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[There's a new resident in the DR today. Except he's not like one encountered before, exactly. He'd quickly taken up residence in a room--a perpetually dark forest. He's not exactly someone you probably want to run into, either. At least, not face-to-face. So go on. Enjoy your stay in the dark, creepy forest. He may just pay you a visit.]

[OOC: Meet the product of 2AM crack. IDEK.]
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[ Sup, dressing room. There's a little kid running around and generally not really caring about anyone or anything. In short, he's a brat.

Oh, yeah, he also looks like Sora, only with black hair and golden eyes. Weird, isn't it?

And that darkness is still pretty potent. People who can sense that, have fun with figuring out why this kid has so much darkness in him at a young age. ]

( OOC: 'sup guys. o/ This is an AU!Vanitas that I'm working on. For now, he's just gonna terrorize the dressing room in his bitty form. AU details are in the journal. )
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[Okay, so after the horror of this happening,
Vanimant didn't take into account one thing. Sora is canon, and therefore there are ways around getting your heart grabbed and possibly taken by someone evil.

So instead of Sora just dying like Vanimant hoped, the moment the boy had grasped his heart, they find themselves on Sora's station of Awakening. Sora's obviously confused about this.]

Huh, what the-?!

8 Aug 2012 02:35 pm
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[Today, there is a female Vanitas lounging around, watching a movie on TV. Of all things, Tron: Legacy. She rather likes all the lights and the special effects. Really interesting. She's got popcorn and pizza with her, and she's constructed a blanket fort to hide in once the movie is over. Seems someone has a sleepover with themselves planned.]

7 Aug 2012 10:00 am
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[ Hello, dressing room. There is a familiar or unfamiliar guy just waltzing around the hallways as if he owns the place while observing here and there. His face is completely covered by a weird helmet, so how the heck does he see under it anyway?

Oh, well.

To those who have the name Sora or Ventus, though? You better start running because he is on the metaphorical warpath here.

Beyond this, though, anyone else is free to bug him as you so wish. ]

( OOC: Please note that this is not the same player as [personal profile] keymains! I'm the same player as [personal profile] inheritedlight, so that should help clear stuff up. I just want to play this bastard from Antipode-verse. :3 )

4 Apr 2012 07:08 pm
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[Today, if one is to go near the beach or rivers connecting it, they will hear humming and faint singing. The words likely won't be made out, but they are likely oddly captivating to anything human. And always, nearby, or perhaps just below the surface, there is a flash of red and black, the tail of a mermaid breaking the surface momentarily as she seeks out food. Anything, anyone will do so long as they aren't a mermaid themselves.

But still, doesn't that voice make you just want to swim, to find the source of that voice? Aren't you maybe just a little bit in love?]

1 Apr 2012 09:44 pm
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[There's a creeper lurkin' the halls. He's got a rad Keyblade, and he's just storming on through. Should any Heartless, Nobodies, or Unversed cross his path, he'll cut 'em down to size.

You see, he's a guy on a mission. Any Vens or Soras... expect him to stalk the living daylights out of you. Anyone else, Keybearers especially? Oh, he'll stalk you too.

He's one of those rare Vanitae with snazzy, white armor and a silly emblem on his mask. How the heck does he see around it, anyway?

Aw, well. Just beware.]

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[If one is to enter the beach room today, they will find there is already someone there. Perched happily on one of the rocks is a young woman. Except something is off. Where legs should be, there is, instead, a red and black lionfish-esque tail, curled slightly around the rock to help her balance in place while she stretches toward the sky. Short, black hair styled in spikes reveals her as a Vanitas--which alone would be dangerous. But the tail is a warning sign in itself.

After all, not all mermaids are friendly, and even if Vanitas is distracted, humming to herself as she soaks up some sun, careful not to stay too long there--she doesn't want to dry out--that doesn't mean she won't notice someone approaching on the shore.]

[[OOC: Please let me know if you don't mind her dragging your character under and killing them!]]
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[Hello DR. Have some casually dressed Vanitas strolling through the retail area. He's not new, and judging from that Darkness inside of him he's definitely the usual brand of troll. However, he's just not up to any trouble today.
In fact, it seems like he might be doing a little Christmas shopping. Or maybe he's already finished and he's looking for a place to have a hot cup of coffee to warm himself up. Who knows.]

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[It's been a while since this guy has been seen, mainly due to the fact that he's been, well, not quite dead, but close enough. But the DR doesn't like being cheated, even if he's trying to cheat his way out of being brought back. So not only did the DR bring him back, but as an added punishment, it's released [ profile] thetruedark from him.

Which course has led to the two of them fighting, currently in the middle of Radiant Garden. Do try to stay out of the danger.]

8 Jul 2011 12:33 am
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[Falling out of the sky to crash his back into a bench that doesn't quite catch his fall is... not on his agenda for the day. Making the most unpleasant sound from the ground, Vanitas grips the back of his head when he carefully pushes himself up onto an elbow to see where he was.

This 'getting hauled wherever whatever entity thinks is funny' is so old so fast.


