27 Feb 2011

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[ Are there any people out there who still randomly open doors? It's understandable if there isn't, seeings how the Dressing Room seems to get more and more dangerous as time goes on. But, regardless, those of you who might still open doors at random or just have lost your way, this particular room is harmless, inside and out.

Upon entering this room, one will notice that there is.. only one thing. A very giant, silver thing at that. Inside each little capsule is a person, varying from fiery looking red heads and blonds to a very light looking lady. All of them, however, seem to be asleep in a fetal position, though in plain sight no matter which way you look at the contraption. That thing you are suppose to turn looks awfully high and large though, right? No worries, there is a smaller one right next to the equally large looking opening part, easily reached by any. Care to help one of these people out? There are only two giant quarters, no others to be seen, so hope that you get someone that's pleasant and welcoming of the wakening. ]

[ ooc: first open post, ever. Yes, I realize I have a hundred of other threads going on, but. I'm awesome like that. ANYWAY, feel free to ask for someone, but if you aren't specific or think I'm smart enough to pick on my own, then feel free to use that route, too. Anyone from my wiki page is available. also man!KH is available as apposed to female if you'd like. ]
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[In this room we have a mostly abandoned bar. Not abandoned only in that Even is sitting at it, mostly ignoring his drink while the sugar caramelises in favour of scribbling on a scrap of paper in this incredibly cheerful atmosphere with it's ever so happy blue lighting and peppy uplifting music.

In all honesty, he shouldn't be drinking, not when he worked so hard to get sober. But every since the attempt to skip Christmas and new years he's rather completely stopped caring. Much like he stopped caring about taking his medicine and stopped caring about a lot of other things.]
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[There's a new teenager in the DR.  A very, very confused teenager.  His face is likely familiar, but the clothes don't seem right--especially the metal headband around his neck or the standard-issue Konoha sandals on his feet.

His main problem is that he walked through a door that he thought led into his apartment.  Instead, he stepped into one of the dressing room's hallways and the door disappeared right before his eyes.

He's currently examining the wall where the door was, hoping he wasn't stupid enough to wander into a genjutsu trap.]

[OoC:  AU Naruto/KH crossover Riku.  Is 16, has been living in Konoha for about 3 years.  Important info in userinfo.]


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