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[ Halloween has decided to come early for Hayner, who had recently fallen off the DR's radar and kept very much to himself (and maybe Roxas or Kira) for the past couple of months. Obviously, fate, or this horrid place didn't like that and decided to deliver his costume early-- a female. Which is why he's stuck in a generic 'sexy school girl' Halloween costume. The plaid skirt and white shirt resemble the uniforms worn by Destiny Island students, though both of these are much more revealing than what is allowed in the actual dress code. The shirt is pulled up over Hayner's mid-drift and stops just under her chest, tied in a knot and unbuttoned so a bit of cleavage is showing; the skirt.. well, it's safe to say that Hayner cannot bend over in it, or walk differently than the way she is stiffly walking now in the more unpopulated routes from buildings to buildings. Complete with white knee socks and high heel, black Mary Janes. Not to her knowledge, but this is not the only day she'll be female-- or put in a ridiculous outfit. This fun won't end until November 1st, the day after Halloween, a new costume popping up every day. ]

[ ooc: partly due to the fact that I saw so many of said outfits at the mall yesterday. Enjoy. Also hi. ]
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[ Multiple phones will be ringing and beeping all across the map as a poorly punched out text of distress is spreading over the Dressing Room. It's a surprise that it got sent anywhere, considering there isn't a telephone tower inside Monstro:

"help im swallod by whale plz i dnt wnt 2 die"

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Hayner got himself swallowed while trying to take a simple relaxing swim, possibly heading towards Destiny Islands if that half bitten boat in the middle of the large body of water is anything to go by. ]

[ ooc RP Drive is temporarily back! Let's hope it stays like this-- ]
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[ Obnoxiously blasting music will be spilling out of an open door as a certain teenager cranks up the volume to a pretty neat looking video game. It's not uncommon for this to happen, but.. today is special. It becomes noticeable just how special when anyone walks into said loud room to take care of the sound problem and possibly the teenager-- the entire room is lit up in Happy Birthday gear: an entire table filled with different types of sweets and party foods, specifically a small, round cake that says "Happy 16th Birthday Hayner"; streamers covering the ceiling along with some balloons here and there, and a very large... but blank banner hanging above the TV that's currently the source of the loudness. All of these decorations are.. done in very, very disgustingly girly colors and patterns, too. The room is relatively small, only consisting of a TV with about every game console known to the universes hooked up to it, a large futon that's currently folded into the seating arrangement pushed up against a wall, the table opposite to it on top of a rug, and in the corner a door that leads to a small bathroom which is currently closed. Other than that, a rug, and a fridge off to the side, there isn't much occupying this room besides the culprit that's currently standing in front of the TV, strumming a guitar-turned-video game-controller for the flashy looking game on the screen, chocolate brown eyes following the colorful notes hastily as fingers move rapidly (for this level, yes, rapidly) as the final boss slowly begins to lose power.

... but.. there is a very, very noticeable difference in Hayner today. For one, his outfit has changed slightly, though his 'X' necklace and bracelet haven't been altered-- wait... what? Why does he fill that outfit? ARE THOSE BOOBS!? They sure are, B-cup if anyone's curious, though his hips are much more different looking from any angle, large and very feminine.

For his/her birthday, Hayner has been turned into a girl. Adding salt to the wound is the horrible tiara that's been placed on her head that looks slightly ruffled, or at least the slightly faded pink hair around it does, giving the impression that it's been roughed up a bit while Hayner was trying to remove it. ]

[ ooc: Characters who walk in will be trapped there until they complete a task that the banner will proudly display upon their arrival. They will notice the air in the door reflecting like those barriers that many Organization XIII members are oh so well at conjuring up. The character depends on the task, obviously, but if you have anything you'd like specifically to happen, feel free to say so in the subject because my gosh brain power this will require. HAVE FUN, and once they complete their task, they can leave (Hayner is stuck in there until midnight and has probably been there for hours-- he woke up there, so). The banner will probably mock them until they do it, too, but Hayner will always see it as blank.

EDIT: I'm horrible and keep messing up pronouns-- note that Hayner is female in all of these threads, the entire time. He will not change back until the stroke of midnight, when his birthday ends. ]
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[ Are there any people out there who still randomly open doors? It's understandable if there isn't, seeings how the Dressing Room seems to get more and more dangerous as time goes on. But, regardless, those of you who might still open doors at random or just have lost your way, this particular room is harmless, inside and out.

Upon entering this room, one will notice that there is.. only one thing. A very giant, silver thing at that. Inside each little capsule is a person, varying from fiery looking red heads and blonds to a very light looking lady. All of them, however, seem to be asleep in a fetal position, though in plain sight no matter which way you look at the contraption. That thing you are suppose to turn looks awfully high and large though, right? No worries, there is a smaller one right next to the equally large looking opening part, easily reached by any. Care to help one of these people out? There are only two giant quarters, no others to be seen, so hope that you get someone that's pleasant and welcoming of the wakening. ]

