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[Left alone, without outside interference, not even Christmas festivities disturbing him, and with a whole lot more power than he would ever possibly have naturally Even has gotten quite comfortable with his little 'living arrangement.' Enough so that he's walking around in the residential areas hand in hand with Ienzo.

You see, Ienzo wasn't fotunate enough to have been sent home when he disappeared from the DR (In so much as considering what going 'home' entails for him may be considered remotely fortunate at all.)
He was taken.
For six months he's had no one but Even for company. Not that you'd know by just looking at him, still being undead his physical appearance can't change, so he still seems the same as he did last year.
Even on the other hand looks very different. Looking more like a regular Even or Vexen now, and not stuck in a perpetual stress-moult.

Admittedly since it's after nightfall it's not nearly as bold as if he'd chosen to do so during the day, but Even's at least retained enough sense not to take a vampire out in the sun. ]
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[Just remember, Even. That there's more than one Vampire in the Dressing room. And while this one's hiding in the shadows somewhere, he is watching you very carefully.

If he gets the feeling that little Ienzo's shouldn't be with Even, he'll step in and put a stop to it.]
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[He can't read minds or emotions or anything like that, but he is very good at reading body language.

He can also be patient enough during a hunt to stick around and keep an eye on them. Even if nothing seems out of place at the moment, it just doesn't feel right to him :|]
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[It only takes a full three seconds for him to get over the shock/disgust, come out of hiding and yank Even back by his hair with a snarl.]
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Oh man this is so late ;;

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[Too bad for Even that Roxas is a natural fighter. Or, a natural killer, one might say.

And being a strength type of his kind of Vampire doesn't hurt either.

He's going to swiftly step to the side of that punch, grabbing his wrist midstep and twisting Even's arm hard, using the angle as he steps to put even more strain on the arm.]