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[The end of the latest spell seems to have flushed a few people out of the woodwork.

Kai is in a room that appears to be a large greenhouse. It's mostly empty of plants, which would explain why he's hauling a bag of soil to the far end where several packets of seeds and a few baby potted plants are seated, dressed in worn jeans and a faded t-shirt that is slightly too small for him, probably something he picked out a few years ago and never threw out.

Axel ([personal profile] conflagrate) is blowing bubbles in one of the main rooms. She hasn't been around at all in the last few months, but it doesn't look like she's been upgraded back into a Lea. Each of the bubbles has smoke in them, and popping them will release the smell of wood burning!

There's a kid of about nine in one of the kitchens, which appears to be full of highly venomous snakes. Oops.

A Naminé is seated on the edge of a fountain, dressed in her normal little dress despite the lingering chill of winter. There's a flush to her cheeks from the cold, but she doesn't seem too bothered as she trails her fingers through the water.

Lastly, that one girl Sora with the broken keyblade is making an appearance again, too. She's stretched out on the floor of a little den-like room with a fireplace, and she's got a pile of... drawings? She's no artist, but she's carefully adding lines to what appears to be a boat design!]
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[Red appears to be his normal self, nothing off about him at all! He looks a bit uneasy as he heads down a hallway near the more populated areas, but other than that, everything's the same as always.

A few halls away, something vaguely resembling Red is shuffling along, head down. He looks emaciated, all pasty skin and bone, with tangled hair falling to his ears instead of his shoulders. He doesn't have a shirt on, just a pair of pants torn off at the knee, which gives off a full view of the complete mess he is. Thick, messily done stitches stretch over sluggishly bleeding incisions all over his front and back, and a hole in the crook of his arm is leaking something an acidic green.]

(ooc: I give you the aspect removed from Red: the experiments.)
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[For those who didn't know: Red has been missing for around two weeks now. There was no real warning, one day he was there and the next he wasn't; the doors to his rooms have become nothing more than paint on a wall, his creatures have all but disappeared (there are a few bats that have taken up residence in 'his' Riku's home), and any signs of him that would normally be around have been completely absent.

So it's perhaps a bit strange (and maybe relieving) to see him lingering near the edge of a more populated area quite suddenly, shoulders hunched, hands buried in his jacket's pockets, and expression guarded. He looks like he's lost some weight in the time gone. Actually, he looks a little worse overall, his face a little gaunter, his skin a little more corpse-like. He looks like he hasn't showered at all during his time away. He smells like graveyards and something sharp, like venom.]

((ooc: long time no see. UnU i know i've been away a lot longer than two weeks. let's see how this goes. (: there's a secret here.))
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[so it turned out that this world was much weirder than he thought... not a normal world at all.

and much bigger than he thought, too. All that looking for his best friend while making sure not to run into anybody from Organisation XIII (Organisation Infinity, maybe, if it was true that people had copies here, and he had spied some) was tiring.]

[So he took a break. His once success so far was that he managed to find some ice cream shop and bought himself his favourite - sea salt, of course]

Yeesh, I wonder if he's in this world at all.
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[ The rafters have always been a decent place to chill and watch people, or throw things at people, or nap. Many a DR resident have done those things and more, and brand new ones are no exception. It looks like there's an Axel up there, surprisingly not snoozing the day away. Hell, it looks like she's sucking on a Slurpee. There's a bruise forming on her face and a small scorched area in the floor from when she, asleep, fell out of the rafters about twenty minutes before. ]

[ ooc | possible spoilers for KH3D in comments ]
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There is a kid here.

A young Kairi, it seems... who is muttering things that she apparently really shouldn't be. She's opening and closing doors and closets, looking through everything she can find.

Because this Kairi? Is currently not quite one. In fact, the mind behind that cute little face is currently an Axel's, who's wildly hoping that coats come in 'small'. He'll cope, sure, but right now? With his borrowed head spinning with strange senses and too-long-unknown emotion?
He could use at least one familiar thing in his life.]

3 Jul 2012 04:50 pm
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[shit seems to keep happening with these two in the summer, doesn't it? this year Hachibi has his own body again, but it's really his body this time, with the stripes and hooves and too goddamn many tails, and all those teeth. he and Axel are taking a walk through the DR today; rather, Hachibi's walking, and Axel's astride him. they're not really looking for anyone in particular, but if specific people are encountered, Hachibi would certainly love to talk to them.]
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Hey, no worries, I'll be done before you even-

[- calls a slightly unusual-looking Axel as he rounds the bottom of a staircase and steps out into a corridor.

Heck. This sure doesn't look like the World That Never Was. Something like this, he'd have thought he'd have got it - well.

Step back up the staircase? No sign of where he's come from. Step back down? Still weird. Pop a portal? Doesn't want to go.
He can only think of one person who could have done something like this, and it sure as heck doesn't seem like his old (friend, companion,) ally's doing... He stretches out, looks around. Gives a light little laugh.]

Heh. Well, this is interesting...

