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[And just like last year, the main room has been cleared out for a Grand Halloween Ball! There's music playing, food for every monster/animal/zombie you are dressed up as, and a few dancing skeletons to liven up the mood.

Also. Don't go to the dance floor alone.

Because you will find yourself dancing the "Thriller" automatically :}

Kiddies, feel free to go trick or treating!]

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Greetings to you all! Only three days until Halloween is upon us! So let the celebrations begin!


[ooc: Just like last year, characters will find themselves wearing costumes that they cannot take off permanently. (they can be taken off to have sex/shower/etc.) And you are what you wear! Characters will start having traits/slight powers of who they are dressed up as. So be creative!

Additionally, Oogie's big house is now sitting smack dab in the middle of the Dr for you fun folks to play/jump/fall off with, there are bats flying around, and the DR now looks like it came out of Halloweentown. There's a graveyard where there are tombstones for people who died in the past, ghosts floating around, and if you're (un)lucky, a skeletal hand will spring up from the ground and grab your ankle :3]
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[ hey look, it's Zero. he's hovering around a couch, sniffing at it curiously. looks like he's found something interesting! ]
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[A main part of the dressing room looks like it's slowly becoming... gloomier. If one was to follow where it lead, they'd see that it stemmed from a lab, the door open and green smoke coming out. There are two figures standing in the doorway, a tall one scratching his skull, the other holding an...arm.]

I seem to have forgotten what I did last year. Maybe I should have written the formula down.

Will the smoke be dangerous?

Nope, though there might be slight side effects. Maybe we should fan it out. And then I can start working on it again. Only two weeks left, I have to hurry!

... do you want me to get you a needle and string for that, by the way?

[ooc: Stepping through the smoke guarantees you animal/monster parts for a while. (Like cat ears, bat wings. You cannot have a full transformation yet though.)

also go thread hop ahoy]
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[ There's a girl running into the main room, carrying what looks like a bear trap in her hands. She's dressed for Halloween, a large and pointy witch hat on her head and a green mask on her face, and she notices the change immediately, skidding to a stop. ]

Idiots! This is the wrong way!
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Well now, I don't remember this being one of my stops...oh well, I might as well. This place seems to have no means of communication to the outside world anyway.

[ooc; ...Trix, I have no idea how you talked me into taking this account off your hands. *headdesk* Yes, kids, it's Santa. GO TELL HIM YOUR CHRISTMAS WISHES, QUICK. Even not kids can tell. Best to plan ahead, yes?]
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[the main part of the dressing room has been cleared out. what appears to be a glowing orb that acts light a Disco ball floats in mid air, and there's a random skeleton disc jockey already.

there are also food tables around, and because of the variety of monsters people have transformed into, there's normal food and weird food.]

Happy Halloween!

[ooc: BIGASS HALLOWEEN PARTY. Whatever floats your Halloween boat. Dance the thriller, bob for apples, trick or treat, dance with people, flirt, PLAY TRICKS, have sex, whatever. and I will be popping in and out online and offline because busy with mass cooking. >.<]
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[Well, hello dressing room. You might be suddenly noticing green smoke, smoke, and more smoke everywhere. It's not toxic, but it seems to be changing the place. Some of the walls become creepy and weathered, and there are ghosts floating around now. There might be ominous sounds and cobwebs and sometimes the occasional blood drips on random doors, corridors and rooms. The bats are flying around freely, and there are even creepy plants. There are also random gravestones here and there, mostly have names and descriptions of people who died IN the DR.

And the perpetrator of this? Not to be seen anywhere, but his voice blares out from the speakers usually used by Wilbur Robinson to make announcements.]

Greeting, Ladies and Gentlemen of this Dressing Room! As you all know, Halloween is a few days from now! Since no one has bothered to put things in the spirit of the Holidays, I put it upon myself to do so. Don't worry, this will only last until the Holiday is over.

Happy Halloween everyone!

[transmission over.]

[ooc: EVENT TIMEZ. The green smoke did something else apart from change the DR to resemble Halloween Town. It will also force your characters to wear costumes/transform into half monsters/whatever floats your creepy Halloween boat. If they were already making one, they would be forced to wear it. They can take them off to take a shower and have sex and like that but if they try to change out of it into something else, they can't. This is optional and will only last until Halloween. But oh come on, people, Halloween. Get into the spirit of things!]
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One of the labs have exploded, and a second later, green smoke starts to leak out. A part of the corridor where the green smoke touched...now look eerie, the walls looking like they're from a horror house and the nearby pot of flower turning into a carnivorous plant. the lab door opens and A FLOCK OF BATS HOLY SHIT FLY OUT.

Jack steps out a second later, coughing but looking happy.]

So far, so good.

[ooc: HI GUYS, BATS IN YOUR DRESSING ROOM. From now on, they'll be flying all over the DR, spooking people be in your gravy etc. Tags will come later. x.X]

9 Oct 2008 09:48 pm
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[A few people might be familiar with the old gravestone that has suddenly appeared in the corner of a hallway. It looks as though it's been there for a while, but it's definitely new, giving a chilly feeling to the area. Well, it is getting close to that time of year.]
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[the following are now set up in the main part of the Dressing Room, animated by something Jack must've done.]
Cut to save your browsers )

[Jack is putting up posters, advertising for help for the upcoming Halloween. Interested? Better approach him.]

[ooc; so obviously, flashy things hate me. REALLY REALLY HATES ME.]


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