13 Feb 2013

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[ Happy Valentine's Day, dressing room. Riku's got you a present.

That is to say, there's the delicious scent of warm, baked chocolate coming from the kitchen. Riku's inside, equipped with oven mitts and surrounded by a half dozen trays of baked goods. Some cut out into hearts, others still set out to cool, and yet still more going into the oven. There's a large bowl by the mixer, chocolate dripping down the side, and ingredients all over the place. Riku's popping a couple white chocolate chips into her mouth-- oh. Oh. I'm sorry. Anyone familiar with her could tell you for sure which Riku it was, but it looks like she's been hit by a spell. She looks like, well, the majority of Rikus around here. Male.

And all of the trays are filled with brownies.]

{ ooc: for those unaware, the brownies cause automatic and immediate orgasms. it's a curse. }


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