15 Jun 2011

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[ Well, well. What have we here? The Dressing Room's resident feminine Heartless terror and darkness aficionado, of course. It's been quite a while since she's been seen, but she never left. She was only lurking in the shadows. There's no telling what she's out for tonight.

She's sitting on the bridge - on the handrail, specifically, with her legs crossed and a large, old book in her lap. She's been distracting herself with it for quite some time, carefully and meticulously tearing out pages. Several of those page are now floating along the surface of the river below. Hopefully they were nothing important. ]
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[The trouble with the change to the DR is how easy it made it for someone like Even to simply... drop off the radar.
Between suburbia and the city streets, both open and familiar environment types he already knew how to move in and his bizarre sleep schedule it'd be easy for people to assume he simply went home. Maybe he did? It's hard to tell and he probably wouldn't share even if he did.

For what ever reason he's crawled out of his hole in the ground and is taking the tram in the direction of the suburban area.

Across from him is a large metal box wrapped in chains which even without knowledge of his quite limited physical capacities looks far too heavy for him to move.

[ooc:So I noticed I hadn't posted with him in almost half a year...]


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