5 May 2010 09:46 pm
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[Here's an extremely awkward looking sight, Even here struggling with moving a heavy box.
Rather than taking the time to go find something wheeled for transporting it,  he's opted for the much more difficult and amusing to watch push&drag option.

While truthfully it's not as heavy as it looks, his rather incessant destruction of his physical health has ruined any real physical strength he might have had to him and he was in a hurry at the time.

Among things to notice, there's the occasional ting-noise of glass knocking against glass and the apparent 'necessity' to keep the box covered with a blanket
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[ Everything was normal this time. No magic, no spell, no time-changing events that would force a totally and completely different situation of choice that Xigbar would be in. She wasn't in that one room she claimed months ago, but this time out. The thing is: She's relaxing.

No warp tricks, no whoopsie daisy upside-down sitting arrangement in a vacant living room with sofas, chairs, coffee tables and a few neatly-decorated Persian and Chinese rugs around. The sniper looked very much content, letting that one [Bad username or site: skinbonesnfur title=Even @ livejournal.com] lie on her lap because she was scratching him behind those fox ears of his.

There's one good reason why she was out, though. ♥ Considering that good reason isn't around yet, she'll laze about.

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yes, well.

7 Apr 2010 12:18 am
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[In this hall, any passerby will find an Even. He's making his way down the hall, opening every door that looks like a closet in search of something. What is that something? Mostly a new labcoat, because, as you can see if you look at the one he has draped over his arm, his old one's kind of burned through right in the middle.

Someone wasn't thinking clearly when he reorganized the acid cabinet, evidently. Anyway, he's just kind of trudging along, pulling open doors and looking dissatisfied with the contents, until he gets to one that dumps a sheer mountain of Cadbury eggs at his feet. And he just frowns at them. Ankle-deep in chocolate eggs? Most people would be happy.

Even is not most people.]


[ooc: the Easter post is to blame for this.
oh, and I guess the eggs aren't event!eggs. they're just tortureEven!eggs.]

4 Apr 2010 08:02 pm
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[In some cases, a woman dressed only in a men's shirt can be an attractive sight.

In this case? not so much. Unless one is into the runway-model/heroin-addict look.

Despite being a severely underweight woman instead of a severely underweight man, Even has completely failed to notice. Attributing the balance change to remnants of intoxication to go with his hangover.

Fortunately everything important is still covered, despite him also failing to notice he left the bottom half of the pyjama ensemble in bed.

All that really matters to him right now is the painkillers in one hand and the coffee in the other. Staying in the kitchen only because the world is clearly at too much of an angle to travel with scalding hot substances.]

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[There's a sweaty and grimy Even emerging from a room of a not particular populated corridor. While yes, he's hiding his ears and what little is left of his tail- the extensive scarring on his bare torso may be a give away to maybe two people.

While usually his cane is just for balance, he's limping quite heavily and actually using it for support as he exits a room.

About two steps out, he starts to light up a cigarette, but upon realising it, he drops it and crushes it under his shoe then throws the box away. Just a little harder than necessary.]

don't need to be starting that again.

[Sorry if that hit anyone, but spontaneously appearing boxes tempting him to start smoking again aren't being trusted... and well, Even is also kinda of a jerk in his 'old age'.]
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[In the middle of the hall there's a vending machine, a gashapon vending machine full of overly cute plushies.

Don't have any coins for it? don't worry, there's a stack of just the right
coins left on top by someone either very generous or very careless.

There's not really any reason not to, unless you don't like cute, but hey! Maybe they'll make good kindling? or ever target practice?]

[ooc: Open post, anyone on this list can be received in adorable plushie form (until you open the capsule), don't make me choose for you.]
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[here we have a miscellaneous room. seated at a table in said room we have one Even, complete with cat ears. the tail is contained as much as he can manage under his labcoat, just because it's annoying. he's not really making any effort to hide the things.

he is scribbling idly in a notebook. mock him?]
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[In a kitchen, there's a very normal (albeit greying) looking Vexen, seemingly asleep in a chair with a hat siting over his eyes. There's a cane resting across his legs, inconveniently laid out across as much of the main walking space of the kitchen as possible.

Anyone trying to walk around or step over will 'mysteriously' find that cane moved to trip them up, but when checked, no sign of movement or wakefulness on his end.]

[ooc: One out of two hundred chance, I blame chat.]
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[Hello, DR, it's your friendly neighborhood Even again. He's not confused or looking for anything, this time, because this time he is doing science. Or rather, he will be, once he manages to locate a lab. What is he going to do there? He is going to experiment the shit out of the prize pot he's just barely managing to carry in both arms. He appears to be fiercely determined, and only a wee bit irritated by the thing.]

Ridiculous, useless cretin of a thing-- If you don't prove fascinating, my friend, your end is going to be a fantastic one.

