13 Mar 2013

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[Riku looks surprisingly normal for someone missing a large part of themselves. He's wandering barefoot vaguely in the direction of a training room, but close enough to a kitchen that he considers heading that way for something to eat, instead.

In another part of the DR is his own personal double, in full Dark mode. Despite the armor protecting him, he's curled up in the corner of a room that looks like it's seen better days. There's an armchair pushed up against the door from the inside, and a table is turned on its side in front of him for additional protection. The walls are charred from how many times he's let loose with an attack.]
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[ There is an extremely pissed off teenage boy running at top speed through the DR. Not too weird for Aden, but his appearance sure as hell is. He looks 100% human, with average green eyes and a healthy skintone. He has a stretch of rope in his hands meant for the creature he's chasing, a thinner and paler version of himself with bright glowing eyes and a shadowed appearance.

The double is having no trouble avoiding him, laughing in an insane, murderous way. Every step he take causes something to bloom from the ground. Bloody footprints, centipedes, beetles, and maggots. Pumpkin sprouts, candy, and razorblades. Watch your step. ]
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[In the middle of all this latest mess, Nami is pretty calm. As far as he can tell, he hasn't been hit by whatever spell has popped up, and he hasn't run into anything troubling yet!

Which is nice, because it's been giving him time to get used to the pair of birds he's found himself saddled with. He'd found the injured one in one of the outdoor rooms a couple days ago and decided he couldn't just leave her there... and then the other one showed up and refused to be left behind. And now they don't seem to want to leave him, but he's slowly becoming okay with that. Birds and cages are kind of a thing with him, so this? Not something he'd ever thought of.

Right now he's in the beach room, trying to draw while the bird with its wing wrapped climbs up and down his arm using its feet and beak. The other is fluttering overhead, occasionally coasting to the water's edge to poke at shell fragments and shards of driftwood, or landing to nuzzle at its grounded mate.]
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[Red appears to be his normal self, nothing off about him at all! He looks a bit uneasy as he heads down a hallway near the more populated areas, but other than that, everything's the same as always.

A few halls away, something vaguely resembling Red is shuffling along, head down. He looks emaciated, all pasty skin and bone, with tangled hair falling to his ears instead of his shoulders. He doesn't have a shirt on, just a pair of pants torn off at the knee, which gives off a full view of the complete mess he is. Thick, messily done stitches stretch over sluggishly bleeding incisions all over his front and back, and a hole in the crook of his arm is leaking something an acidic green.]

(ooc: I give you the aspect removed from Red: the experiments.)


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