6 Jul 2011 07:46 pm
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[ In the light of the setting sun, a Kairi is wading backwards through the shallows at the beach, wearing a simple one piece swimsuit covered by an oversized blue t-shirt. Held carefully in her hands are the 'hands' of a Flood Unversed, which is flailing its legs in a rather comical manner. Kairi looks amused: it almost looks like she's trying to teach the thing how to swim. Of course, the tiny, bright pink water wings the Flood is wearing would also point to that.

A beach blanket is spread out a short distance from the shore line. Two Thornbites sit near it building a sandcastle while an Archraven circles overhead. A Scrapper is laying on the blanket as though it had been sunbathing, even wearing a pair of shades (despite the lack of proper eyes).

It's totally a normal day evening at the beach, what are you talking about? ]

(ooc: The Unversed present are a little lighter than the norm, and a tad bit more purple. The Thornbites' pots/lower halves are most definitely more pink than orange, too. Other Vanitae would find them a little difficult to control.)
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[Ven's had things pretty good lately. He's got his own place, he and Namine are happy together, and he hasn't heard a peep from Vanitas ever since he first sealed him away.

But as many know, good things often come to an end. In this case, Vanitas' seal has broken, and he's once again taken control of Ven's body, almost to the point where Ven himself if sealed away.

But, he isn't on some violent rampage. He's not waving around his giant key, sending Unversed all over and causing all sorts of trouble.

No...There's just one sort of trouble he wants to cause today. He's just got to find her first.]
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[Anyone remember this kid? Perhaps not, since he wasn't here long while he was this size. But whether he's remembered or not, he's still back after all this time, and he's as bitty as ever.]

[ooc: I missed him. Post game him can now be found here.]
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[With the Dressing Room so different, it's only natural for people to go out and about, exploring the wide assortment of areas, be it by tram, Glider, or corridor.

[ profile] erasemefriend can be seen zooming around on his Glider, stopping all over in places like Agrabah and Disney Town, just to name a few. He'll be practically everywhere because he intends to see everything the new setting has to offer.

All the while, [ profile] darkenedgale is on a rampage around the suburban area with plenty of Unversed to go around.

[ profile] radiantprodigy seems to be admiring the architecture of the Enchanted Dominion's castle, while [ profile] skygale darts around Twilight Town.

A [ profile] stilldontgotit with small, black wings and an Organization cloak doesn't seem very pleased with his location, but he's taken a liking to a perch on top of Traverse Town's gizmo shop. Someone might want to tell him that being up so high isn't a good idea, however.

One [ profile] totallamer decided to explore Hollow Bastion, while [ profile] kindofazombie seems to have stumbled into Halloween Town, only to get bombarded with pumpkins.

[ profile] ultimacannon spots Land of Departure from down below, but he looks a little uncertain about it for whatever reason.

While a [ profile] prevanity flees from some Nobodies in the World that Never Was.

[ profile] kidku young Riku's all over the place, wandering without supervision, but he doesn't seem to care. It's a big and awesome new world. Like he's going to miss out on some real adventures.

Lastly, a rather [ profile] shroudedwind Ventus has decided to lurk around. He'll be just about anywhere, too.]

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[there's a [ profile] encoeured in plain black clothing, emblem and Wayfinder hanging on a cord around his neck, sitting in a room with a fountain. With a notebook on his lap and pencil in hand, he seems to be drawing something. Since he doesn't glance up, it can't be the surrounding area. He doesn't look any older than sixteen, but he's got a little more muscle tone than usual, and he's paler from spending a lot of time inside. There's an unremarkable-looking stud earring in his left ear.]

[his [ profile] darklinked is busy getting lunch. For the third time that day. He needs to eat a lot, all right? Someone please do something about the disaster he's causing in that poor kitchen. A familiar runty little Flood is busy eating the scraps he hands it.]

[[ profile] crossedcrisis is attempting to master the use of Stormfall on some helpless wooden barrels, with rather pathetic results. Aqua is trolling him. There are plenty of Unversed hanging around thanks to his frustration.]

[[ profile] vermilionsea is busy teaching [ profile] carminesea to swim. It's basically adorable. [ profile] noctivagous is nearby, stalking being a creeper overprotective watchful.]

[[ profile] cinderiffic is sleeping on a couch somewhere being lazy. Please wake him up in the most obnoxious way possible. By the way--he's got a heart.]

[ooc: open post, specify who you're replying to! I kinda fell off the face of the planet for a while, but I'm back with a few new guys, most of them from the same verse. Also, if anyone wants to continue old threads with Ven or Vanitas, feel free to nag me. Spoilerfaces for both of them as usual.]
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[this hallway is infested with a horde of various unversed, just waiting for someone to terrorize.

vanitas isn't in clear view, but anyone who can sense such concentrated darkness as the masked boy's should be able to tell he's not too far away.]
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[there are heavy footsteps sounding down one of the hallways, slow and deliberate.]

Don't think you can hide from me here.

cut for spoilerish things. )

[ooc: [ profile] darklinked -mun here with...well. Just be careful, his bite's even worse than his bark. info here(again, bbs spoilers)]
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[See Vanitas. See Vanitas spawning Unversed like a popcorn machine. Do you want to go in there? Probably not.]

[ooc:freshmeat here to test out his voice and because I feel really fucking negative.]
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Now he won't even know where the hell he is! )

[[ooc: Icon and cut used as a precautionary measure, but all others are very spoilerific. Beyond that, have fun with this kid.]]


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