27 Feb 2013

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[It was a perfectly normal day. For the DR at least. But normal in the Dressing Room doesn't usually last. Spells happen. Or Sadists. Or sometimes just unfortunate accidents.

One of which is the cause for that sound of shattering glass, rushing water, and a scream coming from that room over there. Should anyone investigate, and for Nami's sake I really hope they do, they'll find a medium sized aquarium. However, one of the tanks seems to have been broken through by the Screwdiver Heartless now getting to it's flippers to stand over Namine, who's curled up on the floor after being knocked over by the wall of water escaping from the tank.

The Heartless raises it's trident over the still stunned Nami to finish it's attack. She doesn't look capable of defending herself or trying to escape though. The broken glass from when the tank broke did a bit of a number on her...]


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