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Uh...uhm. Could anyone be a pal and help me out?

[Kronk had no indoor voice. And he was very much stuck in the dressing room; it just wasn't made for a healthy young man of his stature. And despite of that, Kronk was clearly very embarrassed, biting on his bottom lip and making eyes that could only be described as puppy-like.]

I think I'm sorta stuck in here! [Maybe Yzma would hear him and help! Uh... or maybe not. Maybehewouldbestuckforever!]
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[ A much confused Duck is walking in the corridors, looking around curiously and worriedly. Donald had been quietly sleeping in Disney Castle, only to wake up in that world, without any clue to where he can be. Well, so far he had made two encounters: a Shadow Heartless and a low Unversed, who both attacked him. He managed to defeat them easily, but he was worried at the idea to be somehow stuck in a world controlled by the Heartless.

His sailor shirt is black instead of blue for a change, and while he tries to remain calm, he’d really enjoy finally meeting someone to explain him where he is. ]

((OOC: Aside from the icons being from the comics, this is a mostly canon Donald, post KH2.))
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[there's a sudden explosion through a wall, before a carved pillar topples over to bridge the gap from where Vinny is standing to the DR.]

Look, I made a bridge. It only took like ten seconds. Eleven, tops.

[then he's staring at the other side of the make-shift bridge, before crossing over it. he looks stunned, because someone's living room is not what he had been expecting to find when he was looking for something vastly different.]

Hey guys, I think Milo was reading that book the wrong way again. Guys?
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[The door is open to a room. The walls are painted white, the window is open, letting in light, and there is a distinct lack of furniture aside from a single armchair in the center. On the chair is a baby fox, curled up and fast asleep. Every few seconds, his ears twitch and his left back leg kicks out - he's just having a dream.

Any noise in the room would probably wake him up.]
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Hello? Hello? Oh dear. I don't believe I'm anywhere close to home.

[ Hello DR. Welcome your newest disney addition, Princess Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron. She's wandering about opening random unlocked doors for any inkling of where she might be... With a glowing golden orb hovering around of course. ]
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[So, Dressingroom, there is a poor mutt running at full speed through the halls, followed by a large group of Heartless after his doggy Heart; someone went looking into areas where he shouldn't have. The group includes Shadows, Soldiers, and one wobbling Large Body. What will you do?]
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[ What an odd sound. Loud, jazz music? It isn't every day you come across a live show, is it? The music itself seems to be animated itself, like it's... yanking you inside the room. Urging you to dance with the audience; like a puppet.

Seems that there's a Riku ([livejournal.com profile] stranding) on a large stage, playing a jazz tune with saxophone. The whole audience is definitely there, but they aren't inhabitants of the DR. In fact, you probably can't recognize them--they have no faces. At all. But they're all having a good time, possibly whisking you into a fast-paced dance. The only person that has a face is the DR's resident Shadow Man; Dr. Facilier. He's in the shadows, just watching, near the back door of the dance floor, sipping some bubbling wine from a champagne flute and enjoying the show.

As Riku stops his song and bows for a brief intermission, his eyes can be clearly seen: they're bright amber. And... is his shadow moving slightly? No one in the blank-faced audience notices. ]

Now ain't that a good show?

[ He mutters, more to himself, as the animated shadow pours him another glass of wine. Just as planned. ]

[ooc: Approaching Facilier will make the scenario change to whatever your character's wildest, greatest dream is. Everyone, including Riku, will disappear, but Facilier will be lurking somewhere in the background to propose a deal. :3 And if they decide to take his offer, they'll be giving something up. Approaching Riku, on the other hand, will just get you normal interaction. Maybe laced with a bit of Xehanort's Heartless. ... just remember: while the Shadow Man can tell what your character wants, I can't. |D; So PM/IM me (it's in the profile)!

also: BBS spoilers welcome! Throw anyone you want.]
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[Having spent most of the time she's been here between several of the outdoor rooms, Pocahontas hasn't done much exploring of the more modern rooms.

As such, this is really her first time poking around the kitchen. She's in front of a blender currently, lifting the lid to look inside at the odd blades and poking at the buttons. Of course, it just happens to be plugged in, so one of the buttons sets it off- and she jumps back in alarm. The blender is only on for a few seconds, and she cautiously goes back over to it, picking it up to look at the bottom of it and then where it connects to the wall.]

