15 Mar 2012

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[ It's like something right out of a horror movie. Aden's standing in the closest bathroom, completely uncaring about the open door in light of the fact that the place is covered in blood. There's a lot of it, covering part of his face and both hands, having dripped down his front, and it looks like he's the one responsible by the way it's splashed up in the bathroom sink and splattered across the mirror. Normally, this would be a perfectly acceptable every day deal, but Aden actually looks disturbed and uneasy. Which means this is definitely not your normal every day deal. ]
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[Hello DR, you have another new arrival. Despite the change in sex, between her age, her tangled blonde hair and her labcoat, Even's not exactly particularly mistakable for very many people.

Even though Even only just got here and isn't 100% informed of her new situation, she's wasted almost no time in finding local wild life to harass in the name of her curiosity science. In this case an unusually small Flood that's being poked and prodded with her pen.

The Unversed isn't exactly happy about this, but it's far too small to do much about it on it's own.
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[Since everyone is doing open posts:

[personal profile] sunsettingly is spending this afternoon taking a walk along the shore in the beach room. He's just kind of quietly musing, and completely not distracted by a book for once.

[personal profile] sunrisingly however, is buried in books in the living room by his hallway. They're spread out all over the place, and easy to trip over if you don't watch your step.

[personal profile] illumifated is in the Twilight Town room, being as predictable as possible and watching the clouds go by from the top of the clock tower.

[personal profile] frostedwaters is in the garden, watering the flowers (minus the watering can).]


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