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[In one part of the DR Luxord can be found looking his usual gentlemanly-appearing well-groomed self simply strolling through the night. Perhaps looking far more like a vampire than usual without all the tricks he uses to make himself look more like a living man.

In another part of the DR, looking far less groomed while no less well-dressed, Luxord can be found in a hallway pushing some poor Roxas up against the wall to tear into his neck.

Looking at the blood trail through the hallway he's probably been at it a while. Maybe a few unconscious bodies if you follow it back far enough, but nothing dead yet, it's still fairly early though so it's not like there's no time.]
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 [Luxord going for a stroll naked, in all his tattooed and pierced glory isn't a terribly abnormal thing. Regardless of whether people noticed or not given his sort's tendency towards the night hours.

This time he's brought along some of those pets he so fondly mentions on occasion. Both of them (notably fully-clothed) ghouls, a Namine and a Riku replica or possibly the real thing, it's a bit hard to tell which he is with the vampire blood he's been taking warping him on multiple levels.

Of course, Luxord's not just taking them out for a walk, they have jobs to do here. The Riku carrying a couple of suit jackets and the Namine carrying a notepad and tape measure.]

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[Xigbar's not really had much need for lighting in all this darkness, what with being able to see in the dark and all. When the lights went out, he went hunting. Not that that was much different from any other day, but with the other chaos from the monsters and all the people completely blind in the darkness it was perfect.

Since the lights hadn't come back he'd not seen a reason to stop reveling in the mayhem potential.

While he's keeping himself busy creeping through the halls snuffing any torches or lanterns and crushing battery powered lighting hard working DR residents have put up to better navigate the halls, he's still got an eye out for something to chase. Like say, for example, you.]


[Meanwhile, on a less aggressive note.
Luxord has largely stopped seeing much call for sleep without a sunrise to knock him out each morning.
 To say nothing of how hellish the schedule is for those who've the misfortune to be among his pets right now.
 The biggest downside is that this has exponentially increased how much blood Luxord needs. Not that this is a particularly huge problem. With such an abundance of time on his hands, there's plenty of time for feeding while still having room on the schedule for socialising and engaging his own little games.
While he doesn't need the light to see, today he's keeping torch on hand and sticking to 'safer' hallways for the greatly reduced the risk of errant fireballs and unintended frenzies ruining his day, or evening, whichever it was.
 It also had the benefit of making him slightly less suspicious that those that chose to lurk about in the dark. Useful little things like carrying a torch he didn't really need, or presenting as less than able to defend himself from things in the dark that made him seem a less threatening or maybe even approachable sort when he went looking for someone that wandered off from the herd.

Dinner, conversation, maybe a bit of both.]

[[ooc: two-for-one post since I'm no longer as hideously ill as I was when the event post went up,
Xigbar will probably be violent no matter what but it's up to you how far that goes. Maybe some people may want some 'words' with him given some of his activites with cetain Soras and Rikus but... yeah, good luck with that.
Luxord will flipflop between hunting, mayhem and chitchat based on whether he knows the people thrown at him and if you personally feel sadistic.*cough*you know who you are*cough*]]
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[This fine evening shortly after nightfall, Luxord is a bit worse for wear, despite it being so early in the night.

Looking more on the dead side of undead than usual and with his poor tailored suit jacket torn at the shoulder, Luxord has found himself staggering the halls to hunt and not really caring too much about the how. Fortunately he's not quite hungry enough to be entirely out of control, having already lost it for a bit back at his own hidey-hole, but he's still hungry enough not to even bother pretending to be polite or sneaky about it.

He'll feed first and ask questions later. 

[ooc:  He'll try to bail if kids too young for him to take blood from safely bother him, but if he fails to shoo them verbally he'll make some attempt to scare them off before he's at risk of attacking them, if at all for some reason you want to get a kid traumatised or something.]

9 Mar 2012 12:03 am
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[The kitchen is a bit of a scene of chaos right now.
The table upturned, chairs strewn about, and a couple of spills too.

