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Aden Faust ([personal profile] hallowedshore) wrote in [community profile] kingdomdressing2013-03-13 06:13 pm
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[ There is an extremely pissed off teenage boy running at top speed through the DR. Not too weird for Aden, but his appearance sure as hell is. He looks 100% human, with average green eyes and a healthy skintone. He has a stretch of rope in his hands meant for the creature he's chasing, a thinner and paler version of himself with bright glowing eyes and a shadowed appearance.

The double is having no trouble avoiding him, laughing in an insane, murderous way. Every step he take causes something to bloom from the ground. Bloody footprints, centipedes, beetles, and maggots. Pumpkin sprouts, candy, and razorblades. Watch your step. ]

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