What an odd weapon... A bit useless stuck to the wall like that.
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[anyone walking into this kitchen...may not see anything they were looking for, at first, because hovering around the room at eye level are many balloons. they are the standard-size, plain color kind, but a fog of them has descended upon this room. how are they staying down and not drifting up to the ceiling? the end of each string has what appears to be a rock tied to it, the perfect weight to keep the balloons hovering in between dropping and floating up.

the man responsible for this is not Kuzco, but he did find the balloons and mass them all in the kitchen. he can be found at the counter, humming contentedly while slicing up a really. big. cake. what does it say on it? "TO KUZCO, LOVE KUZCO"

it is a rocking good time.]
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[ . . .is that a potted plant with a hat on? And a medal?

Huh. Could've sworn it wasn't there a second ago. ]
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lucky seven. )

[ There is a slot machine, and beside it, in gold letters, is a prize room. It looks like said room is locked.

The symbols on the slot machine are simple compared to the ones in the image, pretend: gold, silver, bronze. Care to try your luck?

[ ooc; In celebration of my perhaps-it's-finally-working internet, have one of those character roulette. 8) Anyone on this list will show up by random/choice/you will see -- ]
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[enter a skinny, teenage ambiguously Inca emperor with a shiny hat and an excessively glam pose. he is in the middle of something important, obviously:]


[--there is no music. he breaks his pose and looks around, irritable.]

I said, THEME SONG GUY. Hellooo?

8 Mar 2010 12:01 am
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[Looks like the door to the stables was left open today. There's an unusual amount of activity flowing into the main room, in the form of several horses. Or horse-shaped beings. Most of them look fairly normal, average, trotting in different directions... Minus the white one sporting a pair of large wings, but he's trying to fit through the kitchen door. The black one almost looks unimpressed.]
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I don't figure this is some unpredictable consequence of that portal that Mister Hawkings had us go through. I do quite remember going through that without a hitch, persay.

[ Well, someone is talking to themself all perplexed to the fact she's not on her boat with her flippy-floppies AKA Canine ship anymore. So what does a feline captain do? Wander about of course! With a slower than average trot. Someones still sore from a healing wound. Gdmit. ]

So how did I end up here...?
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[There is... someone very different hesitantly peeking through a doorway into the hall from a forested room. She could very well be unnoticeable at first glance; she's good at being silent and blending into the scenery, even if she doesn't look like it once you do notice her. In any case, she was not expecting to find an odd doorway with a wooden cover in a tree of all things, and certainly didn't expect it to lead inside some narrow, odd stone room.]

How strange...

(ooc: ...canon! She was on her way down to investigate the "strange white clouds" but got distracted by the wood-covered tree doorway. Who puts a door in a tree, I mean really. Also she will understand everyone through the ~magic of the dressing room~.)
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Iiiiii hate children! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! We'll see how you like it if you deal with brats of your own!

[Screams the frustrated witch that had to deal with a bunch of random kids. SMOKE EVERYWHERE.]

[ooc: Hiiii. So, more info about the current spell can be found here if you're one of those who don't read the ooc comm. This will last up to Valentine's day. Have fun!]
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[Now, y'all remember Doctor Facilier's Voodoo Emporium, right. Well, said doctor is standing outside of his door, staring up at what used to be flaming skulls.

... they're flaming bunny heads, now.]

Now that just ain't right.
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[... huh. What's this little purple card on the floor? A calling card?

Doctor Facilier. Hm~. Now, doesn't that seem enticing? He reads palms, does tarot, and... dreams come true.

And look, there's a door nearby that reads 'DR. FACILIER'S EMPORIUM'.

The flaming skulls might be a bit much, but doesn't that just make you... curious?

Surely you have a dream to be made real?]

[ooc | No spoilers for the movie, I promise. Profile here. I am not responsible for whatever befalls your muses. :| PM me with character details if you want him to get into your character's past.

edit: Sleeptime. Zzzz.]
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[It's not uncommon to find talking animals in the Dressing Room.

But what about frogs?

This one seems to be hopping around at the moment. Right in the middle of the hall, in fact!

Try not to step on him. He's royalty.]

[ooc: No spoilers here. He's from early on in the film]
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[what's this? in one of the common areas, an ancient-looking candle on a stand has appeared, next to another stand that has a rather... interesting-looking book under glass. it's bound with human skin, for those that can tell. there's a plaque sticking out from the candle's stand that reads:

Black Flame Candle - Made from the fat of a hangman. Legend says that on a full moon it will raise the spirits of the dead when lit by a virgin on Halloween night.

Do you light it?]


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