 Luxord is at the center of it all,  seated carefully balancing on only two legs of a chair with his feet up on the edge of the upturned table and swirling a wine glass of something that'd take less than two seconds to recognise as not wine.
With a newly acquired set of wolfish ears and tail, Luxord is looking quite a bit more like the man he is supposed to be, or perhaps it should be said he's become more like his 'real thing.'
 His eyes still aren't quite right yet, but it's hardly a detail most people really notice.]
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[See, happy as  [personal profile] censoredpilot  is to dick about with engine bits all day, he can't go and let himself get soft even if he doesn't see much (read as: any) fighting nowadays. Which is what finds Cid in the training room.
Though with his spear against the wall instead of in his hands and a large portion of floor cleared, it probably looks more like he's performing a gymnastics routine than anything really fighting related.

There's a method to his madness though: all those jumps and hand springs aren't just for his health. Though that may assume his chain smoking didn't indicate his blatant disregard for his health.

[personal profile] patchworksniper is getting some sun in the Destiny Islands. Without a shirt or his coat he's giving a nice view of the extra metal on him. 'Course sand isn't real good for his mechanical arm, but the sound of him caring is apparently 'zzz.']

[[personal profile] datafreeze is in the library, trying to surreptitiously poke through the filthy harlequin  'romance' section without being seen there. Unfortunately for her, Vexen's attempts to be stealthy probably draw more attention to her than if she tried to be nonchalant about it.
This, however, will not stop her from denying this till the heat death of the universe if caught.

[ [personal profile] gameofpretend  is busying himself examining a room that bears a very distinct resemblance to an M. C. Escher artwork. Said examining currently involves rolling marbles down stairs and watching the room say 'fuck you' to gravity but Luxord is putting some serious consideration in to seeing if the same thing happens with a person.]

[Meanwhile, [personal profile] justalittlesick  is on a nice hallway stroll. With his more obviously identifying features hidden and a squealing boar piglet under his arm. Whether Even's about business or pleasure today chances are, it's going to suck to be piggy later.]
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There's a man sitting in the middle of the hall. He certainly wasn't there five minutes ago. He's shuffling a deck of cards, apparently unworried by the fact that he's suddenly in a new environment. He continues to shuffle for a few minutes before finally looking up and glancing around curiously.

"Hmm. This isn't where I was. I wonder where I am now." He muses out loud, still completely at ease. He sees no reason to get upset by this turn of events. He'll figure out eventually. And when he does, he'll figure out what to do then.

[ooc: Still voice testing this muse so please be gentle.]
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[Soon as the sun's gone down, this Luxord maybe found on the beach. Sitting in the sand in a well tailored suit that truly deserves far better treatment than he grants it.

On the sand next him is an icebox and a box full of round bits of metal.

For now his attention is mostly focused on etching the metal bits, but the night is still young, there's still breakfast and his darling ghouls to attend to.
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[The trouble with being dead is it becomes incredibly difficult for others to differentiate between your sleep or paralysing injury and a regular corpsified individual.

Now unfortunately Luxord isn't sleeping, but he can't do much of anything else with that stonking great piece of wood in his chest.
To top it all off, this not-quite-yet-corpsified-dead-man has ever so kindly been none-too-gently hurled from god-knows-where into a wall in a semi-populated area for nicely semi-embedded wall art.

Be a mate and pull it out? Save the poor hyphens.]
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[This guy here is just stepping out of a bathroom, buck-naked, dripping wet and completely without the shame or a damn given to cover up.
Ignoring any spinal tattoos, unusual piercings, pinky tinge to his foot prints or mismatched not exactly Luxord like eyes there's a distinct feeling of... well, wrongness to him.

Most anyones with a sort of heightened senses or the capacity to sense hearts will find those senses muddled up terribly.]

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[And here we have an arguement going on behind closed doors, presumably heated since the hall way is getting an earful.]

You aren't supposed to be here!
You can't just waltz in here whenever you want.

[Fortunately the other party isn't raising their voice, but unfortunately for eavesdroppers they aren't exactly speaking loud enough to be heard clearly from the hallway or through the closed door.]

Besides, you left- why come back?
[Followed neatly by some shattering glass and a slammed door. Okay, so it was just the tail end of a spat, but what can you do?
   Do you: 
a)Open the door
b)wait for someone to come out
c)get the popcorn then a) or b)
d)Walk away because it's just another drammu in the dressing Room]

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[In the kitchen here we have a Luxord. Or is it Dulor? Or maybe someone entirely new? Who knows? who can really tell?

