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[Even though he's big for his age, Alex still looks very much the little kid he is, a little kid with derpy not-human-but-not-quite-animal-either ears, but still a kid. Which in turn can make it easy to forget he may as well be descended from a land dwelling shark/piranha hybrid though critics may suspect land dwelling shark/piranha hybrids would have raised him better.

That bone he's gnawing on? That's certainly not a beef bone. And still, here he is, plopped down on the floor in the hallway happily chewing away at it for those last skerricks of meat. God only knows where the rest is, though perhaps what's behind a door in the area chosen for this little snack may maybe not necessarily shed some light on that for all of two-three people.]

[[ooc: [info]justalittlesick may or may not show up in threads. [info]snapfrost can show up in threads on special request.]]

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