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[Today, in one of the kitchens, there is a Zexion. But something is kind of odd with him. On one hand, he seems to disappear at times, becoming invisible. Except what he's holding is still moving. And when he is visible, he's very slightly see-through and glowing white. Like a ghost of some sort. He's making tea, seeming not at all bothered by his surroundings--not really caring, really, because new ground means new prey and new opportunities and less of a history than his old, dreary Victorian with its high body count.

Finally, he pours what he's been working on--tea, it seems, though how he can drink it is another question. He'll sit on a counter with his cup, taking in the scent of the warm beverage while he goes in and out of visibility.]
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[There is a Zexion on a park bench just outside of Radiant Garden. Beside him is probably the biggest scroll you've ever seen, leaning against the side of the bench closest to him. On the other side is a stack of old books and more scrolls, this time of the more familiar variety. He looks for all the world to be dozing off, a fat bag of seed beside him and myriad birds inching their way closer to the handful of bird seed strewn about the ground in front him. Perhaps they too can sense the unsettling aura he gives off.]
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[with all the destruction and fighting, there is a certain room that reeks of blood that has been left unattended. indeed, a wall of the room itself had collapsed and left the contents exposed to any who happened to have been walking through the hall on the other side.

that room is now empty, with naught but Zexion here standing amidst the rubble. there's a large scroll strapped to his back, and still-warm blood is dripping from the kunai in his hand. there's a certain scent here, one that he knows.]

8 Oct 2010 12:27 am
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[if you're out walking, now, you might find a small slip of a room where one wasn't before - you might catch the smell of coffee, a restless rustle of pages, the sigh of paper sliding on paper.

A Zexion has arrived, and promptly started to parse his surroundings. Sorting smells, identifying known allies and enemies, finally venturing to put himself out a bit and actually talk to people, here and there.

He's folding up an origami paopu fruit with a piece of yellow paper on the table in front of him, a steaming mug of coffee with cream and just a touch of sugar sitting to the side, a coaster beneath it of course so moisture rings won't be left on the table. there's another mug across from him, empty so far, waiting to be sweetened to taste...

he's fresh out of [livejournal.com profile] sirenspull for the moment too, but he likely won't be breathing a word about that to anyone.
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[There's a Zexion that finds himself in the middle of an unfamiliar hall. He takes a moment to observe his surroundings before continuing on his way, muttering under his breath.]

Dammit who the hell slipped the shrooms in milk again? I was saving those for that press conference...

[And the blood covering the majority of his cloak? Don't mind that. Just from preforming surgery recently.]

[ooc: Have an Ansem Retort Zexion. Mun is not held responsible if he offends anyone.]
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[It's another busy day in the dressing room. Here and there, people seem to be preoccupied with a number of things, be it research breakthroughs, sneaking around, or just trying to have some fun.

If one looked hard enough, they might find a [livejournal.com profile] darkenedgale lurking in the shadows, while a [livejournal.com profile] kindofazombie fights off a rather annoying Heartless in one of the larger areas.

There's a [livejournal.com profile] friendsarepower running through the hall with some misc art supplies, and a [livejournal.com profile] chosenwielder on the lookout for something... or someone.

Many others, too, seem to be busily enjoying or dreading their time in the dressing room. Best be careful who you run into.]

[ooc: Open post! Didn't feel like doing anything gimmicky, so feel free to pick any of my characters, preferably someone that isn't on the very bottom list (super inactive), though I may make exceptions, depending on the character. We'll see.

EDIT: Oh, and if you don't want to pick, I can just surprise you. :} And spoilers will be marked and spoiler icons won't be used 'til tables collapse, so don't worry about that.]

5 May 2010 08:59 pm
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[Content would be the word to describe Zexine at the time being, she'd guess. She's been here a few weeks, and hasn't been out much besides showers and eating and other necessities. And now she's just walking down the hallway, she should be dead. Maybe this is hell? But she /still/ hasn't seen many others. But anyways, that book under her nose would be a hint to why she's so content. It does not explain how she tripped on something, and faceplanted though, if this was another of Axel's pranks she was going to murder her.....?]


23 Mar 2010 08:11 pm
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[A female Zexion who also goes by the name of Zexine portals into the Dressing Room, in the middle of...Well, a hallway, her nose buried in a book, and simply walking.]


[The young woman pauses briefly, and glances upwards to look around.]


[This is definitely not Kansas, Dorothy---...This is definitely not Castle Oblivion, Zexine...You may want to figure out where you've just portalled to...]
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[A very large door appears as Zexion appears through it, he seems rather. angry.]

Where the FUCK is my book?

[ooc: hi guys :D mainly canon zexion taken from the start of CoM

oh I guess I should introduce myself too. I'm ~bubblegum~]
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[Well now. Just when things were about to go quiet, it seems that there's a bit of liveliness in the dressing room. Some people are passing through the halls, perhaps stumbling upon weird rooms, getting lost, or just minding their own business in their favorite spots.

