28 Aug 2010

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[Don't ask how it happened. All Xion knows is she went to take a shower, and when she got it out her clothes were gone. The room was kind enough to leave her this though. So now she's walking back to her room (or trying to - Xion fails at directions) and praying she doesn't run into anyone she knows.]

[OOC: This is basically all Anime's fault.]
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[Don't you just love it when people leave trash in the hall?

With his knees huddled tightly to his chest and arms bound by a straitjacket their isn't really much Even could be doing- but from the looks of things it's fairly doubtful he would be doing much differently without the straps (though there's a sign taped to his back suggesting not removing it anyway, unbuckle them and find out?)

Left on the floor of a hallway staring at a wall, panickedly rocking back and forth but making no move to get away from where he might be tripped on or knocked or get in the way- it's hard to tell just how aware he is (though he is far from it.)

Despite his... state, in some ways he may actually seem a little healthier than usual... somehow.
But by now his tail is almost completely fur-less(there's still a tuft of white fluff at the very tip at least?), dotted with scabbed patches, and tucked as close to his twitching body as possible.]
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[things have not been going too fantastically for this girl. she hasn't found the answers she's been so desperately looking for, and to make matters worse, is incredibly mad at herself for breaking a promise to herself that she'd made back in December. so now she's training in the simulation room, and the training looks pretty harsh. she's taking a bit of a beating from the number of Heartless in there, but she's going strong, and the only magic she's using is the occasional Cure. she's not a masochist, nor does she think she "deserves" the pain for breaking that promise; she's just mad right now and wants to hit things.]


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