19 Oct 2010

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[In one of the many hallways of the dressing room where many a poor sap wanders through to pass the time going this way or that, meeting someone, trying to find a way out, venturing. Whatever the case, their journey's about to be interrupted as a door on the side suddenly rips open and a new face comes trampling through it. Usually, someone would stare upon seeing at least three Rikus, two Kairis, and whoa, since when did Sora have--

But there seems to be something more pressing at the moment. Because after he takes a second to skid to a stop from banging straight into the wall, he's on his way again, zipping through the hallway, darting around people without a second glance. There just might be a good reason for this though if the marker in his hand is any hint.]


P.S. Feel free to plot for or against him by all means! Threadjacking is also totally game!

P.P.S. BBS characters are welcome! Please keep heavy spoilers at minimum though, thanks!)
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[Namine usually doesn't mind the spells that put her in costume. They're not that bad usually.

But this? The maid outfit she can deal with. But the chain and shackles? Not so much.

And she doesn't even know what it's done to her behavior yet...]
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[Despite some changes, Even, quite frankly not much looking himself any more without his ears and tail, still needs to indulge in the odd boxset or two. Having set up in the games room (currently screening the first season of Dollhouse) instead of his mini cinema (ruined by the flood) and surrounding himself with multiple unlabelled bottles he's sort of thinking it's late enough no one's going to bother him. No matter how 'busy' he's been of recent nights. But the night is still fairly young.

Though not entirely alone in his lonely-nerdish tendencies, sharing the space with a fox approximately the size of a midsized dog sprawled on the couch next to him and two rats approximately closer to the size of a large rabbit idly gnawing on bit of furniture.]


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