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kingdom ([personal profile] heaaarts) wrote in [community profile] kingdomdressing2013-04-18 03:27 pm
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[ Happy Halloween, DR! Wait, what do you mean it's not Halloween? It certainly feels like it today. Whether you're getting woken up by your door being beaten in, slipping in a sudden trail of blood, or just running into a friend shambling down the hall sans limbs, today's atmosphere seems like it might be better suited for October.

The dressing room has been overrun with the walking dead. Familiar faces and not, they're everywhere, and they come in a variety. Slow, fast, decaying, even some that look like they're still alive. Some wander alone, and some show up in groups, while others are rare, with more extreme infections. Even animals wander the halls, proven not immune to whatever's broken out in the DR. The best option here? Stick together to survive. ]

{ mod's bored, have fun. You can use zombies of any kind to back you up. Here are some examples. Regardless of how they are in canon, these will be extremely resistant to magic, so practice those headshots and try not to get bitten. }

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