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Now, hold still! Please--

[Ope. There it goes!

But what is "it"? Well, one of these fine specimens. Though Ienzo dashes after it, the little pest keeps wriggling out of his grasp whenever he comes close.

Oh, and it's not alone. Not by any means.

Behind him, Ienzo's got a small herd of these critters. Oh, and one of them has a crown! And another is all flowery.

These cat-dog-things follow Ienzo in pursuit of that pesky nightmare and, in the process, trample over him.

Lying face down on the floor, he lets out a groan.]

The things I do in the name of science...

[Care to give him a hand?]
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[So, remember the slumber party invites from yesterday? Well, those privy to what's going on ought to swing by the game room if they want to have a good time. And even if they don't, Ienzo's made sure to set up some signs to point people in the right direction.

Upon arrival, people will find games galore. Arcade games, console games, board games, and... hey! There's even a game of Twister set up, for those of you who like getting into awkward positions.

There are tons and tons of tables set up for gratuitous amounts of junk food, punch, some healthy meals like salads, and room for guests to bring their own meals and drinks. Just no alcohol for the kids.

Also, the general party is set up between two interconnected rooms, with kids sleeping in one and 'adults' in the other. Partygoers are more than welcome to go between rooms, however.

Lastly, you can find a big screen TV and movies galore. Lots of scattered couches and beanbag chairs, too.]

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[ Good evening, dressing room! You have been too antisocial lately! Kairi has taken it upon herself (and her boyfriend) to offer up some activity! In the form of... a slumber party. She held one a long time ago, back when she hadn't been in the DR for very long. It seems like a nice, relaxing event, not based on a holiday and free from the forced fancy dress! ...probably.

She's taping up a bunch of copied posters (on purple sheets) around the dressing room. The invitations themselves are pretty simple.

Read more... )

And don't think she'll give up on the idea of people ignoring them! Whether you're interested or not, you might be accosted by a Kairi or Ienzo with a questionnaire! She's recruited her boyfriend to help her ask around to see what people might be interested in. ]
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[Left alone, without outside interference, not even Christmas festivities disturbing him, and with a whole lot more power than he would ever possibly have naturally Even has gotten quite comfortable with his little 'living arrangement.' Enough so that he's walking around in the residential areas hand in hand with Ienzo.

You see, Ienzo wasn't fotunate enough to have been sent home when he disappeared from the DR (In so much as considering what going 'home' entails for him may be considered remotely fortunate at all.)
He was taken.
For six months he's had no one but Even for company. Not that you'd know by just looking at him, still being undead his physical appearance can't change, so he still seems the same as he did last year.
Even on the other hand looks very different. Looking more like a regular Even or Vexen now, and not stuck in a perpetual stress-moult.

Admittedly since it's after nightfall it's not nearly as bold as if he'd chosen to do so during the day, but Even's at least retained enough sense not to take a vampire out in the sun. ]
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[So, what's Ienzo been up to lately, you ask?

He's been gathering many samples, and that's no easy task.

With a world both unique and incredibly vast, it's a wonder he's emerged at last--

That is to say, Ienzo here is currently scurrying about the different areas of the Dressing Room, picking up random plant samples as he goes along. Not only that, but he's trying to carry them all in one trip, which means he may drop a few things during his afternoon adventure.

Later in the day, he can be found on the porch of his and Kairi's house, skimming through notes and looking a bit perplexed. It's pretty clear that he's got something on his mind, as he stops to occasionally poke at a paopu fruit.

... It looks like he might 'dissect' it, too. Or at least take samples of the juice with a syringe.]
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[With the Dressing Room so different, it's only natural for people to go out and about, exploring the wide assortment of areas, be it by tram, Glider, or corridor.

[livejournal.com profile] erasemefriend can be seen zooming around on his Glider, stopping all over in places like Agrabah and Disney Town, just to name a few. He'll be practically everywhere because he intends to see everything the new setting has to offer.

All the while, [livejournal.com profile] darkenedgale is on a rampage around the suburban area with plenty of Unversed to go around.

[livejournal.com profile] radiantprodigy seems to be admiring the architecture of the Enchanted Dominion's castle, while [livejournal.com profile] skygale darts around Twilight Town.

A [livejournal.com profile] stilldontgotit with small, black wings and an Organization cloak doesn't seem very pleased with his location, but he's taken a liking to a perch on top of Traverse Town's gizmo shop. Someone might want to tell him that being up so high isn't a good idea, however.

