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[In one of the simulation rooms is a large quantity of Heartless, mostly Shadows and Soldiers. Verity's in here training, something she really ought to do more - even having as much experience as she does, it wouldn't do to get rusty, figeratively or literally. She takes the nearest Heartless out with her sabre, before suddenly, the rest are taken out in a blast of Thundaga.]

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[Verity, who has been made to wear this, has just discovered a new room. It's a huge outdoors drive in movie theatre, complete with cars, and even a concession stand. Verity herself is sitting in the front seat of a car with it's roof down, watching ads before the movie begins.]

(ooc: I went to my first drive in a few weeks ago, it was mad fun! Go crazy, threadhop etc... if your thread should seem to be going beyond PG I would appreciate if it was moved to a journal, but other than that, have fun!)
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[A grey-blue haired, Riku wondering around.]

What now.  This isn't the Islands or the Gardens.  Nor does it seem like any the worlds he's been to.

[Itiner let out a sigh before placing a hand on his blade, and continue wondering, looking for clues to where he is.]

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[ Have a curious young woman, looking around. She seems a bit lost and very unsure of where she is. ]

Sora...? Are you here?

(OOC: D-don't kill me! Have a keyblade in human form. She knows all the keyblade weilders but is currently with Sora. )
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[Anybody wandering along this particular hallway will see a Kairi-lookalike holding Oblivion suddenly appear. She pauses for a moment. What why is this not Radiant Garden.]


[ooc: ...I just don't even know anymore. There's two of us coming in, so you can talk to either or both of us =D]

2 Apr 2009 08:25 am
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[Staring at a sign that just randomly appeared on on the one of the main rooms that says:


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...I forgot how much of a hag Maleficent can be.

[lol staring at himself in the mirror.]
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[lol sitting in a common room, in the center, with a dead, shriveled potted plant just sitting there too. She's staring intently at it, and doesn't really seem to be able to notice anything else. Every so often she touches a leaf and it goes bright and green but as soon as the power fades it dies once more. The more she does it, the more it seems to take out of her; she' slowly exhausting herself but doesn't care or doesn't realize]

[oh hai i'm still alive lol]
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[oh look who's back. she's not alone, though; there's another weapon with her who might look a bit familiar.]

[ooc: /SIGH]
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Oh for-- I already fed you, just leave me alone!

[Oh hi thar, it's Atra and.

He's being followed by six geese. After a while, he just sits down on the floor in frustration, geese noisy around him.

One lands on his lap and when it leaves, it lays an egg.]



18 Dec 2008 12:30 pm
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Let's see...

[after coming from the Moogle shop, he opens a pouch and peeks in it.]

Huh. Didn't expect those were enough to make five of them.

[he spills the contents in his hand. five golden rings.]
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[a certain weapon is holding up a misteltoe and examining it curiously, not realizing what these sort of things mean]

...I've never seen a plant like this before. It's kind of pretty.... Wonder if master would know what it is.

[still examining it, kind of like a scientist looking at a bizarre new species in wonder and curiosity]

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[so obviously, doors to worlds are popping up now. Kean here?

He's sitting on the edge of the giant bell tower in the Second District, legs swinging. Yeah, that's right, in Traverse Town.]

...this place is definitely getting weirder by the minute.

3 Dec 2008 02:25 pm
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[it's been a while since she's been around properly. she's just sitting stiffly on a couch, eyes closed and expression faintly annoyed. not that she's going to say anything to anyone, but she's forgotten... well, everything.]

(ooc: Okay, so amnesia's a little more extreme than just forgetting her weilder, but... eh. :D)
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[she's just staring into a mirror, looking like she's about to cry. Why? After this, her eyes have turned and stayed gold. On the plus side, she's far more powerful than she expected, or wanted, as shown by the mirror just exploding when she glares at it]

Guess I am dark now.

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Anyone care to tell me what everyone was flipping their shit over earlier?
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[A new 'Roxas' has entered the DR and he looks to be about four. He's also crying.]


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[well the kitchen looks like a warzone, but at least it smells nice. like honey and cookies (with a touch of burnt fabric). that's probably because Sweet Memories decided she wanted to try making cookies and, despite the mess that might say different, she's got a couple sheets now in the oven. the honey smell that normally drifts around her is intensified by the fact that apparently when she heats up, the smell gets stronger. and apparently putting fabric between two things of hot metal (the cookie sheet and her hands. she is, after all, a Keyblade) burns it, so she's been taking things out of the oven with her bare hands. she's got two dozen cookies already cooling off, and another two dozen in the oven. over all, she looks quite pleased with herself as she blows on her hands to cool them down.]
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[looks like someone's greatest fear was being powerless and mute; just searching for something to write on.]

[ooc: 18+ FOR BDSM]
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(Don't mind Soul, he's just searching for Selene, since all of this nightmare stuff has him terrified really worried about Selene.)


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