small collection of creatures. Keyblade-like creatures. Observant folks may have noticed the odd one of them wandering around in the past - but the fact this group are dressed up in tiny powdered wigs and the likes is a little different. A little Stroke of Midnight is trying to pull a puffy dress off without success.]

What are we going to do with you?
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[It's taken her a while, but this Aqua here has not only made it out and about, but she's made it down to the beach.

This feels so strange for her. Light glistening on the waves as they lap calmly at the shore, all gentle spray and foam... she'd almost forgotten that a beach could be a happy place.

As it is, she's gazing out into the distance, and idly throwing pebbles into the waves, listening to the splashes and letting her mind wander...]
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[ Were you looking for another Aqua, DR? One who doesn't know how it all ends, or even (yet) that anything has gone horribly wrong?

Well, whether you were or not, here she is, Keyblade in hand as she wanders around the main area. This puts her square in the middle of Twilight Town ... a place she's never seen before. ]

... how did I get here? Where is Mickey? He was just with me...

[ She'd been on her way to see Yen Sid. Mickey's old Master... he would have known what to do. Instead, she turns up here...

Aqua frowns as she stares into the sunset. Not too far off, she thinks she can make out the glint of water... perhaps she'll head there. ]

I have to find him. I need to make sure he's alright... And then, I need to keep going. My journey isn't over yet... Terra. Ven. Wait for me.

[ She continues on. Stop and talk to this girl, who is for some reason talking to herself? Or do you alert her to the gaggle of Heartless that just materialized behind her? ]

3 Jun 2011 09:58 pm
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[In an otherwise quiet sports court, there's a Xehanort at work. The girl one, to be precise. She's got a lot to work out, she's realising...

A keyblade. One rather more heavyweight in design than she'd probably have expected or wanted, if she'd known more about them, but she's well aware it's not up to her to pick.
Lucky enough she'd gotten it to actually appear after all this time - she'd thought the old man hadn't been able to pull it off, for a while. So she's testing, balancing, checking books, quietly making notes in her own log - how does this thing work, anyway?]
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[So far Aqua has managed to keep her cool pretty well in the DR. She's been in and out of the place, dragged back at the most inconvenient times, she's had to deal with trolls time and time again, she's been worried about her friends, and downright depressed at not being able to help them. But for the most part, she's managed to keep it from getting to her.

Until today. It seems that everything's finally just piled up and is bringing her crashing down. She's frustrated, at everything. Her Light is dimmer than it's ever been before, and for the first time, there seems to be Darkness threatening to seep into her heart.

And to top it all off, she has no idea how to deal with it. At this point, she's just angry. At this place, at the people, and at herself.

She'd love a troll to take this out on.]

6 Apr 2011 09:18 pm
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[So it's been nearly a week and things haven't changed back. Really? Well, this young woman could get used to things the way they are now... it's a pleasant evening, and she's sitting on the pier, looking out across the waters, quietly making notes in a well-worn book. Sketches, too. Plotting out the new layout of everything; maps, notable features, things she wants to look at in future. (Say, that area she can see just along the cliffs from here...)

Not a bad way to pass time.]
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[So, changes can sometimes be good, sometimes not. Who knows what this crew thinks.

[livejournal.com profile] 89_forever is roaming the streets of the suburban district looking for his girlfriend. He is carrying a little Boston Terrier with him, who is trying to lick his face off, while two blocks away, [livejournal.com profile] rainstormxblue is trying to comfort her freaked out little girl as she carries her down the street, promising to find Daddy soon.

[livejournal.com profile] shadowedxlight is standing on the roof of the little four bedroom beach house she ended up with, just keeping an eye on things right now, although she's just as confused as everyone else, while [livejournal.com profile] earthwaterlight has found Disney Town and is considering bringing Layla and maybe Rikka here for ice cream!

[livejournal.com profile] rulerofthegrid found the Grid again with Rinzler's help, and is off doing something, maybe making plans, or something else.

And [livejournal.com profile] valgusti is currently exploring the tunnels in Twilight Town, and thinking it is the most awesome thing ever.]
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[there's a [livejournal.com profile] encoeured in plain black clothing, emblem and Wayfinder hanging on a cord around his neck, sitting in a room with a fountain. With a notebook on his lap and pencil in hand, he seems to be drawing something. Since he doesn't glance up, it can't be the surrounding area. He doesn't look any older than sixteen, but he's got a little more muscle tone than usual, and he's paler from spending a lot of time inside. There's an unremarkable-looking stud earring in his left ear.]

[his [livejournal.com profile] darklinked is busy getting lunch. For the third time that day. He needs to eat a lot, all right? Someone please do something about the disaster he's causing in that poor kitchen. A familiar runty little Flood is busy eating the scraps he hands it.]

