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[It's been a while since Nami's been seen in the art room. Her cane is propped against one of the tables, and there's a canvas laid out on top of the table. She's quietly running her fingers over the material, her blank eyes closed. Around the edge, memorizing the feel. Her little pink Pygmy Puff is sitting next to  the canvas, ready to help her find the correct paints.

She can't see. But her memory is more perfect than her sight. And she misses art.]

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[The end of the latest spell seems to have flushed a few people out of the woodwork.

Kai is in a room that appears to be a large greenhouse. It's mostly empty of plants, which would explain why he's hauling a bag of soil to the far end where several packets of seeds and a few baby potted plants are seated, dressed in worn jeans and a faded t-shirt that is slightly too small for him, probably something he picked out a few years ago and never threw out.

Axel ([personal profile] conflagrate) is blowing bubbles in one of the main rooms. She hasn't been around at all in the last few months, but it doesn't look like she's been upgraded back into a Lea. Each of the bubbles has smoke in them, and popping them will release the smell of wood burning!

There's a kid of about nine in one of the kitchens, which appears to be full of highly venomous snakes. Oops.

A Naminé is seated on the edge of a fountain, dressed in her normal little dress despite the lingering chill of winter. There's a flush to her cheeks from the cold, but she doesn't seem too bothered as she trails her fingers through the water.

Lastly, that one girl Sora with the broken keyblade is making an appearance again, too. She's stretched out on the floor of a little den-like room with a fireplace, and she's got a pile of... drawings? She's no artist, but she's carefully adding lines to what appears to be a boat design!]
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[In the middle of all this latest mess, Nami is pretty calm. As far as he can tell, he hasn't been hit by whatever spell has popped up, and he hasn't run into anything troubling yet!

Which is nice, because it's been giving him time to get used to the pair of birds he's found himself saddled with. He'd found the injured one in one of the outdoor rooms a couple days ago and decided he couldn't just leave her there... and then the other one showed up and refused to be left behind. And now they don't seem to want to leave him, but he's slowly becoming okay with that. Birds and cages are kind of a thing with him, so this? Not something he'd ever thought of.

Right now he's in the beach room, trying to draw while the bird with its wing wrapped climbs up and down his arm using its feet and beak. The other is fluttering overhead, occasionally coasting to the water's edge to poke at shell fragments and shards of driftwood, or landing to nuzzle at its grounded mate.]
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[It was a perfectly normal day. For the DR at least. But normal in the Dressing Room doesn't usually last. Spells happen. Or Sadists. Or sometimes just unfortunate accidents.

One of which is the cause for that sound of shattering glass, rushing water, and a scream coming from that room over there. Should anyone investigate, and for Nami's sake I really hope they do, they'll find a medium sized aquarium. However, one of the tanks seems to have been broken through by the Screwdiver Heartless now getting to it's flippers to stand over Namine, who's curled up on the floor after being knocked over by the wall of water escaping from the tank.

The Heartless raises it's trident over the still stunned Nami to finish it's attack. She doesn't look capable of defending herself or trying to escape though. The broken glass from when the tank broke did a bit of a number on her...]

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[Today, DR, there is a new resident. A Naminé. Or, at least, she looks like a Naminé. And maybe she is! No real way to tell. But she seems to be calmly curled up on a couch in a sitting room, drawing on her sketchpad. She doesn't seem to be doing anything else except humming.

And perhaps waiting.]

[OOC: There will be possible 3D spoilers in this post!]
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[Been a while since this one has been out and about. But having a baby to look after can really put your social life on hold for a while. Not that she really minded. She enjoyed the bonding time.

But every now and then, she still needs a little "me" time. So little Yani is with a sitter while Namine heads out into the DR for a bit. maybe she'll go have fun, relax, or just restock on some art supplies. The great thing about having free time is she can do what she feels like.]


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[Anyone who knows Namine, knows that she's not the fighting type. She is a pacifist in almost every way. Which is why it may surprise anyone who ventures down this particular hallway to see that she is indeed fighting.

Granted, she's more defending herself, but still, she's getting the odd hit in as well.

Her attacker? Well, she looks very much like Namine. Only with deep almost blood red hair, golden eyes, and nothing but Darkness coating her body. She seems very determined to cause Namine as much pain as she's capable of. Already it looks like she's doing a pretty good job, if the injuries leaking glowing blood on the poor girl are anything to go by.]