Either way, there's plenty of folks to pester and whatnot, some of which haven't shown their faces in ages.]

[ooc: Open post! The DR's been too quiet today, and I couldn't decide who to post with, SO. Pick anyone here, or anyone else you know I play, I guess. Just know that I'm more inclined to pick someone who's active as opposed to someone I haven't played in over a year.]

8 Sep 2009 05:46 pm
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[Bother. It was odd enough to wake up outside his room, but handcuffed to someone as well? Today was turning out to be very odd.

Either way, he steps out into the hall looking a little bit flustered, a Kairi attached to his wrist.

And here he was planning on being productive for a change.]

9 Aug 2009 11:50 pm
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[Look who's crawled out of the woodworks today! Zexion seems to be minding his own business, just making some tea in one of the quieter areas as opposed to dinking around in the lab or library.

However, he does mutter something quietly to himself.]

There seems to be an alarming amount of promiscuous behavior as of late. Pitiful.
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[All's quiet in the dressing room, that is, until a dark corridor opens up, and out of it tumbles a Zexion of some sort, face down on the floor. He's still for a moment, but when he pushes himself up he a) reaches for a potion, and b) immediately looks around.

... only to stop, a wary expression on his face.

One may notice the odd pair of glasses not often worn by his doubles. He still has the black cloak of the Organization, but to conceal his scent, not as a member of its ranks.

But still, how...familiar.]

[ooc: I have no shame. Curse you, enablers.]
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[ With the recent influx of supers, Flicker here has been ever watchful. Right now, however, he seems to be content in one of the main areas, reading quietly to himself. Naturally, he is in disguise, but it's not as though Zexions of any kind are commonplace. Those familiar with him should be able to recognize him with ease. ]

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[ Hm~ It seems that someone's in the kitchen today, preparing himself some food. Those familiar with Ienzo may notice a similarity, although this one is in his thirties, rather than nearly seventeen.

At the moment he seems to be making himself a salad and some kind of chicken dish. There's a book on the counter that he's eying carefully while doing so.

Feel free to disturb him, though.]


9 May 2009 10:53 am
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[ Well, well. This guy seems to have been standing in a corner for quite some time now. Who? At first it seems like an eerie shadow (and not of the heartless variety), but within a moment it flickers-- and instead it looks like a Zexion, dressed in something similar to organization attire, only a bit fancier, something akin to a super villain... though absolutely lacking a cape. He also appears to be wearing a mask. Oh, and he's carrying a rather large book.

This Zexion glances around, then disappears around a corner...

In his place, just a few moments later, comes another Zexion wearing regular clothes. Or is it another? The book he's carrying is awfully similar...

How perplexing. ]

[ ooc; Joining the superhero bandwagon. Info on profile. ]
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[After successfully starting his study, Zexion has simply been biding his time, waiting to see the proper results. After all, he isn't even sure if gaining a heart in the DR would be wise to begin with.

But for now he's seated in the library, reading through some classic literature from Radiant Garden to pass the time... but it's likely he's read it before. Shaking his head, he closes the book.]

How dull. I had expected this library to contain books with a bit more variety than this.

[That isn't to speak of the heartless books and fanfiction located in the room; he's seen those and hardly considers them decent writing. Chances are he's read a good portion of the books in here, anyway, having been here for several months. Oh well, onto the next book.]

5 Feb 2009 10:46 am
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[By now it's common knowledge that some form of Kingdom Hearts exists within the Dressing Room. At the moment there is even a nice little corridor open that would lead to its coordinates quick and easy.

Zexion, after handing over the jar from before, still has other research to conduct. While the Organization's goal is present, he isn't convinced that the hearts are genuine. The reason behind this corridor? To see if any Nobody enters, or anyone, really... a sort of test to see how many actually want hearts to begin with.]
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[How odd. There's a Kairi in the dressing room who seems a bit...off. It could be the fact that she's quietly observing the masses, or maybe the fact that her expression isn't cheerful, unusually calm...

Or it could be the fact that, thanks to Maleficent, Zexion has found himself inside the body of this Kairi. Either way, there's certainly something...different about this one.]

2 Jan 2009 11:08 am
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[The lab door is cracked slightly open, and anyone curious enough to peek inside may notice a couple of interesting specimens.

No, this time the lab isn't being used for some ridiculous antics, such as spilling chemicals. Instead, one might notice a faint glow... a pink glow. Indeed, there appears to be a heart inside, sealed by a jar.

Unlike most Nobodies, Zexion isn't jumping at the chance to become whole-- not really, anyway. Instead he's writing down notes, observing the heart. While it's true that Nobodies have a sort of drive to become whole, Zexion isn't taking any chances right now.]

[ooc: In yer DR. Finding yer Kingdum Hartz. Poking is encouraged as always.]


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