[[livejournal.com profile] crossedcrisis is attempting to master the use of Stormfall on some helpless wooden barrels, with rather pathetic results. Aqua is trolling him. There are plenty of Unversed hanging around thanks to his frustration.]

[[livejournal.com profile] vermilionsea is busy teaching [livejournal.com profile] carminesea to swim. It's basically adorable. [livejournal.com profile] noctivagous is nearby, stalking being a creeper overprotective watchful.]

[[livejournal.com profile] cinderiffic is sleeping on a couch somewhere being lazy. Please wake him up in the most obnoxious way possible. By the way--he's got a heart.]

[ooc: open post, specify who you're replying to! I kinda fell off the face of the planet for a while, but I'm back with a few new guys, most of them from the same verse. Also, if anyone wants to continue old threads with Ven or Vanitas, feel free to nag me. Spoilerfaces for both of them as usual.]

6 Mar 2011 08:29 pm
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Well... He wanted me to buy time, and I'd say he got it. [Braig turns and runs off, leaving Aqua confused.]

What? [And then she turns around as she remembers.] Ven!

Aqua! [Ven's voice is panicked, and it takes Aqua a moment to hear Vanitas's weight falling through the air. She looks up to find the source— Darkness. Nothing. She hadn't been fast enough.]

Uhn... [Hey, Dressing Room dwellers, there's a new Aqua who just crash landed in the middle of the hallway. Sure, her armor might have saved her from more major injuries, but she doesn't exactly look comfortable, lying there on the floor. Help her out... or have her wake up to even worse circumstances than she's just left in her own universe.]

(ooc: Canon Aqua! Spoilers describing what point she was pulled from. ))
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[there are heavy footsteps sounding down one of the hallways, slow and deliberate.]

Don't think you can hide from me here.

cut for spoilerish things. )

[ooc: [livejournal.com profile] darklinked -mun here with...well. Just be careful, his bite's even worse than his bark. info here(again, bbs spoilers)]
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[Aqua's awake pretty early this morning. Earlier than usual even. And for once she hasn't bothered to get changed before leaving her room, still wearing her nightgown.

She can be found in the kitchen, making some coffee. In fact, she seems to be making two.]

[ooc: Backdated to Valentines day morning.]
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[A few certain apprentices may recognize the area inside that open door.

It's a outdoor room, the main feature, a possibly familiar punishment training place: A large waterfall.

Wander inside though, and you'll hear a scream from up top as this new (and a little younger than normal) Aqua is thrown over the edge. Worry not though. Because she manages to recover enough to dive gracefully into the deeper part of the water.

She resurfaces quickly, shaking water out of her hair, before looking up at the top of the waterfall and yelling-]


[Oooh...Somebody's gonna get hurt real bad when she gets her hands on them.]

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[Aqua's in the keyblade graveyard today, sitting on the edge of one of the cliffs. In her hand is her wayfinder.]

Terra...Van...I hope you're both okay..

[She knows that should she be sent home things will probably be the  way they were when she left. But, she still worries. And more than that, she misses her friends.]


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This is where I met her, I'm sure of it. Right outside, through here--

[Whoever this Aqua is talking to must not have followed her here, because there's no one behind her when she stops dead in the doorway that she just appeared in.]

Terra? Ven?

[ooc: hay venitaaaaas. spoilers in comments :u]
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[Great. Just great. It figures the Dressing Room would do something like this. And here she thought she could have a normal Christmas.

Tis the season to be jolly. But Aqua's just not feeling it after seeing the outfit the DR's stuck her in.]
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[ Three Xehanort had tried to track down Miss Kingdom Hearts, with certain difficulty. Namely, Rikunort, Ansem, and Master Xehanort. Although they failed, they noticed that many idiots, self proclaimed good guys fighting for the light, gathered into a room, protected that they couldn't enter. easy to guess what this room is all about.

As they tried to think about a mischief to do, they noticed a little girl leaving before the others idiots: Aqua. They wouldn't ask her what happened in there, it was fairly obvious. But they are going to give a message to all of the idiots gathered in there. And this message is going to be carried through by this little girl.

Before the others get out, the three Xehanort circle around the tiny Aqua. ]

((OOC: Anyone who was part of KH's reunion, feel free to react to that thread if you wish, it was locked to
[info]makeswayfinders but the big part of the scene is now completed.))
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[There's a new Aqua around the DR, but she doesn't seem to be interested in dealing with anyone. She's rather...distant, curled in on herself. This isn't the darkness that's been holding her for years. This..this is a new place and she knows all she can do is sit and wait.

Go ahead and bother her, see if you can brighten up her day.]


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