5 Feb 2012

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[See, happy as  [personal profile] censoredpilot  is to dick about with engine bits all day, he can't go and let himself get soft even if he doesn't see much (read as: any) fighting nowadays. Which is what finds Cid in the training room.
Though with his spear against the wall instead of in his hands and a large portion of floor cleared, it probably looks more like he's performing a gymnastics routine than anything really fighting related.

There's a method to his madness though: all those jumps and hand springs aren't just for his health. Though that may assume his chain smoking didn't indicate his blatant disregard for his health.

[personal profile] patchworksniper is getting some sun in the Destiny Islands. Without a shirt or his coat he's giving a nice view of the extra metal on him. 'Course sand isn't real good for his mechanical arm, but the sound of him caring is apparently 'zzz.']

[[personal profile] datafreeze is in the library, trying to surreptitiously poke through the filthy harlequin  'romance' section without being seen there. Unfortunately for her, Vexen's attempts to be stealthy probably draw more attention to her than if she tried to be nonchalant about it.
This, however, will not stop her from denying this till the heat death of the universe if caught.

[ [personal profile] gameofpretend  is busying himself examining a room that bears a very distinct resemblance to an M. C. Escher artwork. Said examining currently involves rolling marbles down stairs and watching the room say 'fuck you' to gravity but Luxord is putting some serious consideration in to seeing if the same thing happens with a person.]

[Meanwhile, [personal profile] justalittlesick  is on a nice hallway stroll. With his more obviously identifying features hidden and a squealing boar piglet under his arm. Whether Even's about business or pleasure today chances are, it's going to suck to be piggy later.]


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