One [livejournal.com profile] totallamer decided to explore Hollow Bastion, while [livejournal.com profile] kindofazombie seems to have stumbled into Halloween Town, only to get bombarded with pumpkins.

[livejournal.com profile] ultimacannon spots Land of Departure from down below, but he looks a little uncertain about it for whatever reason.

While a [livejournal.com profile] prevanity flees from some Nobodies in the World that Never Was.

[livejournal.com profile] kidku young Riku's all over the place, wandering without supervision, but he doesn't seem to care. It's a big and awesome new world. Like he's going to miss out on some real adventures.

Lastly, a rather [livejournal.com profile] shroudedwind Ventus has decided to lurk around. He'll be just about anywhere, too.]

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[The trouble with vampirism is; well aside from the dietary requirements and their side effects; being entirely nocturnal is hardly conductive to having a social life. Especially at his age, and what with being such a little social butterfly before.

He has actually made A new friend since then (well, not so much made as got for Christmas and has been secretive about ever since he developed suspicions about what happened to his last pet.)

She is however still very much a puppy, and just a little easily distracted, so while the current game of tug-o-war with Ienzo is pretty engrossing right now, noise making passers-by in the hallway might be jumped on or harassed or barked at or all of the above.]
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No, that isn't right at all.

[Shuffle, shuffle, dig, dig...

Why in the world is Ienzo digging around the closets in the middle of the night? Did he lose something?

Not really, but in his current mindset, he sure believes that to be the case. The hall might be a wee bit messy, but he does intend to pick up the piles of clothes and other objects once he finishes his search.]

I suppose it could have been stolen...

[ooc: And so it begins~]

8 Nov 2010 12:36 pm
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[Hey DR, guess who's hanging out in the library? He's made himself comfortable in one of the corners with a stack of books on one side of him and a package of cookies on the other. He's curled up with his nose in a book, of course. Today it's just casual reading, not study. Feel free to interrupt him.]
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[Erm, so. Usually, Halloween is about spooky attire. In Ienzo's case, this year the DR has decided to treat him kindly, and instead he's dressed in something rather green.

He even has the pointed ears, the sword, and the shield! To say the least, he looks rather baffled by this. After all, he's hardly a fighter. As he steps into the hall, he shakes his head.]

Hm... Well, I suppose it's better than last year's attire.

8 Oct 2010 12:48 pm
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[Here we have a sickly looking little Ienzo, now at the correct age (or at least close enough given a birthday.) Pretty unhappy seeming with his vulpine ears and tail drooping and vague stagger as he wanders, fairly lost and far too pale to be healthy.

Eventually he simply gives up on getting anywhere and simply curls up into a  shivering ball where ever he drops.

As a general health warning, tripping over him is not recommended.
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[Today, Ienzo is wandering around one of the more populated areas of the DR with a clipboard and a pencil in hand. He's on an important quest...

Well, actually, he's just curious. Not about science, for a change, but morality. Or... erm, one specific moral issue. Something he truly finds intriguing.

And so, he'll ask several people a simple question:]

What are your thoughts on marriage here? After all, this world has no laws to speak of.

[No, it's not because he's ready for it himself, honest! That doesn't make the question any less awkward, however.]
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[Well, this was unexpected. Ienzo was fast asleep when the flood came through and when he wakes up, his bed is floating down a hallway. He seems positively baffled by this turn of events. How did he manage to sleep through his bed being swept away by a mysterious flood? And why is there this much water INSIDE anyway? Well, at least he's dry and safe--for now.]

2 Sep 2010 07:03 pm
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[Piles and piles of papers litter one of the tables in the main room today, as Ienzo shuffles through his notes with one hand and scribbles down more with the other.

There's an empty cage to the side of the couch with bent and mangled bars suggesting that whatever dwelled inside the cage was far from a timid creature.]

Let's see... Dusks are known to attack using strange contortions of their bodies. It's extremely difficult to harm them, and they should be approached with caution... hrm.

[Scribble, scribble...]

Heartless should be avoided at all costs, aside from the White Mushroom and Rare Truffle...

[Scribble, scribble, shift... He places these notes to the side, quickly skimming the results of the survey he conducted several months ago before peering towards his rather limited data on Unversed with a sigh.]

I suppose I could always ask about these creatures, if nothing else.