At the moment he's playing solitaire. No round lasting longer than a minute before he shuffles, redeals, and plays again. Whether he's trying to get faster, or simply keeping his hands busy- it could be both or maybe neither, does it really matter? Maybe he's really bad at it and keeps stalemating in under a minute? Or the maybe the reverse?

Oh, all these possibly motives and lack ofs for you to contemplate when it looks like there was a fight here. Or maybe just a serious case of knife fail. As I said, who can tell? Someone started cleaning up at least.]

5 Sep 2010 01:16 am
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[round a particular corner and opening a door, if you're going this way, will land you in the doorway to another themed room. this one? chess. in particular, this chess. cut for image and derpy details )

ooc: hi one of these chess pieces is likely to turn into a ridiculous version of Luxord's Other who used to be more active :|b

6 May 2010 06:23 pm
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It was his second go around this particular hallway when Vexen's brow began to draw down in a parody of irritation. He was farily certain some of the more uncouth members of the Organization (read: the neophytes and Xigbar) would call what he had been doing the past few days lurking, maybe even sulking if they thought it was worth the tongue thrashing they'd get for the effort. It was neither of these things, thank you very much, because Vexen was simply observing. Finding information, developing theories to the strange place he found himself in.

And, of course, doing so carefully. It wasn't the first time he woke up in a new and strange place, though this time he wasn't missing anything as troubling as his heart. With a bit of a huff he continued down the hall more boldly than he had the past few days. Perhaps the more direct approach would be wiser in this case. After all, the place didn't seem keen on releasing it's secrets.

This new plan of action led him into what looked like a kitchenette, coffee machine bubbling happily on one counter and clean surfaces beside. When he took a few more steps in he paused to realize he wasn't alone.

[ooc; Initially for [ profile] likeagame but separate threads from that one are welcome! Also just normal, cranky pre!COM Vexen]
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[That ridiculous Dulór kid has found the room with the giant chess board in his unstoppable effort to locate the Wonderland room. This room, though, is relevant to his interests, considering his- well, life.

He's currently standing next to the full-size, white marble queen, looking at her critically.]

I can't say I like what you've done with your hair, Mum.

[He chuckles, patting the marble piece on the shoulder. It's only a little off-putting to be in a room with giant chess pieces that don't come to life, though. hurk.]
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[Hey, it's another teenage blond kid! This one isn't a Roxas or a Ven, though--iiit's a mini Luxord, apparently. Those who can sense hearts will notice he definitely has one; meet Luxord's Other. His name is Dulór. If he's wearing a lot more pinstripes and an overly formal vest than most people would, that's because he's from Wonderland. He is certainly out of place, and stops short when he realizes he's not wandering a garden anymore.]


[ooc: little bit of info in journal. will I ever play someone without heavy amounts of headcanon? who knows!]
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[In a moderately popular room, there sits the Organization's token Brit on one of the couches. He's new, but he isn't going to act it; he's been lounging there watching doubles and such go by for a little while, anyway. That gives away enough. He has a few cards out and is flipping them around his fingers idly. 'Idly' here meaning 'near-impossible for anyone else.'

If you approach him or look at him too long, he glances in your direction.]

Do tell me: how has the game been treating you?

[ooc: who wrote this man's Days dialogue, honestly]
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[It's not a portal that brings his new arrival in, nor any outpouring of darkness at all. There's just a brief moment of temporal instability and then between one moment and then next, there's a Luxord standing there, looking more than a little worse for the wear. She - for this one is mostly certainly female - even seems to be managing to stand up, for all that she doesn't seem inclined to move away from the nearby wall.

The fact that every shiver sends a fresh stab of pain through her wounds doesn't help. She is very much not dressed for the weather.]
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{ A man in a blank, white mask and a black fedora stands statue still nearby the entrance of a hallway, the book Il Principe in hand. Just who might it be? }
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[ Hello, hello, Lady Luck's on his side at the moment.

You see, the boy was just wandering the hall because he's only been here less than five days. It was when he spotted this door, he couldn't help but enter.

It's gorgeous.

Well now. Hit me.


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