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Ri a.k.a. Riku Replica a.k.a. Repliku ([personal profile] windup_boytoy) wrote in [community profile] kingdomdressing2013-03-12 12:32 pm

Time to level up for the mid-boss fight

[The strange thing about Darkness is how its form can be pretty malleable, if given the right circumstances to grow and evolve. It's all about power and strength, and those terrible things that linger in the shadows of the Heart. And it's all about dragging everything else down into the dark, too.

There's a Ri wandering through the DR. He's in full Dark Mode, with Soul Eater swinging almost playfully in his grip. But take a second look, and you might see Heartless gold eyes, or catch a scent that screams of white white walls and endless corridors.

Oh. And what happens when you rip all the Darkness out of a Replica? Well. Do mind the body in the middle of the hallway over there. It's empty.]

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