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[this time of the year, leprechauns and pots of gold, fairies and their tales are on people's minds. one not as often thought of is the fleeting will o' the wisp, that mysterious faint light seen just from the corner of the eye.

it's evening, just after sunset when one such faintly glowing light can be seen. only briefly of course, and just when you think it's your imagination you see it again but a little further away.

do you follow it?]

3 Nov 2010 04:17 am
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Finally, the last one.

[anyone happening to glance down this hall will possibly catch a glimpse of something, well. suspicious. after all, it isn't every day you see a young Riku dragging along a Roxas, and an unconscious one at that, into a portal. there's no Guardian here folks, and that Roxas certainly isn't a part of any Organization.]
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How intriguing.

[there is a very tall woman walking slowly down the hall, her long black robes flowing around her feet. she seems mildly interested in her surroundings.]

8 Mar 2010 05:18 pm
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[and from out of this door green smoke is spilling everywhere, spreading quickly into the hall to disperse throughout the rest of the DR. a Riku is coughing, fanning away the smoke and turning to get out of there, but not before white cat ears and a fluffy white tail suddenly sprout from him.

there's evil-sounding laughter as he escapes the room, and flyers are appearing in every room the smoke reaches. every one of them says more or less the same thing. looking at just one of them reads:


[ooc: Loveless spell! No battle partners, just exposure of your character's virginity- or lack of- status on view for the world to see. spell is spread DR-wide. do not reply to this post.]

1 Aug 2009 09:17 am
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[what's this? a Maleficent? she doesn't look very happy, and that can't be good.]

Foolish children! You think you can outsmart me?

[she angrily slams the butt of her staff against the floor, and foul-colored smoke begins to fill the room. there's a chilling laugh as it soon spreads to cover most of the Dressing Room]

[ooc: august-spell, get. anyone affected by the smoke will find themselves having suddenly developed an irrational phobia. for example, an Axel that is suddenly afraid of fire. the spell will wear off in 2 days to a week. thanks for the idea goes to Pi and Gabby. o/]


3 May 2009 09:13 am
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[It seems that Maleficent has once again decided to darken the halls of the Dressing Room.]

Cursed ingrates! I'll stomp you like bugs!

[With a tap of her staff against the floor, purple and black smoke unfurls through out the dressing room. What this spell will do, no one knows.]

[ooc: Ok guys. As stated in the OOC this is an affinities spell. What that means is that your pup will be completely opposite as to what they are. If your character is a good guy that controls light, he'll be a bad guy that controls dark. For Riku, I believe we've decided on chaotic neutral. Event lasts two days. Again, if you don't want to participate, you don't have to. Also, if you have questions, feel free to post in this thread and hopefully someone can help you, if I can't.

And I'm thinking of doing two events this month, since I missed April...and just as a heads up, depending on moderator approval, I'm thinking next event will be a doozy. All Nobodies in the house...well be prepared to become somebodies...and all somebodies, will become nobodies. Heartless will also get their hearts.]
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[Oh hey, is that Maleficent? Why yes it is..she's back.....]

Cursed room, cursed people, why can't you all die! Suffer my malice!

[Thick purple and black smoke spill out of her staff, surrounding most of the DR. Let's see what happens this time.]

[ooc: Ok guys, like I said in the ooc comm, this is a transformation spell. Thanks to Mega for the idea, basically what's going to happen, is that anyone that wants to participate will find themselves transformed into the non-humanoid heartless/nobodies/unbirths. Like the wyrnns. Your character will still have a human mind and be capable of speech, but they will look, and act like whatever creature they were turned into. Have fun, it lasts the usual two days.]
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[With a puff of smoke, Maleficent once again appeared in the main room of the Dressing room. She looked around, a sneer on her face before she started laughing, evilly and maniacally. With no words, she slammed her staff to the ground, and purple smoke billowed out, covering most of the dressing room.]

[ooc: Hey, wazzup! Just in case you all didn't see the post in the OOC, this time Maleficent's spell is bringing someone's worst fears to life. For example, say we have someone afraid of clowns...I know I am...then they would be followed around for the usual two days by a clown...think the clown from It, if you've seen that. This clown can do anything to just that person..no one else will be affected, unless they too are afraid of clowns, but then they'd have their own clown to play with. If someone's worst fear is losing someone close to them, then for the usual two days they will believe that the person they fear losing is missing, even if that person is standing right next to them. Again, this is voluntary, and you only participate if you want to. With that said, have fun...and thanks for making the events such a success.]
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[Out of nowhere she appears..how does she do that. A sneer crosses her face as she gazed around the room.]

