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[ A much confused Duck is walking in the corridors, looking around curiously and worriedly. Donald had been quietly sleeping in Disney Castle, only to wake up in that world, without any clue to where he can be. Well, so far he had made two encounters: a Shadow Heartless and a low Unversed, who both attacked him. He managed to defeat them easily, but he was worried at the idea to be somehow stuck in a world controlled by the Heartless.

His sailor shirt is black instead of blue for a change, and while he tries to remain calm, he’d really enjoy finally meeting someone to explain him where he is. ]

((OOC: Aside from the icons being from the comics, this is a mostly canon Donald, post KH2.))
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[and suddenly, in the middle of a kitchen, a Donald falls from the ceiling... landing on the table with a SPLAT, and causing a bunch of food to splatter on top of him. Being the short-tempered duck that he is he doesn't hesitate to get up on his feet and throw a fit]


What's the big idea?!

[ooc: See this. Sora had to get a Donald from somewhere.]
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[oh, looks like a Donald's found his way into the DR, but wait... his voice is higher and a little easier to understand, and... are those eyelashes?]


(ooc: Oh god please don't hurt me if I fail terribly, I'm trying. ;; )
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[There's a fairly short young man, with messy light blond hair, wearing a sour expression and sulking of to the side of the room]

This is exasperating.... whoever did this is going to pay.

[[Yes, he has a normal human voice.... and pants]]
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Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh my what a wonderful day!
Plenty of sunshine heading my way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay

Mister Bluebird's on my shoulder
It's the truth, it's actual
Everything is satisfactual
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
Wonderful feeling, wonderful day!

[Blinks in confusion, he's not sure where that just came from, he's hardly happy enough at the moment to be singing a song like that anyway]
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[[Well, it's another Donald, that's abundantly clear. However, he doesn't seem to be Kingdom Hearts'  version of him. This Donald is wearing a blue button up shirt with a purple coat. He's looking around confused, he seems to be lost]]

I never seen this part of the House of Mouse...

[[ He looks around some more]]

I am I even in the club?

[[ Yup! This is House of Mouse!Donald!]]
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*Donald is in a rather.... angry mood*

 I don't have a temper! I never get mad!

*Donald goes into his characeristic unintelegable ranting*

((OOC: Have a mostly canon!Donald who just saw one of his own short films))
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[have a Donald struggling with a bucket o' water before falling from the ceiling]


... ...


[ooc: Canon!Donald from [livejournal.com profile] kh_universe. I just started with him today, so I figured I'd give him a test run. Also, mun is tired and prone to being brainded, so forgive any incoherences.]
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Goofy? GOOFY! You have some explaining to do!

I just came here and the first thing I had to see was Sephiroth!

[no answer. This frustrates him. Cue angry quacking and jumping up and down.]


[ooc: This place needs MOAR Donald. This won't work properly unless you're imagining him in his signature Donald voice. XD]
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Wha? This en't Loondoon, nae t'aint. Smells aloot betta, aye.

... t'aint Scotland neither, aye.

... so whar th' fook ahm ah?

[ooc: human!steampunk!scottish!donald. no rly. from a really weird AU RPG. fear my failure at scottish accents.]


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