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[ Across the DR at any given time, there are several things happening that may be connected, may have a purpose, or link back to the same cause. These are not examples because they're completely unrelated.

Out of the game room stumbles a Riku, looking disoriented and a little wide-eyed. She seems okay, but something is definitely off, to say the least. It's weird. She feels, and not just to herself, a little like Red.

In the simulation room, currently blank, there's Aden, bleeding profusely down his front. He's got his hand clamped over his nose, but it's not really helping. There's no saving his shirt. ]
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[The end of the latest spell seems to have flushed a few people out of the woodwork.

Kai is in a room that appears to be a large greenhouse. It's mostly empty of plants, which would explain why he's hauling a bag of soil to the far end where several packets of seeds and a few baby potted plants are seated, dressed in worn jeans and a faded t-shirt that is slightly too small for him, probably something he picked out a few years ago and never threw out.

Axel ([personal profile] conflagrate) is blowing bubbles in one of the main rooms. She hasn't been around at all in the last few months, but it doesn't look like she's been upgraded back into a Lea. Each of the bubbles has smoke in them, and popping them will release the smell of wood burning!

There's a kid of about nine in one of the kitchens, which appears to be full of highly venomous snakes. Oops.

A Naminé is seated on the edge of a fountain, dressed in her normal little dress despite the lingering chill of winter. There's a flush to her cheeks from the cold, but she doesn't seem too bothered as she trails her fingers through the water.

Lastly, that one girl Sora with the broken keyblade is making an appearance again, too. She's stretched out on the floor of a little den-like room with a fireplace, and she's got a pile of... drawings? She's no artist, but she's carefully adding lines to what appears to be a boat design!]
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[Red appears to be his normal self, nothing off about him at all! He looks a bit uneasy as he heads down a hallway near the more populated areas, but other than that, everything's the same as always.

A few halls away, something vaguely resembling Red is shuffling along, head down. He looks emaciated, all pasty skin and bone, with tangled hair falling to his ears instead of his shoulders. He doesn't have a shirt on, just a pair of pants torn off at the knee, which gives off a full view of the complete mess he is. Thick, messily done stitches stretch over sluggishly bleeding incisions all over his front and back, and a hole in the crook of his arm is leaking something an acidic green.]

(ooc: I give you the aspect removed from Red: the experiments.)
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[ There is an extremely pissed off teenage boy running at top speed through the DR. Not too weird for Aden, but his appearance sure as hell is. He looks 100% human, with average green eyes and a healthy skintone. He has a stretch of rope in his hands meant for the creature he's chasing, a thinner and paler version of himself with bright glowing eyes and a shadowed appearance.

The double is having no trouble avoiding him, laughing in an insane, murderous way. Every step he take causes something to bloom from the ground. Bloody footprints, centipedes, beetles, and maggots. Pumpkin sprouts, candy, and razorblades. Watch your step. ]
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[After that pesky mustache debacle, there is a woman walking around the halls of the DR. But she's not just walking. If she catches you, she'll happily hand you a flier for the church she's opened up in a room in the DR, with instructions on where to look. It's an open invitation to the blessings of the Light.]

Please, do come. I'd hate for the Darkness to take anyone, and the Order of Initia Nova will happily help purge it all. But I can hardly do that alone, so come. Let us purge the Darkness and welcome the Light's blessings together!
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[There's someone new in the Dressing Room. A mysterious woman all in white, with a veil over her long, green hair--almost appearing like a bride. She walks with a tall gold and white staff in hand, the top being a heart shape with a spire rising through it--almost like a handle--with a small crown on the end. She's walking with a smile upon her face, warm and inviting, while seeking something!]

There must be a room around here somewhere that would be suitable...
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[For those who didn't know: Red has been missing for around two weeks now. There was no real warning, one day he was there and the next he wasn't; the doors to his rooms have become nothing more than paint on a wall, his creatures have all but disappeared (there are a few bats that have taken up residence in 'his' Riku's home), and any signs of him that would normally be around have been completely absent.

So it's perhaps a bit strange (and maybe relieving) to see him lingering near the edge of a more populated area quite suddenly, shoulders hunched, hands buried in his jacket's pockets, and expression guarded. He looks like he's lost some weight in the time gone. Actually, he looks a little worse overall, his face a little gaunter, his skin a little more corpse-like. He looks like he hasn't showered at all during his time away. He smells like graveyards and something sharp, like venom.]

((ooc: long time no see. UnU i know i've been away a lot longer than two weeks. let's see how this goes. (: there's a secret here.))
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[ A little late for Halloween, but here's a kid for it. He's managed to get loose of his mother... and all his other family, too. This is a rare treat, which meant he went straight to the best option available. There's a long trail of muddy footprints leading out of a wall (from a door that isn't there anymore), all the way to a pair of equally muddy feet. ...and hands, and face.

Currently he's sitting in a corner, peeling off those filthy shoes and wondering why the hell it's so quiet. ]

ITP: Pots

10 Sep 2012 02:05 pm
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[Here is a room. It is rather random and unassuming, except for the fact that it is filled with pots. And crates. And barrels. And lampposts. And strange white flower things. Basically, if you can smash it up, it's in this room.

