17 Mar 2012

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IC Drunk Meme

New Meme is early so we can take advantage of the weekend related free time.

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[ Open posts. Open posts forever.

[personal profile] aprincess is playing on a large playground, wearing an adorable dress. There's all manner of outdoor toys with her, and she's occupying herself blowing bubbles into the wind.

[personal profile] dawnrise is... well, she's not in a dress, but she's not in jeans. It's a black skirt. For once. Before anyone panics, she's wearing a normal t-shirt with Mickey Mouse on it, and her legs are covered. They're just covered by thigh highs. She's hanging out in the kitchen, which is piled with a mess of ingredients for pizza.

And then there's this guy. [personal profile] hallowedshore has been gone for a couple days, but he's back now. He's walking down the hallway headed toward his room, dripping water all over the place. There's a steady trail of it from a nearby shower, and it looks like he took one fully dressed. His expression is blank and he smells unpleasantly of blood (which has stained his clothes), ash, and smoke, but not nearly as much as he did. ]
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[Those aimlessly wandering the corridors should be careful today. At least in this particular corridor, not too far away from the chocobo stables. Since Even isn't exactly checking where he's going especially well, and running. 

Though he stops quite abruptly once he rounds the corner to look at what he has in his hands, a flailing, bright yellow chicobo.

He looks....
Quite honestly he looks like he's about to try to eat the poor thing.


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