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[ A Xion wakes up on the floor of a hallway. She looks up, clearly dazed and thoroughly confused. Looking around and nodding, completely sure there was no one else around, she picks herself up and proceeds to run down the hallway, hollering at the top of her lungs for anyone who could be nearby.

By her logic, she'll run into SOMEONE like this. Eventually.]

4 Dec 2012 12:03 am
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[Hello, Memebers of the DR. Today, maybe your ḩe͡a̶d͠҉͘ ̵i̷s̸ ҉fée̵̸̛l̸i̕͡͠n̴͜g̸ fųzz̶̢ỳ?̡́҉ That might be because of one of the newer residents who just showed up, and is looking around curiously.

Because hey, this totally isn't where she used to be, and she might be a little annoyed, considering that she was finally about to catch up to Roxas and Axel. Unless maybe she teleported wrong.

But hey, maybe she can give this new change in scenery a chance. It seems pretty interesting, at least.


[She clears her throat.]



15 Sep 2012 07:53 pm
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[Xion stared down at the blank page of her journal, tapping the side of her pen against it. Where should she even begin, trying to write out all that'd happened lately? First leaving the Organization to try to understand and control what was going on, then this place...

She missed her friends. Missed eating ice cream with them, goofing off... She missed how much simpler things used to be. But there wasn't any way to help that now, was there? Not without fixing things, and she didn't know how she was going to fix things without help. She had no idea where to even start. And what was worse, if she couldn't fix them... A hand slowly wound its way up to above her breastbone, fisting there.]

What am I supposed to do now?

[Distractions would be welcome about now.]

[[ooc; hi guys! This is the mun of another AU Xion from a while back ([personal profile] whereibelong), here with a new one. Basic idea: Xion's memory-absorbing programming malfunctioned during her fight with Riku in Days and she accidentally absorbed Ansem, Seeker of Darkness from him and is... now having to deal with that.

Full AU details are on her profile - which should be KH3D spoiler-free. Some of the background details are much more spoilery though, which is why they're in a separate post on her journal. Possible KH3D Spoilers in Comments because I'm not sure]]
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[... did she take a wrong turn in that darkness corridor somewhere.

Though really, that wouldn't make sense because Roxas and Axel should still have been there too. She can't help but be uneasy; did the Organization find out some new way to split them up to try and capture them? She wouldn't put it past them - lately it felt like they'd been trying anything and everything to either regain control of either her or Roxas, or force them to use their Keyblades. With Kingdom Hearts so close to being done and Sora almost awake...

But she couldn't worry about that now.

Well, recon was good, no matter what the situation, so that's what she'll be doing. So you might spot an older looking Xion with longer hair darting around, trying to keep out of sight while she figures out what's going on.]
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You're right at home, aren't you?

Only a little. It is rather close, but the one from the previous day was closer to what I was used to. I thought for a second we were back home!

I can imagine.

[This tiny Xion is out near the open fields with an older Namine, gathering some flowers while the other is busily drawing. She seems comfortable despite the stiff dress she has on, trying to get her kitten out of her flower basket, her older companion looking less comfortable in her own dress but having no qualms all the same.]

[ooc: backdated to 1800's because fuck I love that era.]
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[...and a girl who looks to be a female Ven in a hooded jacket turns the corner in the Traverse Town district, and stops.

The last time something like that happened - wait. It'd been to that castle-outside-worlds-world. That one with the ridiculous name. How had she forgotten that place?

So is this the real Traverse, she wonders? She runs a hand along a wall as she looks around. It looks right, that's for sure. But the whole thing where she was in Twilight five seconds ago is definitely not fitting that idea...]
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 [Xion did not know where she was.  And that made her very confused indeed.  One moment sitting down on the clock tower, eating ice-cream with Roxas and Axel; the next moment Roxas, Axel, Twilight Town and even her ice-cream were all gone.

She sits down with a sigh, only to realize she's sat on something.  She pulled out a cellphone from underneath her.]

I wonder what this thing is?

[ooc: freshmeat here, as requested by this advertisement.
Also it's my first time RPing, so please feel free to give constructive criticism]
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[It's been a long day. A not-so-fun long day, and Xion's tired. But, as she's been told, the best cure to a long day is ice cream -- sea salt ice cream, of course -- and who is she to argue with a proven cure like that?

She's just going to start rooting through the DR's kitchens, searching over freezers for a box of ice cream bars, though she has to admit, it's a little difficult to properly search when standing on her toes has her still a tad too short to really look.