[--And he's grumbling at it. Has it been a dream of yours to harass a scientist trying to hold onto an unwieldy Unversed? Today is your day!]
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[If it looks like a Vexen it must be a Vexen, right?

Incorrect. This one is an Even, clearly decked out in apprentice garb, carrying a clipboard, and looks just much more pleasant than Vexen in general. Mostly. He's really into that clipboard, also, so when he looks away from it to tell something to someone who is no longer at his side, he stops and looks around.]

Ienzo? Ienzo, what have I told you about wandering-

[--thiiis is not where he was before.]

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[If Even was a physically fit man being an underweight chain-smoker with a heart condition, he most certainly isn't, the way he was running through the halls would be significantly more dangerous. Not that the slowed speed and low body mass really prevents him running into people, as the man is far more focused on chasing something.
Though, the splotches of red on the front of his shirt may not be very reassuring to some people and so it's entirely he could be running away... perhaps both.]

[[ooc: [livejournal.com profile] littulfox is temporarily a teenager. Ienzo is off being disorientated somewhere,
Even is significantly more cracked than usual. Your choice who is run into.
PS:Fuck you edit button.]]

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If his usual experiences are anything to go by, Even would really prefer not being out in the open. Especially not naked in the hallway without the influence of sedatives or alcohol to dull the feeling of exposure le'gasp! Leashed to the wall with a chain, there isn't much he can do about this other than using his tail for cover and trying to distract himself fiddling with the collar (and attached muzzle) and picking at a very poorly healing bite, courtesy of a tiny vampire, on his shoulder.

Messily painted in black on the wall above his head in large letters it says: 'BEWARE OF DOG' followed by an arrows.
Not the Even can see the text he's sitting under; without enough chain to allow for him to stand up, he can't even move far enough away to see what's on the wall.
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Settled on the couch in the games room with a small pile of blankets next to him. Even looks far calmer than he actually is with only the twitching in the tip of his tail reflecting his agitation, curled over his lap for his role as a makeshift pillow.
The lump curled next to Even is mostly hidden between blankets and the fur of Even's tail, the only thing really identifying him between [livejournal.com profile] littulfox and the next shivering lump wrapped in blankets being the black hair and furry ears poking out (flattened to conserve heat.) Given how many people know Even shouldn't be near Ienzo at all, being out in the open like this probably borders on suicidal not that that's really anything new for him.
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[And the creeper's bratty snack-sized past self is back.
Well he got the part about going to the kitchen to get food last time he was here, but there were a whole lot of assumptions about him knowing anything about things like where and how food is stored or food preparation... it's all very confuddling to him, with his nose he's managed to find where the food actually is but he's completely stumped on how any of these things become a meal so the boy is just standing there in front of an open cupboard while he tries to figure it out.

4 Sep 2009 06:58 pm
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In the kitchen once again, with a good portion of his hair braided and clearly half-asleep or drunk, Even seems intent on the idea that staring might make the coffee ready faster.
Dressed only in pyjama pants he probably did only just roll out of bed.
Without his shirt it's more obvious just how unhealthy he is between his scars, the very apparent resemblance to a skeleton and the bandages covering his left shoulder.

[ooc: He may or may not be just a tad strung out from sedatives]
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[There's a young boy padding around in grey pyjamas with a blanket over his shoulders in a strangely extravagant looking living room seemingly belonging to some old looking mansion, checking under and behind whatever furniture and cushions he comes across. As he's searching he's calling for someone (or something) named 'Jack'.
With blond with shoulder length hair and fox ears he's hardly unrecognisable, the problem however being he can't possibly be more than 5 or 6 years old right now.]
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[ And the creeper is back in public after temporarily being extremely anti-social.
He seems unusually cheerful right now carrying an old-and -worn-looking blue plush toy through the halls
There are probably other contributing factors to Even's good mood, unlikely particularly good ones either *cough*tinyku*cough*]
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[Even's cleaned himself up a bit from how he was when he arrived, though still frighteningly thin and appearing exhausted, he doesn't look quite as much like a drug addict emaciated while wearing a buttoned, long sleeved shirt. He's hanging around one of the busier areas, stopping anyone who will and asking:]

Have you seen a little boy? Short, black hair? About seventwelve years old?

[presenting whoever stopped with a photo a kid with black fox ears and tail]

[ooc:Violence is not unexpected.]
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[ It's a Vexen, or more accurately, Even that's arrived in the DR today. Hunched over a table in a kitchen it would seem he's having a staring contest with a cup of coffee. Though not immediately harmful or threatening, some might recognise the ears and tail of a fox or be blatantly offended by the reek of cigarette smoke.
Given his choice of jeans+tshirt attire he probably resembles a drug addict; if the emaciated form and bags under his eyes weren't already giving that impression.]

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