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[Sometimes it really can be a good thing that Nami here doesn't have a Heart. One of those said times being when Dusks decide to raid her closet and prance around the DR in everything they found...Unmentionables included.

Lacking a Heart, she doesn't feel all that embarrassed. But it is rather annoying having to track them all down :| If it goes on for too long she might just give up and go replace everything.]

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[You know those claw games? Where you've got the stick and you get to direct the arm with the claw to grab a prize? Yeah.

There's a huge one in this room, some arcade-appropriate music playing in the background. Inside the glass are several large oval capsules that look sort of like pills with white not-quite-opaque tops and colourful bottoms. The barest outline of people can be seen through the tops, but it's not enough to make out who specifically is in each one. The game doesn't appear to cost any munny, or any other currency. Do you want to play?]

(ooc: Say if you want someone specific- all my characters are available for this, though I don't have a list available. If you can't pick one, I'll grab one at random. :] All people come with something extra, just so this won't be a get out and walk away sort of deal. Current tags on this post are not the limit to who's available!)
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[Namine has been cooped up for far too long. For good reasons, but still, she felt the need to stretch her legs a little. She needed a change of scenery.

She hasn't gone very far though, just the living room closest to her and Roxas' place. With the little bundle of joy sleeping in her arms, she didn't want to go too far.

She's just sitting down in one of the armchairs, watching her baby sleep. There's a fairly large and very protective Chocobo sitting on the floor next to the chair as well. Friends and Family welcome, anyone else runs the risk of being attacked by the chocobo.]

[ooc: I could have backdated it, but my brain's fogged up with the flu and I can't brain, so any attempts at a birth post likely would have been filled with fail.
A little more info now that my head's cleared up a little. Family was probably there for the birth? It happened on the 31'st and the baby's a girl named Yani.]

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 [Riku can usually be found training...and pretty much just that. But he's decided to break that tradition today. He's gone the other extreme after finding the pillow  room. He's made a sort of nest of pillows, and is just relaxing, a handheld gaming console in hand and playing a simple game of tetras. He figured it's time he's taken a break.

[personal profile] nobodies_light  is meditating in one of the gardens. Her glow is brighter than it's ever been before. Since her body is technically made of solidified Light, sometime that Light builds up. The glow will likely die down again once she's finished.

[personal profile] tumultofdarkness  is in the music room, but he's not playing any of the instruments. He's looking through some of the cd's there. He's already got a portable cd player and some headphones, which he's wearing. Quite the opportunity to sneak up on him.

[personal profile] missingcrayon  is somewhere she's never been before, and somewhere she probably shouldn't be for many years. The weapons room. She could never hope to even be able to hold up some of the larger weapons, but she is looking curiously at a nice small throwing star. She actually thinks it's kind of pretty.

[personal profile] aquaticvoices  is sitting on the shore in the beach room, her tail just mostly submerged in water, so she doesn't change into her human form. She's just...looking out over the water. She looks almost as emotionless as some of her Nobody doubles. Except for her eyes. There's a definite pain in her eyes.]
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... still not sure about this.

[He's following Namine ([personal profile] mendedcrayon) along, looking a little nervous to borderline scared, though his hands are in his pockets and he's trying to stay calm.

Hey, big day was coming, right? The... least he could do was. meet the family.

Man, why isn't he dead yet.]

[ooc: AUGH THIS IS SO LATE. They're looking [personal profile] windup_boytoy and just Nami's extended family in general.]
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[The sounds of a struggle can be heard from a room just down the hall, though it may not be the kind you'd expect from the dressing room. Rather than metal weapons (or in the case of two of the Roxae involved) or elemental attacks, pillows are the weapon of choice tonight, and everyone seems to have declared war. There are plenty of pillows to go around in the room, of all kinds and colors, the floor itself is even padded with what seems to be one large cushion. Enjoy the cozy or jump into the brawl, your choice!]

[OOC: Generic open post because my muses need to kick back and have some CR c: ]
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[It's been a while since this one has been seen. But that's mostly because she's kind of an anti social bitty. Blame it on Vanitas.

