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[Suddenly: KITTENS. Everywhere.

Or not so suddenly, since Even's had time to completely give up and let
them get everywhere. From chewing on his ears to borrowing his hat as a bed to shredding some paper from the notepad he was trying to be writing on.

While his hat's on-loan his tail's staying well hidden lest it also be also re-purposed as a cat toy and maybe some sad hope he can convince someone who reacts to the ears that he isn't who he is.

Not to say he's entirely an unwilling participant- just a semi one.
All that lounging and procrastination is just so damn haaaaaaard.

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Eveeen, I think Angela's in your pile.

[ Braig's voice came from above, in which she was upside down and in mid-air. How typical, huh? ]

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She's a siamese kitten.

[ She adjusted enough so that she sat in mid-air, indian-style, closer to the fox and the kittens. She isn't actively looking for Angela, since it looks like he's having fun anyway. ]

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How's the tearing of the muscles and organs?

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I'll take both for two-hundred.

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Do I have to take away the cats now, then?

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You should raid one of the labs. I heard there's around forty clones here somewhere, if you're willing.

Better than cats.

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Tybalt hasn't seen this many other cats in one place since, well, ever.]

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[Heeeey this isn't what he signed up for. With a complaining meow, Tybalt starts to back off.]

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[That gets Tybalt's attention too. He watches, tail twitching.]

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I wouldn't have thought you to be the sort.

[Of person to submit to being a kitten playground, that is.]

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[He shrugs]

I wouldn't be able to explain it.

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[...lets himself be swarmed.]

Which would be?

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I can remove them if you wish.

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[Demyx heard the mewling and poked his head in to take a look. He's such a sucker for small, cute things.] I didn't know this place had kittens!

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Naaah... I meant more that I didn't know there were animals at all. Aside from chocobos I mean. Where'd you get them?

[Oh look, he's totaly taking you seriously.]

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...Ummm... Are you serious?

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It could happen. I mean I just spontaniously appeared here.