[ ooc: first open post, ever. Yes, I realize I have a hundred of other threads going on, but. I'm awesome like that. ANYWAY, feel free to ask for someone, but if you aren't specific or think I'm smart enough to pick on my own, then feel free to use that route, too. Anyone from my wiki page is available. also man!KH is available as apposed to female if you'd like. ]
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[ There might be a bit of noise coming from the air ducts/vents of the Dressing Room this fine afternoon, though it could always get mistaken for rodents or some sort of malfunction. In fact, it would probably be better for the population as a whole if it were just rodents, but, no, it's a skinny teenager choosing a different way to navigate through this hell hole.. but, for what reason? Well, training is over, so he needs to have a little fun, right? Which is why Hayner is currently positioned near a vent, watching, waiting, searching for a target. Not a specific one, just anyone he deems worthy enough. ]

[ ooc: Paint balls are painful. His paint ball colors are green, brown and a lighter green. He may or may not shoot, depending on who you are, though there is probably only one or two people Ri or anyone who looks like Ri that he will not hit, SO. HAVE FUN. ]
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[ Anyone want some ice cream? Feel free to ask the teen roaming the halls who is carrying an entire box of sea salt ice cream in one hand, and toying with something that looks awfully similar to a phone in the other. Those who know him will notice that.. his normally rough looking attire has been replaced unwillingly with a pink turtleneck (with the sleeves ripped out, Hayner is classy) and desert-camouflage colored pants, as compared to his lovely skull t-shirt and normal camouflage pants. His shoes are also replaced in the same desert scheme. His mood? It should be clear by the scowl on his face that will probably never go away. Hayner looks far less intimidating (if he ever really does) than he normally does, and that is pissing him off. ]
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[In the garden room, there are slight rustling noises amongst the trees and bushes. Were you to search for the source, you would be very hard-pressed to see it, while sensing-types would have better luck. After some more rustling, there's a low voice-]

Guys, I've lost the target!


Hey, come in!

(ooc: As his game isn't really taking off I thought it best to drop him in here to keep up his voice.)
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[Here's someone many of you probably haven't seen much of!]

[Of all people, a Hayner is now running about and opening random doors, Struggle Bat in hand. He's very wary.]

What kinda hideout is this? It's way too huge! Cops could find this place way too easy.

[His voice trails off afterward, down to mutterings about something like 'kidnappers' and 'gotta find the way out'. Maybe even a little 'wish there was some ice cream here'.]

[[OOC: Semi-Canon Hayner. Excuse my fail, first time at him and all. He knows who Roxas is.]]
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[There's some sniffling sounds coming from a closet off a main hallway - anyone wanna go see what it is?]

(ooc edit: replies will be sparse as I move back with my uncle and start uni for the term, sorry!)
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[That was the sound of an Olette running and flailing down the hallway. Quite an unexpected sight.]
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[Hey, guys? There's a little blonde girl with a miniature Struggle Bat running down the hallway. Maybe you should stop her before she runs into any thing/one dangerous.]

Pennyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! We gotta practiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

(ooc: All aboard the Bandwagon Express, next stop Kiddyville!)
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[Haylee's been exploring for the past week, looking round all the less inhabited places for anyone she knows. No such luck, however. So now she's in one of the kitchens fixing a meal. Feel free to bug her.]

[[ooc: Hey guys, long story short, unexpected hiatus for me last week, but I'm back now. Also, I'm running a Secret Santa, check here for more details, I want as many participants as possible!

Edit: Seriously, guys, please, a DR Secret Santa! How awesome will it be?! Really awesome! If people participate.]]
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[In the middle of one of the more loungey areas Hayner can be found just...leaning back on one of the couches, a half-eaten sea-salt ice cream in one hand and a completely bored expression on his face]

Man... what's a guy supposed to even do around here?

9 Oct 2008 12:31 pm
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[A tallish blonde girl wearing mostly camo-print clothes walks in, not really noticing where she's going.]

Mom, I'm leaving now, see ya tonight!

[Looks up. Not her house.]

...Mom? What's going on?

[ooc: Yes, that's right, it's a female Hayner. Um, new mun is nervous and new so please don't throw any monsters at me yet. Also if anyone finds me female!Hayner icons they will recieve many internet cookies.]
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[What's this? What's this? It's a lil Hayner dragging armfuls of sheets and covers to a big living room in the Dressing Room. There is already a large pile in there as he drops the final load down.]

Alright! Now just to get building...

[Starts to arrange chairs and couches. Yup... He's building a tent out of covers.]
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[excuse him--he's in a rather large pillow fort, taking a nice nap. zzzzz. you might hear his snores.]

3 Sep 2008 07:52 pm
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[Hey look it's a Hayner! But something seems a little different... Maybe it's because he's short and only seven years old. He's running through a door, dragging a struggle bat behind him]

Ma! Ma!

[Oh and this wasn't his house. Just looks around the room kind of confused. Why were there so many twins?]

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[Oh... Here's a very female Hayner pacing through random hallways of the dressing room. Looks like something's bothering her, since she's muttering under her breath and occasionally flailing.]

[This is more for
[profile] beanietastic. But feel free to bother~]
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[Hayner's sticking his head out of the kitchen door. A look of panic on his face]


[ooc: chat chat chat... >:]
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God... This place is so weird.
Is there anyone else here that I know?

...Except for Seifer?

[Say hi and talk]

[Ignore him]


[Punch in the face]


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