((Character's memory's been rebooted, from an in-universe source. Same icexel. Less things memorized.))
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[You know those claw games? Where you've got the stick and you get to direct the arm with the claw to grab a prize? Yeah.

There's a huge one in this room, some arcade-appropriate music playing in the background. Inside the glass are several large oval capsules that look sort of like pills with white not-quite-opaque tops and colourful bottoms. The barest outline of people can be seen through the tops, but it's not enough to make out who specifically is in each one. The game doesn't appear to cost any munny, or any other currency. Do you want to play?]

(ooc: Say if you want someone specific- all my characters are available for this, though I don't have a list available. If you can't pick one, I'll grab one at random. :] All people come with something extra, just so this won't be a get out and walk away sort of deal. Current tags on this post are not the limit to who's available!)
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[ hey, DR! This demon is up pretty late, a need to feed keeping him from resting. Obviously, that means he has to prowl around the hallways (preferably the bedroom ones), making the air almost suffocating around him, projecting just as much need out as he feels at the moment? Of course, what else is there to do at night ~? ]

3 Apr 2012 03:45 pm
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[ Most, if not everyone has seen an Axel before, right? There are hundreds crawling around here with their snark remarks and sarcasm. But, have all of them been captivating on first glance? Has there ever been the urge to touch, kiss, lick, and much worse actions on first sight of one? Maybe, maybe not, and this Axel may not even cause those kind of feelings to some, but it would not be surprising if he did. Almost gliding down a hallway with fluid movements is something much, much more than the common Nobody you all have grown to love and possibly hate. This one, however, may spark a different kind of reaction, but one that neatly dances on the edge of the mentioned two. ]
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[In this hallway, there is a Riku of the blindfolded variety wandering somewhat aimlessly. Like others of that variety, he's wearing a coat. Unlike those others, the coat is white with blue trim and stops at his knees. He's moving slowly through the hallway, and curiously appears to be talking to himself.]

Where are we? Tell me where we are.

[Suddenly, there's a second voice, but the source doesn't seem to be present.]

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Tell me, now. I don't have time for this.

Like I don't know that. You're in an alley of some kind, does that make you feel better?


[Riku sighs, continuing his trek. He can hear people fairly nearby, and he's heading in that direction.]

7 Mar 2012 06:57 pm
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[since I seem to be incapable of posting for them individually for the most part, it's time for another open post!

[personal profile] seasides: Kai is stuck in a sitting room, trapped under a large golden retriever... that looks a lot more orange than gold. maybe even apricot-coloured. possibly because it's actually Apricot.

[personal profile] fading: Nami seems to be suffering a similarly animal-related problem! a chocobo has managed to get loose from the stables and Nami was attempting to lead it back. much angry squawking has resulted in him seated in the grass in a hallway while his hair gets preened, however.

[personal profile] fromshadow: Chichi is looking a little young today! in fact, he looks no older than perhaps seven, and is trapped in an appropriately sized hamster ball vehicle. he is, of course, entirely unamused by this.

[personal profile] skybright: Sora is in one of the communal kitchens, which looks to be an awful mess. however, there are two different plates of cookies sitting on the table that don't actually look that bad! maybe she'll get the hang of this making food thing yet.

[personal profile] conflagrate: Axel is sitting on the stands of a room that looks like a miniature coliseum! fighting down in the middle of it all are a Heartless and a Nobody dressed in gladiator gear. the gear is kind of comically oversized, considering they're just a Shadow and a Dusk. at least Axel has popcorn.

[personal profile] paopuspirit: there is a Riku in a room that previously still had a very wintery look to it; that is, all the plantlife was more or less dead or hibernating. the place is looking much more lively today, with Riku in the middle of it all tending to a drooping lily.

[personal profile] islandflower: Kairi is in the beach room, wading out of the water toward a small bag and towel set on the sand. she looks pretty out of breath, so one could probably assume this wasn't a leisurely swim.

[personal profile] before: lastly, Red is passing through the halls toward the library, hood up and shoulders hunched. the reason for this is apparent once one gets a look at his face! he's a healthy shade for once, and his eyes look a little less like acid. indeed, it would seem today he's human.]
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[Axel does not appear to be in the best of moods. this is probably because she has been unable to pull up portals, and hasn't been able to produce even a flicker of flame. she's making her way through the halls with an unreadable expression, occasionally glancing down at her wrist. not that there's anything visible, as she's wearing gloves, but the inside of her wrist is where the symbol appeared on her. the marking makes it pretty clear to her who else is involved in this, but only to a point.]
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[personal profile] seasides is in the kitchen... what a boring guy. with things set up kind of how they used to be, and people once again relying on the kitchens, he's made his way to the main one to cook up some stuff to stash away in the fridge and freezer for others!

[personal profile] fading is not amused. he's trapped in a cage in a section of hallway made of white sand and marble. the cage isn't very big, which has him stuck sitting, and looking rather grumpy. there's no visible lock on it.

[personal profile] skybright is currently pushing herself in a training room, magic drained and looking half ready to collapse where she stands. there's a first aid kit sitting on a bench nearby, several bottles (elixirs, mostly) sitting empty next to it.