She's out and about today though! She's even discarded the Black Coat he'd told her to wear, opting for her traditional white dress instead, and has wandered into one of the garden rooms to relax and draw for a bit. Since she's not rushed to destroy or repair anyone's memory, she doesn't have to rush her drawings, so her sketches are a little more detailed than the cannon Namine's would be. Of course this also means she's totally focused on her art. What is having your guard up?]

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[The big day is getting closer and closer. So it really is about time she got that nursery finished.
She's been out getting the furniture she needs, the clothes, the blankets, the toys and whatever else she can think of that the baby will need. And Percy the Chocobo has been happy to help her carry it all by pulling the cart they put everything in.

She figures it's time for a break though, and they're heading back to the room/apartment for some lunch.]

[ooc: Friends and family, feel free to join her for lunch and then keep her from doing heavy lifting on her own, despite her protests. Boyfriend, be ready for a lecture :|]

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[a simple black door sits in a wall where there was no door before. behind the door is what appears to be a garden... except that against the pitch sky and twinkling stars, the flowers are all aglow. there doesn't seem to be any magical property to them, aside from the luminescence. they all appear to be normal flowers otherwise, though there's a very wide variety throughout.

Nami is seated beneath a weeping willow in the center of the garden, which is glowing with a gentle pink light. a sketch book has been tossed into the small goldfish pond nearby.]
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[Namine can be found in one of the common rooms today, sitting on a couch and reading yet another book on pregnancy.

She turns the page, then pauses for a moment as she does some quick math in her head.]

....Only about, nine weeks left..

[Wow....She's a little...okay very nervous still...But at the same time, she's excited. She kind of wishes that her boyfriend would meet her family already. This would all be so much easier if they were all together in this ;;]

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[The dressing room seems to be pretty quiet today, which is, of course, completely unacceptable. Should one wander into this hallway, they may come across one of it's residents, wandering aimlessly or otherwise going about their day. Feel free to speak with, drag into trouble, go to the kitchen with or bother however you see fit.]

[OOC: Open post for any character, if you're looking for any specific CR, just let me know in the subject c:]

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[since I seem to be incapable of posting for them individually for the most part, it's time for another open post!

[personal profile] seasides: Kai is stuck in a sitting room, trapped under a large golden retriever... that looks a lot more orange than gold. maybe even apricot-coloured. possibly because it's actually Apricot.

[personal profile] fading: Nami seems to be suffering a similarly animal-related problem! a chocobo has managed to get loose from the stables and Nami was attempting to lead it back. much angry squawking has resulted in him seated in the grass in a hallway while his hair gets preened, however.

[personal profile] fromshadow: Chichi is looking a little young today! in fact, he looks no older than perhaps seven, and is trapped in an appropriately sized hamster ball vehicle. he is, of course, entirely unamused by this.

[personal profile] skybright: Sora is in one of the communal kitchens, which looks to be an awful mess. however, there are two different plates of cookies sitting on the table that don't actually look that bad! maybe she'll get the hang of this making food thing yet.

[personal profile] conflagrate: Axel is sitting on the stands of a room that looks like a miniature coliseum! fighting down in the middle of it all are a Heartless and a Nobody dressed in gladiator gear. the gear is kind of comically oversized, considering they're just a Shadow and a Dusk. at least Axel has popcorn.

[personal profile] paopuspirit: there is a Riku in a room that previously still had a very wintery look to it; that is, all the plantlife was more or less dead or hibernating. the place is looking much more lively today, with Riku in the middle of it all tending to a drooping lily.

[personal profile] islandflower: Kairi is in the beach room, wading out of the water toward a small bag and towel set on the sand. she looks pretty out of breath, so one could probably assume this wasn't a leisurely swim.

[personal profile] before: lastly, Red is passing through the halls toward the library, hood up and shoulders hunched. the reason for this is apparent once one gets a look at his face! he's a healthy shade for once, and his eyes look a little less like acid. indeed, it would seem today he's human.]
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[The downside to having to control sentient living things is that sometimes, they can retaliate. Especially if they're not in the mood to cooperate, or maybe perhaps something just went wrong. This is one of those days, and Namine is busy dodging a particular heavy branched group of trees swinging at her, trying to get them back in control.

She calms down two when a third one wallops her while she's occupied, sending her flying right into another one that hits her to the ground. After being stunned momentarily, she barely manages to deflect another hit, forming a protective dome of strong branches around her. The remaining trees uproot themselves to surround the dome, hitting it to try and break it.]


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