Kira is perched on a convenient crate and giving herself a manicure. Occasionally, she'll look up and mutter 'Gravity', which smashes some nearby pots, before going back to filing her nails. Perhaps someone should question her training methods.]
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[Good afternoon, DR! You should enjoy all this good weather and take a break from the insanity by hitting the beach! Kira's already there, sprawled out on a towel in a cute pink bikini. She's taking a bit of a snooze under the sun, and flopped on the sand behind her is a book curiously titled "How To Hunt Elves."]

3 Jul 2012 04:50 pm
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[shit seems to keep happening with these two in the summer, doesn't it? this year Hachibi has his own body again, but it's really his body this time, with the stripes and hooves and too goddamn many tails, and all those teeth. he and Axel are taking a walk through the DR today; rather, Hachibi's walking, and Axel's astride him. they're not really looking for anyone in particular, but if specific people are encountered, Hachibi would certainly love to talk to them.]
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[In a cozy lounge, a warm log fire crackling, there's an old Nobody sitting in an old overstuffed armchair. Felicius here is chilling out.

Out in front of him, apparently projected from the device he's wearing on one arm, a little holographic show - 3-D video of him and various people - a lively freckle-faced boy of about ten, a punky blue-haired young woman, various others. Casually, every so often, he'll flick and poke at the images in the same way someone from a past era might at a smartphone touchscreen, navigating through scenes and zooming in and out.

Not often he indulges in nostalgia, really. Not often he spends time on what might be happening at home - if such things have any realistic meaning any more.
But sometimes these things just want to be done.]

((Tryin' to get a few characters who aren't named Xehanort back up and running out of my gang... so, sorry, guys, but that includes grumpy ol' OCs. :p))
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[You know those claw games? Where you've got the stick and you get to direct the arm with the claw to grab a prize? Yeah.

There's a huge one in this room, some arcade-appropriate music playing in the background. Inside the glass are several large oval capsules that look sort of like pills with white not-quite-opaque tops and colourful bottoms. The barest outline of people can be seen through the tops, but it's not enough to make out who specifically is in each one. The game doesn't appear to cost any munny, or any other currency. Do you want to play?]

(ooc: Say if you want someone specific- all my characters are available for this, though I don't have a list available. If you can't pick one, I'll grab one at random. :] All people come with something extra, just so this won't be a get out and walk away sort of deal. Current tags on this post are not the limit to who's available!)
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[Kira has currently taken over a kitchen and is on another cooking spree. But considering the warm weather, she's trying to teach herself how to make homemade ice cream. The results are somewhat splattered over the countertops, because Kira is currently more occupied with singing along to the music coming from her super cool music-playing phone.

Feel free to interrupt.]
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[A newcomer appears! This one's a bit strange, as he resembles a dark-haired Riku at first glance, though that guess isn't too far off the mark. A further examination reveals this guy lacks any darkness that would be normally associated with a Riku, and also a heart.

He's dressed in a white jacket over a black shirt and white pants and carrying a sketchbook and a box of colored pencils under one arm. He's barefoot, but that doesn't seem to concern him too much, nor does the fact that he's not in Castle Oblivion.]
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[ So, following one of the best times of his life, Aden is feeling unusually energetic. Well, maybe not unusually, but still. Who knew being devoured by a naga would be so energizing?

Now he's in this hall that... well, it's pretty blank. Or it was. It's also really, really orange. Yes, the walls are apparently made of pumpkin. His coat's on the ground near his stuff, and he's carving into the walls. Holes, entire 'doors', and plenty of jack-o-lantern faces. ]
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[Today, there is a new arrival. And perhaps it's a bit ironic, given the day, but here she is. Rise, a mother of Riku from one of the many universes. Sickly as she is, though, she's still seated happily in the hallway, book resting in her lap as she reads. She has to rest every now and then in her explorations, so this book is a good way to distract herself despite how excited she is to finally be able to have the adventure she'd longed for when young.]
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[You might like the smells coming from the kitchen this morning. Eggs, toast, and bacon are the main things, but entering the kitchen shows that the lady inside has been busy for a while. In addition to the things cooking, there's a bowl of fruit and various breakfast condiments sitting on the table.

Do you bother her y/n?]
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[There is a new resident to the DR. And she is walking around with fingers to the wall, just to keep a reference for where it is. These surroundings are unfamiliar, and the sounds are strange. The walls don't feel right. She can't help but frown as she walks along, finally just leaning against the wall and sitting down. Celo is just going to sit here and hope she can hear someone coming along who could possibly tell her what the hell happened and why she's here.]
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[ Open posts. Open posts forever.

[personal profile] aprincess is playing on a large playground, wearing an adorable dress. There's all manner of outdoor toys with her, and she's occupying herself blowing bubbles into the wind.

[personal profile] dawnrise is... well, she's not in a dress, but she's not in jeans. It's a black skirt. For once. Before anyone panics, she's wearing a normal t-shirt with Mickey Mouse on it, and her legs are covered. They're just covered by thigh highs. She's hanging out in the kitchen, which is piled with a mess of ingredients for pizza.

And then there's this guy. [personal profile] hallowedshore has been gone for a couple days, but he's back now. He's walking down the hallway headed toward his room, dripping water all over the place. There's a steady trail of it from a nearby shower, and it looks like he took one fully dressed. His expression is blank and he smells unpleasantly of blood (which has stained his clothes), ash, and smoke, but not nearly as much as he did. ]


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