You'd think there'd be a big stock of these, [she mumbles, rubbing at the back of her neck with sigh.]
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[ There's a girl curled up on her side in an over-stuffed armchair, her back to the rest of the room. She's dressed in the Organization coat she's spent most of her days in, but it doesn't seem to be keeping her warm because she gives a little shiver before rolling over, nearly falling off the chair in the process. Her head now hangs in what must be an uncomfortable angle over edge of the seat cushion, allowing her bangs to fall over her eyes. Someone should wake her up before she falls onto her head. ]

( ooc: She's back. ♥ )


14 Dec 2010 02:27 pm
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How... Is it magic?

[This is a Xion. This is a Xion in medieval clothes. This is a Xion huddled in a corner, tinkering with the phone that suddenly appeared in her pocket, her face completely and utterly confused.

She's eight.

And has no idea what technology is.]

5 Dec 2010 05:36 pm
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[Great, another hooded person wandering in. At least this one's gone for a bit of variety - a girl in a blue and black jacket with a crown design on the back and a checkered skirt. Stroll in through a door, stop, look around: this is pretty typical.

Look again at the door - it's turned into a closet. She closes the door, fiddles with the knob for a moment, reopens it - frowns. Still a closet. One full of rather nice winter gear, actually.

Something's going on here. And she doesn't like it.
She doesn't like being on her own.]
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[Hey so it's a Xion. Sneaking. Out of a door to a bedroom that is definitley not her own, and actually belongs to one [ profile] firered_sunset (they were playing video games okay, shut up). She'll now be going down the hall, all quite and stealthy like, praying she doesn't run into her brothers. Or worse, her dad.]

[OOC: Family list in her journal. Sleep now, tagging later.]
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[an odd thing is happening in one of the common rooms. shards of crystal are raining down from the ceiling like hail, like shooting stars racing toward the ground and collecting on the floorboards to form the figure of a crystallized individual. no damage is done to the dressing room during the shower aside from the delivery of the dark haired girl encompassed by the icy glass.

with her eyes closed and body still as the dead within its casing, she appears to be sleeping innocently. but not even a minute after the girl has formed on the floor, there is the subtle sound of breaking in the crystal as a crack begins to form where the girl's fist rests at her side.]
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[Despite the flood and the place still being soggy if someone looks in the kitchen they will see a female "Sora" with their hood up sitting on the counter with a box of ice cream in her lap and a spoon in her mouth...yeah she was eating it, what?
But seriously, nothing cheers you up after devestation like frozen slightly wet treats...nothing. Possibly why she seems so nonchalant about the wetness. That's just a guess though.]

Never expected to pop back in when something was going down... actually I never really expected to pop back in at all. Or that something would go down.
Just my luck I guess.

[>voice = sounds like Kairi's btw, so yeah I think a few people might know what's going down here...if they care enough to see her.]

5 Sep 2010 08:51 pm
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[There's a rather interesting sight going on in this hallway. If you find the sight of an Axel looking awkward and flustered because of a Namine.
He's practically backed up into a wall, Namine close to him saying things that, actually bring quite the blush to his face. But Axel is nice. Or, he doesn't have the heart to outright reject a version of someone who's been one of his best friends for years. So he's currently stumbling over his words, trying to find a way to say this right.

He...Might need some help.]

[ooc: For [ profile] cobalt_ocean ]
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[Don't ask how it happened. All Xion knows is she went to take a shower, and when she got it out her clothes were gone. The room was kind enough to leave her this though. So now she's walking back to her room (or trying to - Xion fails at directions) and praying she doesn't run into anyone she knows.]

[OOC: This is basically all Anime's fault.]
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[There's a new face among the Dressing Room. On the floor in the room that simulates Never Was, mind you, and unconscious. Which is probably a good thing considering fragments, blue in color, are still collecting, creating her form. Most of herself has been retained by then though. All that's left are her legs and they'll probably recollect before anyone draws near. Her hood is up, but the small frame makes it pretty obvious who it could be for anyone who would know her.]
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[While they feel somewhat out of season, warmer weather means only one thing for anyone Australian - beach, beach and more beach. So don't be surprised when you find all six of them - Roxas, Namine, Kairi, Sora, Xion and Axel - all in the beach room, complete with beach umbrellas, beach balls, soft drinks and chips, and even a cricket bat and ball.]

(ooc: Mass beach post, come hang with them or with your own friends, and feel free to thread hop!)
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[There's a hooded figure sitting on the shore of the beach room. The girl's gloved hands are busily inspecting a Paopu fruit, turning it over as if it's the first time she saw one. Beside her, there's a small box.]


1 Jun 2010 11:24 pm
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[ down a hallway from one of the main rooms is a familiar, stark white room. in the center of that room is a familiar white pod, closed tight around its occupant and its attached machinery humming softly.]

[what isn't familiar is the hooded figure seated nearby, a music box in its hands as a tune plays at full tempo, then slows to a stop. the hooded figure glances down at the box, then begins winding it again.]

[it's not much, but Demyx had told Xion once that playing music for flowers helps them bloom.]


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