24 Jun 2010

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[ As much as people hated or loved the dressing room, it still had convenience for people. Today it had convenience for the grey-haired woman and the [livejournal.com profile] justalittlesick -- a few chairs, rugs and a couch in the middle of a large hallway. It felt homey, they didn't have to look for the living room, it was a nice rest stop considering the popcorn machine close by.

Speaking of popcorn, there was a large popcorn bucket in between the two (who were whispering to each other as they watched passerby's walk down the hall). The woman laughed, nodded. Considering it was a Xigbar -- no, a Braig, technically, something was up.

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24 Jun 2010 03:21 pm
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[like many other Soras, this one here is accustomed to and prone to taking brief afternoon naps. instead of finding him passed out wherever he decided to take this afternoon nap, however, one will find him digging through an open closet and throwing a random assortment of clothes onto the floor behind him. he looks a little distressed.]

Where is it?
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[Typically, the Grand Ball Room doesn't get much use until the occasional gatherings that take place a few times each year. True, there have been a few brawls in the past, but for the most part, its use is an occasional treat.

So why, then, is it wide open today?

Well, after the incident with a certain Axel, Ven's been restless, and now that he's feeling better, he's taking the opportunity to practice using his Rider.

... Which is exactly why he's cruising around up high- very high, in fact. As of now, he's pretty close to the ceiling, though he occasionally dives down, swerving here and there.

Is this safe? Probably not, but at least he's not using the hallway as a training ground.]

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[The soft sound of music echoed out of a particular room today, but it was simply a cd player sitting next to the large armchair at the far end of the room. In said large armchair, Kairi sat with her legs tucked under her, staring out the window beside it, looking.. forlorn.

The door was half open, the room was clean except for a pillow and blanket still on the couch, she hadn't bothered turning the lights on, and outside that window there was rain dribbling quietly, thunder cracking in the distance.


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