[ooc: No spoilers in the post, and BBS characters are welcome, but please watch your spoilers, as the game still hasn't hit the shelves.]
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[Ienzo is confused, and rightfully so. One moment he's eating breakfast and the next he's in the middle of an unfamiliar hallway.]

What? [He blinks and looks from side to side, more curious than frightened by the abrupt change of scenery.]

Maybe I'm still asleep? [And he starts walking down the hallway, wondering what sort of dream this is.]

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[It starts with a child's shriek, to anyone not paying attention it might have sounded pained but surely things aren't too bad since it's followed by giggles.

The fox-featured Ienzo smiling and laughing like this is mildly unusual but understandably fairly unconcerning. Ienzo being completely unbothered with this Even's presence, let alone touch is however a few miles into 'what the fuck is going on?' territory.

While playful wrestling and tickling is innocent by itself, given Even... Well, even if his reputation isn't proceeding him, there's more than a few things wrong with his conduct. Most apparent being, normal people generally don't mouth a child's neck like that while playing; or at all really.

He could have at least had the decency to wait until they were all the way through the door so those slices of cake could have been put down somewhere other than the floor of the hallway.]

[[ooc: Well, this is sort of lateish- ruining this birthday is generally encouraged.]]

6 Jun 2010 01:43 pm
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[It's that time of year again. June 6th, otherwise known as Ienzo's birthday. And today the Dressing Room has decided to make it known...

By sticking him in a ridiculous birthday hat. With a cherry print on it.

Right now he's trying to take it off with no avail. How frustrating, really. And why cherries?

Clearly he's unaware of innuendos.]
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[It's another busy day in the dressing room. Here and there, people seem to be preoccupied with a number of things, be it research breakthroughs, sneaking around, or just trying to have some fun.

If one looked hard enough, they might find a [livejournal.com profile] darkenedgale lurking in the shadows, while a [livejournal.com profile] kindofazombie fights off a rather annoying Heartless in one of the larger areas.

There's a [livejournal.com profile] friendsarepower running through the hall with some misc art supplies, and a [livejournal.com profile] chosenwielder on the lookout for something... or someone.

Many others, too, seem to be busily enjoying or dreading their time in the dressing room. Best be careful who you run into.]

[ooc: Open post! Didn't feel like doing anything gimmicky, so feel free to pick any of my characters, preferably someone that isn't on the very bottom list (super inactive), though I may make exceptions, depending on the character. We'll see.

EDIT: Oh, and if you don't want to pick, I can just surprise you. :} And spoilers will be marked and spoiler icons won't be used 'til tables collapse, so don't worry about that.]
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[Ienzo's found a box. A nicely wrapped gifty sort of box.

Why is he opening it in the kitchen? because he couldn't find scissors and he can't undo the ribbon. Also it's a public, relatively safe area where he can get help if something goes wrong- also it happens to be full of food with which to stuff himself silly.
To an extent, Ienzo probably shouldn't just open strange boxes he found addressed to him... but it smelled safe enough and the note with it didn't seem very threatening, even though he had trouble reading it. Improvising with a knife to cut the tape.

(Luckily, the recent event happened to be fairly undistressing to Ienzo. In fact it was probably fairly relaxing once he figured out the boogey man Even was stuck on the other side. Too bad it's over now.)
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[Today Ienzo's set up several tables in the main room, each of which is piled with a stack of stapled pieces of paper. Each page consists of many questions, and there's even a writing utensil available for those who may pass by and catch interest in these questions.

As for Ienzo himself, he's seated on a nearby couch, watching to see if anyone responds. He figures that, after spending so long in the DR, a survey type deal might be intriguing. And what do the questions say? Well...]

1. What is your name?
2. How old are you?
3. How long have you resided in the dressing room?
4. What sort of world do you hail from?
5. Are others from your world present? If so, are they from roughly the same time?
6. Do you possess any special abilities? If so, what?
7. Have you experienced death, either before or after your arrival here?
8. Have you been affected by some of the spells? All of them?
9. What do you think could make this world a safer and better place for the residents?
10. If you had to choose between returning home without your memories of this world and never returning again or staying here and keeping said memories, but never returning home, which would you choose?

[ooc: Anyone is free to tag this post, but please make sure spoilers are whited out. I thought it'd be an interesting idea! Consider it a mingle type post as well, so threadjacking is alright, though Ienzo will probably tag back, but if I don't tag your thread, please don't be too offended! There's a lot of threads here.]


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