This decor is disgusting! But what else can I expect from such riff raff! I will have my revenge!

[With that, she slammed her staff to the ground and purple smoke poured all over the dressing room....in two seconds, power went out. Darkness descended upon the dressing room.]

[ooc: Wazzup everybody..just in case you didn't catch the heads up in [livejournal.com profile] heartsroom here we go once again with Mal's monthly special. I'm sorry for the short notice, details for it are in the OOC.

Anways, this is strictly voluntary, if you don't want to participate, don't have to...you can be in areas of the dressing room that are not affected by the black out.

Yes I said black out. There is no light, no heat, no running water, no modern conveniences...of course, not all spells are ever 100% so there are a few kitchens, bathrooms, and areas of the dressing room that still have power, but the majority of it does not.

Darkness my friends, complete and utter darkness. Heartless and other creepy crawlies are going to be running rampant...so be careful. I figured this'd get us all in the mood for Halloween..my favorite time of the year.

This spell lasts the normal two days, so have fun with it, and thanks for playing.]
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[Maleficent has once again appeared in the Dressing Room. A sour look on her face as if she'd eaten something rotten.]

Lousy brats, each and everyone of you! I don't know how you've managed to slip by my revenge each and every time, but it will be stopped!

[With that she slammed her staff down to the ground and purple smoke drifted throughout the dressing room. Her spell had been cast.]

[OOC: I've kept this one under wraps, the only person that knew what this spell would be was Jas. Anyways, ladies and gents, hold onto your hats, because the DR is going one way down an NC-17 street. Yes you heard me, NC-17. All young kids will be exempt from this spell, I don't want to shatter anyone's innocence. And of course, this is voluntary...if you'd rather not be involved in it, then by no means should you feel pressured into becoming involved, this is for fun only.

The name of the game is porn. Maleficent's spell will cause all those affected to want sex...lots and lots of sex. It can be with the first person they see, or with their significant others, those close to them...but the spell has far reaching consequences..because not only will they want sex, but they will dream about sex...the only catch on the dreams is that it will involve someone that they know well, a friend or loved one. This is surprisingly a happy spell, just there to cause embarrassment and maybe some fun with crazy horomones...anways, hope you enjoy. Oh yea, and this time...let's say it lasts for four days.]
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[Maleficent made her appearance once again, her gaze resting on the Dressing Room in somewhat of a shock.]

What? This can't be? My spell should have been flawless! Curse you Keybearers and Nobodies! This time my revenge will be assured!

[With that she slammed her staff to the ground and green and purple smoke flowed all over the DR. Maleficent's second spell was cast.]

[Well hello again everyone. Again thank you for the response to last months Event. This month is yet another event. This time, genderbending. So all you guys will turn into girls and all you girls will turn into guys. Again, this is voluntary, if you don't want to do it, feel free to ignore. This spell again lasts two days..so Tuesday morning, things will once again return to normal.]
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Dark purple smoke heralded the arrival of our newest resident, as Maleficent appeared. After one look around, at all the keybearers and Nobodies a snide smile crossed her face.

"Finally I shall have revenge against you all!"

She tapped her cane, and a green glow surrounded the whole dressing room. Her spell was cast.

[ooc: Sorry I'm late, roommate was on the computer this morning. Maleficent's spell is cast, again this is voluntary only. You don't have to, but it'd be fun. Her first spell is turning everyone into animals, or animal-people...depending on how far you want to take it. For those animal-people we already have, you will find yourself suddenly human. The spell lasts two days. Have fun. If any other questions, hit me up on AIM...hellsdarkestwolf. Also, you can still talk when you're a full animal.]
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I simply wish to have a tally of who of my former servants conspirators you useless sods! compatriots have been trapped in this vile place.

I have seen Scar and Hades, of course. Is there anyone else?
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[the voice is feminine, girlish but steadily becomes more draconic. and it is angry. very angry. green and black flames are dancing in agitation all over her skin.]

If this is another one of your idiotic pranks, Oogie Boogie, I'll make sure you feel what it's like to have your own life gambled wi -

[the fire has found the carpet delicious. and wants moar. this will end well]

...oh Darkness, not again.

(OOC: Have an AU!seventeen!Maleficent? *is shot LOL*)

... what.

9 Mar 2008 12:35 am
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What foolishness is this?

[ooc: omg maleficent]


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