[personal profile] ghastlydawn hasn't been seen much, but she has been around. super disappointed with the change in the DR still - she grew up in the open world version, after all - she's been exploring to keep herself from lingering on her thoughts and getting even more homesick than she already is.

[personal profile] before is... pinned to a wall with several familiar knives. he doesn't look more than a little beat up, and mostly amused! he's got no idea why a Larxene attacked him, only to do barely anything aside from pin him there, but he can't move his hand enough to pull any of the knives out, and he doesn't want to rip his jacket. oh well.

[personal profile] islandflower is sitting in an outdoor room, a simple-looking field with several slightly battered targets some distance away, taking a break from practicing magic. the door is open and she's well in sight, but she's rather distracted reading.

[personal profile] fromshadow has found something that looks like it's fresh out of Halloween Town. it's a gloomy, mist-covered room, the door opening to a large clearing amidst spindly frost-coated trees. the clearing is filled with row upon row of gravestones, but each and every one of them marks an empty grave, the spaces all cleanly dug out but not even holding a coffin. he's standing just inside the doorway, too wary to actually go and check it all out.

[personal profile] conflagrate, who I totally didn't forget about, is in one of the closets. this particular one seems to hold clothing for both male and female, and she's just sort of absently browsing the men's button-down shirts at the moment. for some reason, all her clothing has gone and vanished from her room-house-thing, so she's rebuilding her wardrobe.]

8 Jan 2012 06:59 pm
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[in a hallway some distance from the main area, about an hour before sundown, there are two different people.

one is Red, leaning against a wall, a rifle leaning next to him and a large bag on the other side. he looks set to be there for the night.

the other is Nami, heading toward where Red is with his head down, seeming pretty uncertain about tonight. this will be his first full moon with a heart, and he has no idea how that will affect things. he's hoping everything will go well...]

(ooc: you can talk to either of them! just don't hold Nami too long. werewolf business and all.)
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[dated to Sunday morning! because most of this stuff wouldn't be happening at night. it's an overcast morning, and chilly enough that there could be snow if those clouds get any heavier!

[ profile] prince_number_7 is heading home with a small bag, having gone out to grab a few things quickly. the bag contains a few things from what looks like a hair salon.

[ profile] shellsandlight is seated in the park, looking a bit underdressed considering the temperature. he doesn't seem very bothered by the cold (living at the bottom of an ocean means having to deal with it, after all), and is currently enjoying a variety of candies that are likely to make him end up sick, more from the rate at which he is consuming them than for their contents.

[ profile] fadedsketch is having a bit of difficulty pushing a fair-sized "portable" generator down the street. he's heading for his naga friend's den, wanting to give him something to power the electric heaters he's going to be bringing by as well at a slightly later date. he's already brought no doubt dozens of blankets by now.

[ profile] paopuspirit is stringing tinsel garlands around the old paopu tree near the beach. it's already had some lights strung around it, all the way up to the leaves. how he managed to get it up so neatly is a mystery however.

[ profile] cheeryskies has just entered the library, a bag slung over her shoulder. she seems set for a day indoors, just reading!

[ profile] beforeitburned has found his way to an outdoor ice rink that he's never noticed before. there are cubbies full of skates of every size near it, and he's given into a sudden, overwhelming urge to try skating.

he's not doing very well.]
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[Unlike most newcomers who openly come to the open areas in search for an explanation, this one is interestedly just wandering around once night hits, strolling around calmly. Once or twice if a Namine or a Roxas (maybe a Ven or two) pass by, he turns his head to look at them, but apart from that, he walks on without a word.

Every once in a while, he stops and lifts his head, pausing as if thinking, before abruptly changing directions and continuing to walk.]
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[Axel hasn't been too fond of the last couple days of spellwork, but today... today she's definitely alright with it. suits are much more preferable to poofy restricting dresses, and that's exactly what she's dressed in! a suit, that is. a nice one that manages to compliment what little she has in the way of curves. and so she's strolling down the street, an unlit cigarette in her mouth (she doesn't smoke; it came with the costume). she's just out to see what sort of stuff people got stuck in today.]
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[Axel is headed home from being out and about. or he was, until a sudden clothing transition happened. now he's pretty much stymied right where he was when it hit, thanks to the corset underneath restricting his breathing in a way he's not used to, and the skirts around his legs, and the boots with small heels, and yeah. time to get the phone out and text his husband to come help him, because this is pretty ridiculous.

the dress is an elaborate thing of silk and brocade and lace, with the standard bustle and a short train. to damage it would be to invite the wrath of some lesser deity. there were elbow length gloves and also a hat, but those have been discarded in the grass already. he's got all the layers on – ALL of them – underwear and all, and seems to have sprouted breasts to fill out the top of the dress (which is also causing him problems). did he go fully female or not? COME AND SEE (and help him get out of some of this so he can breathe properly ;~;).]

((ooc: don't talk to me about the drawing. it took way longer than i wanted it to, and i'm aware there are errors in it, which i may go back and fix at a later date. i mostly wanted it to demonstrate what the dress looked like and how his hair was magically styled. i had fun designing the dress.))


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