27 Jan 2013

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[Scenario 1: Library]

[In one of the libraries, there is a ten-year-old boy, sitting at a table. More importantly, he's reading a biology book and he's even found a book of school worksheets to go with it. It seems he's imposed some homework on himself for whatever reason. And he seems to be enjoying himself, too, kicking his legs back and forth as he hums and continues to read about, well... In this case, he's just gotten to a chapter on reproduction. This is going to be awkward for anyone should they come across him and he have questions...]

[Scenario 2: Hallway]

[After his daily lessons, Sora can be found wandering the hallways, pulling a wagon full of advanced science books behind him while he tries to make his way to the place he's been calling home. He doesn't stop to play, just pulls the wagon behind him. Obviously, the books aren't for him--they're the kind someone entrenched in the field of science would enjoy. Like a scientist. Also, sifting through the books, there are a few in there on psychology and theories of the heart and the worlds. Guess who the books are being kept for if he ever shows up.]


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